Sunday, October 09, 2005

Jayna Davis - The Third Terrorist (Book about OK City Bombing)

Jayna Davis - The Third Terrorist

Blogger Thoughts: Here's the quote from David Schippers:
“It is my honest opinion that if the Department of Justice and the federal investigative agencies had not ignored Jayna Davis and instead accepted the mass of creditable evidence compiled by her, indicating direct Middle Eastern involvement in the bombing, the course of future events may have been altered. Had those investigators taken their duties seriously and followed up on the investigation of that information, it is entirely likely that the Twin Towers would still be standing.”

What a wanker!!!!! This quote is evidently from after 9/11, yet he is supporting this misdirection blaming Iraq and Islam, and not saying a peep about the support from inside the US, and subsequent cover-up. I hadn't paid much attention to Schippers before, but I thought he had a clear record of trying to warn Ashcroft about 9/11 before it happened. What does all this mean? Who a disinfo agent, and who is honest?

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