Saturday, August 14, 2004

There is something very curious going on

Justice Disputes Key Terror Case Evidence

Well, it's not curious really, if you suspect the level to which disinformation is being sent out to terrorize the American public.

For those of you who haven't been following this, let me explain. The press, (all mass media, newspapers and TV outlets), earlier in the week had been spewing forth the news story that Las Vegas officials were told about terror threats, and those rascals cared more about making money than saving lives. And Las Vegas officials and Casinos suppressed the public's right to know. Those evil Bastards! You are either for GW Bush, or you are for the Terrorists, and Vegas is for the Terrorists.

Well, now we have evidence that these news stories seem to be a malicious pack of falsehoods.

It seems you don't need PACs or other organizations to pay for commercials, if you just let the FBI, UPI, and AP do all the heavy lifting.

The posted story above totally under-cuts the idea that the tape in question, showing the alleged casing of Las Vegas, had the slighest relation to any terrorist activity or plans.

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