Saturday, August 14, 2004

Jimmy Carter's Meddling?

This will be a first of sorts for my blog postings...
I'm actually posting an article from that I agree with in some part, even if it is clearly the Republican character assasination machine at work.

Areas not mentioned in this article are initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, for which Carter was instrumental in nurturing.

And, then there's this Jimmy Carter: warrior for peace

In the end, Pres. Carter's legacy is a mixed bag. For those of us who think "cold warrior Pres. R Reagan" wasn't exactly the best Pres. ever, we have Pres. Carter's clumsiness partially to thank for Reagan's land slide victory. Of course Republicans were just cutting their teeth on new dirty tricks techniques that made Nixon look like the amateur that he was.

The link above that I've used is probably the most sensational of any that I could have used, but the 1980 "October Surprise" story, is, boiled down to it's essense, historical fact, I think.

[8/13/2004 12:57 a.m. Update
I was not able to find mainstream substanciation of what I believe about the October Surprise. Please see my post "Down the Rabbit Hole"

The writer of this particular story, Sherman H. Skolnick, can take you on a journey into conspiracies beyond your wildest dreams. He seems to thrive on in-your-face broad swipes which allege collaboration of sinister forces that just boogle the mind. My personal feeling is that he sets himself up to too easily be taken as a crack pot. (Of course, if there are any readers out there reading this blog, I'm sure some of you have that same name tag (Crack Pot) for me, or as the comedian says: "Here's your Sign! If the details that Sherman speaks of in his previous writing and his continuing publications turn out to be true, it would expose, I think, the biggest scam against mankind that has ever been pulled off.

However, getting back to Pres Carter and my post here....

Unfortunately, with publications such as Newsmax we'll only hear the libel that fits their agenda.

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