Saturday, August 14, 2004

Down the Rabbit Hole...

It's really is by accident that my previous post about Carter led to this posting that will bring my blogging "full circle" from my very first post.

As I remembered back over my years of looking at internet based "conspiracy materials" I had to re-examine why I put so much credence in the "October Surprise" story. Below is a small sample of what keeps me up at night. It's what kept me up at night after 9/11 wondering why the truth was being withheld. Why didn't Bush want a 9/11 Commission?

In my first blog entry I posted the web site. You'll notice that Dr. Grabbe is a key person among others that seem to have tapped the pipeline to the underworld that we may be dealing with. Keep his name in mind.

If you browse thru or search the links below, you'll see what all the hulablu is about.

Let start with an interview of SaraMcClendon. Note: I have not spent any time confirming this is real, but if this is real, it certainly ties many of the pieces together.

Then take a glance at the following:

Let me state emphatically: I have no way of knowing whether any of this is true. I have no claim that Pres. Bill Clinton, or any other person that may have been mentioned in any of the links, is guilty of any crime. I don't know for sure whether there is a real "Orlin Grabbe".

I tend to believe that there a Sibel Edmonds (major newspaper reports), a Sarah Mcclendon (think she is on TV as a reporter from time to time trying to expose just a smidgen of the treactory going on). And there are many OK City bombing anomolies that have not been touched in my blog yet.

As you begin to absorb that possibilty that some of the above may be true, it's not so hard to realise that, also, the tragic events of 9/11 are not what they have been represented to be.

I would ask anyone, whether they believe any of this, to watch. Watch the current events in the US, the terror alerts, the Wars, the Homeland Security nonsense, the Patriot Act, all the FBI interference with FBI agents reports prior to and post 911, the fake terror drills like the one documented in this blog in Tenn. Wonder to yourself where the Abu Graibe story would have been without Seymour Hersh. And although I should save the link for a separate post, note how ongoing web "news stories" such as this, could hardly be crafted better to create mass hysteria!

I don't think it's a stretch to say we are witnessing the most amazing psyops (pyschological operation) ever, and what a piece of art it is!

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