Sunday, October 09, 2005

I am NOT the Tourism Board.

I am NOT the Tourism Board.
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Many curious local friends inquire about my lack of exhibitionism.
Of not wanting to promote the industry of beauty so called tourism.
I just merely 'forget' to tag my images properly.
Resort-names, Country, climate, environment, etc...

I see no point. To me, beauty is everywhere.
Bangkok to Bombay. Kuala-Lumpur to Kandy(Sri-Lanka).
A person who waits to unwrap his/her camera until a pre-conceived target is reached, is merely following a hollow dream.
"If I was in your location..."
"If I had your kind of camera..."
Many such comments are targeted at my photos.

Instead, I'd rather look around me.
The immediate me.
Faces, shapes, skies, land, landmarks... God.
Why does memory cards have to be limited to GBs. Why can't we have
Terabytes of storage?
There is just so much to shoot!

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