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Re: [911_truth_DFW] 11 Questions Avoided by the Media On NORAD Tapes

Posted by: "Bill Giltner" bgiltner

Thu Aug 3, 2006 8:29 pm (PST)

reply to, cross posted to


It looks like you are doing a lot of good work and you are an honest
advocate for truth about 9/11.

I have spent several hours considering whether I should send the following
post. By posting this, I'm throwing myself into the firing line to some
degree and will be ridiculed for what I'm going to say. I don't intend to
mount of strong defense of my contention, so those of you who want a debate
will not get one from me. However, consider the following.

Kyle Hense is a distractor. My list of alleged distractors is published

The contents of the above link is there on a web page to be debated, so
don't hestitate to have at it, wiki style.

What's my point, what do I mean? I mean that ther are agents who inject
themselves into the stream of communications and by their actions they
muddly the clarity needed to create a legitimate groundswell of outrage
throughout the American population.

Vanity Fair Magazine has had articles that serve to distract. Also, the
article about the 9/11 Commission and the criminal referral published in
the Wash Po. was a distractor. Many of the agents working as distractors
are very sophisicated.

Let me point out just how powerful, integrated, and cunning the manipulators

It's my contention that the Mel Gibson DUI episode was a carefullly scripted
psyop. I think Mel was acting. (I'm not saying he's wasn't drinking. I'm
not saying that is didn't have tequila open in his car. I am saying he
wasn't drunk enough to be caught red handed, and to make the whole scene the
way he did). I don't think the police had to have been "in on it" for the
plan to work. I think Zionist forces hatched an incredible plan to
manipulate the debate about Jews and Israel to immobilize the huge sentiment
about the US support and handling of the current War / Crisis.

If you think I'm crazy to speculate about such a things, I honestly ask any
of you whether a blood alcohol content of .12 turns anyone into a lunitic
who not only would have a great deal of unburdening to do related to Wars
being caused by Jews, but also Gibson was alleged to have called a female
deputy "sugar tits". The Gibson DUI incident was a script written for our
particular time in history, and it was a fairly unchallenging role for an
actor of Gibson's capability to have carried off.

For those who follow , I would recommend today's (8/3) audio
commentary, as I believe Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani are a strong voice
for getting at the truth about 9/11 and other aspects of the Neocon regimes
and it's international infrastructure.

Bill Giltner
Austin, TX

On 8/3/06, Nancy Cunningham <> wrote:
> *Eleven (11) Questions Avoided by the Media in Recent Reporting of
> Department of Defense Violations of Law*
> Kyle F. Hence
> Executive Director 9/11 CitizensWatch
> Co-Founder
> /Washington Post/
> **9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon*
> Allegations Brought to Inspectors General*
> /Vanity Fair/
> **9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes**
> /The New York Times/
> **New Tapes Disclose Confusion Within the Military on Sept. 11**
> Recent articles in corporate media examine deception and lying by the
> Department of Defense relative to the attacks of September 11th 2001. They
> shed light on an effective cover-up by the 9/11 Commission in its refusal to
> bring Government deception to the American people by way of their
> discredited 9/11 Report. Links to these articles follow as do 11 questions
> which these revelations and NORAD tapes beg to be asked and which must be
> answered:
> =======================================
> The real and problematic confusion and fog is one which is seemingly
> preventing the corporate media from grappling with any of the following
> pressing questions which have been advanced for years by the 9/11 families,
> advocates and independent researchers.
> Here are* Eleven Questions* that the corporate media have thus far refused
> to raise or attempt to answer in their examination of the NORAD tapes and
> related issues:
> 1. *Who was responsible for scheduling multiple war games and terror
> exercises involving aircraft for Sept. 11th
> 2. Who moved "Global Guardian" normally scheduled for October to
> September?
> 3. Who designed the war games to involve 'hijackings'?
> 4. Who planned and scheduled the movement of Air force aircraft north to
> Canada, Alaska and Greenland?
> 5. Who planned the terror exercise at the NRO (National Reconnaissance
> Office) involving an evacuation in response to threat from the air?
> 6. Who was "hands-on" responsible for coordinating all the war games the
> morning of September 11th?
> 7. Who would have been responsible for turning off the war games to enable
> a timely real world response to the attacks?
> 8. How were as many as 21 false radar blips or possible targets (per Jane
> Garvey) inserted into FAA radar screens?
> 9. Who was responsible for the identification of ghost flight 11 which
> allegedly continued to fly south past Manhattan and which may have caused
> NORAD's Langley intercept jets to vector North toward NYC rather than D.C.?
> * [NOTE: John Farmer of the 9/11 Commission said to me personally that the
> 9/11 Commission was never able to identify the individual for this
> information--to resolve this anomaly.]*
> 10. Why was there no reference to the pattern of 9/11 Commission cover-up
> including that of Able Danger as revealed by Capt. Scott Philpott?
> =================
> * 11. The bottom line question that corporate media refuse to answer and
> which the 9/11 Commission ignored is *who, specifically, would have been
> responsible for creating the circumstances that led to the confusion or fog
> the morning of 9/11 and who should have immediately ceased any and all war
> gaming activity and deceptive radar data?*
> To begin to answer these questions journalists intent on getting answers
> to questions long asked by the families and others should visit:
> *Center for Cooperative Research: Essay -- "U.S. Military Exercises up to
> 9/11"*
> *Randi Rhodes interview with Complete 9/11 Timeline author, Paul Thompson
> on Air America*
> Enough with excusing those responsible by pointing to 'confusion' or
> 'fog'. The real and dangerous 'fog' here is that which prevents journalists
> from doing their jobs and asking and answering the hard questions about 9/11
> including those posed above and those surrounding the growing evidence for
> controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and WTC #7. [Google
> Dr. Steven Jones & World Trade Center]
> ********************

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