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Isn't This A Sad Story

By Pat

A man named Samuel Danner has apparently been causing a stir lately by claiming that he witnessed the plane crash into the Pentagon. His contention is that the plane was too small to be a 757, and apparently his description matches more with a Global Hawk.

But his story doesn't hold together for more than a few seconds. Eric Hufschmid interviews him here (MP3). One of the first things he says is that while he was driving towards the Pentagon (prior to the crash there) at about 9:35 AM, his wife called him on the cellphone and told him about Shanksville. He also claims that a lot of people were wandering around the Capitol, looking confused. Sounds a lot like after the crash at the Pentagon, not before.

Well, this guy's been getting interviewed by a lot of the CT radio shows since then. Meanwhile, his son, who knows that his dad wasn't anywhere near the Pentagon at the time of the attack (he may have gone there later), has been trying to forestall this stuff. Turns out he's a 9-11 Denier himself, showed Loose Change to his pop, and the father went 'round the bend.

So he posted over at the Looser Forums.

For the record, my fathers story is pretty much a lie. He was at home during the 9/11 attacks, infact he is the one who woke me up to tell me what was going on.

I have been battling with him this entire week about coming clean with his story.....and well....since he didn't call into the Michael Piper show tonight....i felt i had to get this problem taken care of. I'm seriously sorry that my dad totally deceived all of you. I am a firm beleiver in telling the i am. I just talked to my father right after i was on RBNlive...and he is going to make a public confession.

Apparently a couple of the Loosers had encouraged him to come forward, including Merc and Russell Pickering.

Well, of course Chuck Sheen quickly popped onto that thread and suggested that he show his father the videos at Universal Seed. No, I'm not kidding. Then there's a bunch of arguing back and forth over whether the son is a troll. But Merc and Russell Pickering quickly stifled that talk.

And then, Brad from 9-11 Review showed up with some questions:

I am sure this wasnt easy for you, and im glad you did what you did,
but this has made the truth movement look bad.
Forgive me for not being a trusting soul, and if everyting you say is true,
then my appologies,
but i have a few questions i think are pertinant.
I feel we are owed some explanation.

does your father work or have any association with the DOD, the pentagon,
the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA,NSA,CIA,FBI,
or other government institution ?
if so please give us the details.

WHY did he do it ?
was it to be in the limelight so to speak ?
was he PAID ?
if so, by whom ?

Simply amazing.

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