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9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
by Webster Griffin Tarpley

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Book Description
The thesis of Webster Tarpley’s 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA has been enthusiastically received with its working model of the 9/11 plot: a rogue network of moles, patsies, and a commando cell in the privatized intelligence services, backed by corrupt political and corporate media elites.
Buttressed by historical examples like the Baader-Meinhof Gang and the Gunpowder Plot, this model makes it clear how such a monstrous false-flag or self-terror exploit is possible even under a largely benign government. That paradox is the incredibility gap that has made most Americans reject the evidence about 9/11 as paranoid fantasy.

Tarpley brings decades of expertise to the 9/11 issue. Already in 1978 he had exposed the terrorist Red Brigades as patsies of Italy's fascist P2 shadow government, and 9/11 is on the same pattern. The forthright subtitle, Made in USA, is backed up by an analysis of key figures who behave like moles working for the rogue network or parallel government.

9/11 Synthetic Terror highlights the salient points of sheer physical impossibility of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. It then analyzes the psychological traits which make Anglo-American society gullible to artificial enemy images and unable to grasp the truth of 9/11.

Understanding how synthetic terror works, we see the weakness of the muddled "blowback" theories of terrorism and the spurious leads to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia that have marred many critiques of 9/11. Tarpley's model makes it clear that figures like Osama bin Laden are patsies or double agents who were selected for their ethnic coloring as the basis for launching a "Clash of Civilizations," and it is absurd to imagine that such tools of US intelligence agencies could turn around and infiltrate or overwhelm US defenses unaided.

9/11 Synthetic Terror is also firmly grounded in Great Power geopolitics. It shows that the wars on the Islamic world, the Soviet-Afghan, Kosovo and Chechen conflicts, as well as US-UK-NATO synthetic terror incidents like 9/11, Beslan or 3/11 in Madrid, have been contrived to continue the Cold War, in pursuit of the centuries-long campaign for Anglo hegemony over Eurasia and the world.

For a principled refutation of the 9/11 propaganda myth in all its parts, Tarpley's work is indispensable.

About the Author
Webster Griffin Tarpley is an activist and historian best known for his George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, he directed the study Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro? (Who Killed Aldo Moro?), commissioned by a member of the Italian government and published in Rome in 1978, which broke open the affiliation of the Red Brigades with the neofascist lodge P2.

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A tour de force of critical analysis, June 16, 2005
Reviewer: Black Kaweah (The invisible Gulag) - See all my reviews
A remarkable look under the skin of the lurid scarecrow figure of modern terrorism to reveal the bones and sinews of a man-made monster, one with very direct genetic links to the Bader-Meinhof gang and the "strategy of tension" deployed after WW-II to justify the militarization of society and the targeting of selected groups. Once society gets used to the idea that odd little groups or demented individuals occasionally pull off spectacular attacks, the mask of any desired target group (leftists, hippies, Arabs) can be easily fitted to the patsy who will be blamed for the attack.

The National Security State needs its terrorists, and leaves nothing to chance in their care and feeding. By revealing the mundane operational details of these programs, and the continuity over time of both the strategies and the personnel involved, Tarpley brings these deliberately shadowy enterprises into the realm of normal human activities. In this view, the series of staged events leading up to 9-11 (Waco, the Murrah building and all the rest) comes into clear focus as the successive elaborations of the same schema on an ever larger scale.

The use of visible patsies to focus blame, the networks of moles that protect and manage them, the aggressive coverups with blatent destruction of evidence and violent suppression of potential whistle-blowers, the fake investigations and popular press debunking... the pattern repeats with remarkable consistency, and the growing boldness of a cabal that has tasted success and has so far crushed all those who have tried to reveal the extent of their crimes.

Tarpley's deep knowledge of the Bush family and NATO secret terror operations in Europe make him the ideal historian to put the distinctly post-WW-II phenomenon of synthetic terrorism in it's proper historical perspective, and in so doing he in effect does create a new field of historical inquiry. This is truly an important work, written with great precision and elegance.

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GO FURTHER...FURTHER, June 12, 2005
Reviewer: a reader in the U.S. - See all my reviews
Tarpley does pay homage to other authors of alternative scenarios, such as David Ray Griffin - who logically dismantled the myth of lack of Government complicity in 9/11 - but he also goes much, much deeper...dismissing both Barbara Honneger's assertion that Khalid Sheikh Mohommed was the triple agent responsible for enabling the plotters to threaten Air Force One ("Angel Is Next") with codes that would show unequivocally that the plotters had access to all Gov't codes and meant business, and also dismissing Mike Ruppert's "Peak Oil" theory as too much of a rational approach (under the circumstances...) Let it be said that Tarpley is his own man, and his assertion that 9/11 was a "Neocon" putsch, aided by the still active 'Dulles-Landsdale-Lemnitzer" networks, is eerily documented piece by piece and makes perfect sense. He feels that the message sent threatening Air Force One (the "Angel Is Next" message sent in that day's specific code) is the key to unraveling who the plotters were. As a previous review stated...step up to the big leagues. This book is the World Series of alternative explanations, and by far the best book on 9/11 to date. That said, I would recommend Griffin's book first to those who are just starting to reach out for other explanations. Going from A-Z on this one can be mindnumbing and even counterproductive to a point. Get a solid grip on alternate scenarios to the "official version first, then by all means READ THIS ONE.

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Acclaimed by the best of critics, June 12, 2005
Reviewer: Ana Leonard (Califusa) - See all my reviews

Here is what other 9/11 authors have had to say about this book:
"9/11 Synthetic Terror is brilliantly and most sovereignly written; one can't stop reading. Webster delivers a devastating judgment. Congratulations! I endorse it wholeheartedly."
- Andreas Von Bülow, former German Minister for Research and Technology, author of Die CIA und der 11 September
"The most profound analysis of September 11 as a new type of coup d'état. This is a book I hope many Americans will read, so they can understand how they were duped, and by whom."
- Maurizio Blondet, author of 11 Settembre: Colpo di Stato in USA, correspondent with Avvenire, the daily paper of the Italian Bishops Conference.
"Terrorism of dubious origin, used to steer and manipulate society, to abandon civil rights, to create new enemies, wage war abroad and at home against one's own citizens: a study like Webster Griffin Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror was long overdue and will hopefully open the eyes of many people."
- Gerhard Wisnewski, German TV producer, author of Operation 9/11 and Mythos 9/11
"No one else I know so fearlessly names state-sponsored false flag terrorism. Webster G. Tarpley is an investigative elder of the planet, combining an historian's sweep with the eye of an exceptionally well-informed whistle-blower on today's shadowy elites."
Barrie Zwicker, Documentary producer, VisionTV Insight MediaFile
"I was already familiar with Webster Tarpley's work from reading his unauthorized biography of Bush père, which appeared more than a dozen years ago. That is a work which I still consult regularly, even now. There are points which were made in that book which everyone repeats today. In my opinion, that biography will remain as a reference work; it is the best book on the subject.
I therefore expected that Tarpley's new book on 9/11 would have the same quality of precision. But I found that, in addition, Tarpley has created a totally new genre, a new avenue of inquiry into 9/11.
There have already been many books on 9/11. Paul Thompson has done a kind of exhaustive review on this subject. David Ray Griffin has pointed out the logical contradictions among the successive versions of the official story. Mike Ruppert has attempted to understand the context of these events.
But Tarpley has posed a new question: that of comparing the techniques used by the US intelligence agencies in creating 9/11 with the methods used by US intelligence in the past. Many people are going to copy what Tarpley has done.
That is why this book is so important. The inquiry initiated here needs to be carried further. Not everything found here will necessarily be confirmed, but Tarpley has opened up a new path. People will keep coming back to this book in order to ask new questions along this line of inquiry."
- Thierry Meyssan, Président, Réseau Voltaire, Author of 9/11: The Big Lie and Pentagate
Webster Tarpley's book is, without any doubt, the most important and best book ever about 9/11. It's an excellent combination of geo-political analysis, philosophy and 9/11 allround research, and goes even much deeper.
9/11 Synthetic Terror not only puts the tragic event of 9/11 into the clearest and so far, most detailed and best described historical context, it also combines often ignored physical and investigative evidence of a U.S.-scripted, planned, orchestrated and supervised attack.
This book deserves to be at the top of every 9/11 truth leaflet and in the editorials of mainstream media, which both often ignore the deeper picture, watering down the clear evidence of an Inside Job and misleading the audience to suggest that 9/11 was just the result of negligence or "LIHOP" (let it happen on purpose).
Nico Haupt, Globalfreepress, INN World Report

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Step up to the big leagues, May 29, 2005
Reviewer: Herbert L. Smith "hdog" (NY) - See all my reviews

While Tarpley covers some of the technical aspects of 9/11 what sets him apart is his historical knowledge of state-sponsored terrorism. A must-read for any student of 9/11.

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1 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

top of the line.smokeand mirrors, May 13, 2005
Reviewer: mar louis "greypacific" (Seattle) - See all my reviews
Mr.Tarpley writes a book that explains the system upon how terrorism is financed by and for governments,in other words oswald didnt kill kennedy and sept 11.was financed by the mossad with a few moles in the pentagon working in concert to achieve there goals.never believe a cover story,there were bombs going off in the world trade center.who planted them?m.b

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