Monday, August 07, 2006

Bloglines - Mossad's links with Tony Blair, No 10, Lord Levy and the Foreign Office

Postman Patel

Mossad's links with Tony Blair, No 10, Lord Levy and the Foreign Office

By Postman

This guy looks like Uncle Werthur and should be force feeding the grandchildren with toffees. Maybe he does.

He is Efraim Halevy and he has been on BBC TV defending the actions of the failed Israeli State - which is not surprising because he used to run Mossad - Mrs Livni, the Israeli Forein Secretary was one of his staff at the time.

He is also a school chum (Hackney Downs) of the Karaoke King, My Lord Levy , Tony Blairs's "Personal Envoy" to the Middle East who has houses and business interest in both the UK and Israel.

Lord Levy of course has an office in the Foreign Office immediately adjacent to the office of HMG Foreign Secretary Mrs Margaret Beckett.

There is of course no Jewish Lobby at work in the UK and certainly not at the Heart of Government. To suggest that would be a scandalum magnatum as mi learn'd friends might say.
As proof - notice that since he was kidnapped by the Metropolitan Police and his computers seized, and documents removed from his house, you haven't heard a word of , by or from him. Which given the state of the Middle East at present might be considered odd. Or not.

Now why don't those smart journalists who throng Downing Street ask Tony what his tennis playing chum, the man quite scandalously said to be at the heart of "cash for coronets" is doing to help him solve the problems of the Middle East.

I wonder what the guys who work for Mr Desmond, pornographer , labour funder and owner of the Star and the Express must think ? Posted by Picasa

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