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Re: [political-research] The Controlled Demolition of WTC1 and WTC2?

Having listened to Rodriguez tell his story on various occasions, it's difficult to read him as anything other than genuine. While an absolute disgrace, it's completely understandable that his corroborated testimony has been ignored -- like every other salient contradictory fact relating to the fraudulent 'official story'.
Count me among the many millions of rational observers around the world who are fed-up with the blatant criminals in D.C. evading a decisive "accountability moment".  Time for America to shrug off the hoodwink, show some backbone, and make it clear:  enough is enough!
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I think Xymphora (and Cannonfire, also) is unusually weak on the controlled demolition issue -- that is why I made two argumentative points preceding the quoted passage:
1. The towers may have been rigged for demolition long before 9/11.
2. A classified technology may have been used to bring down the buildings.
Overall, however, Xymphora has one of the more interesting minds on the net.
Did you notice in another post that William Rodriguez did in fact claim that the basement explosion *preceded* the explosion from the impact of the the plane in the north tower?  His testimony is supported by other eyewitnesses.  The 9/11 Commission and the mainstream media have gone to extraordinary lengths to bury the Rodriguez story.

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I respect that that you think this worthy of posting.  I've referenced the
xymphora blog myself.

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