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Bloglines - The Great Israeli- Mariel Boat Lift and Murder Show.

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As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out.
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    The Great Israeli- Mariel Boat Lift and Murder Show.

    By Visible

    The more I watch Israel, level Lebanon, pound Lebanon into the sand and punt little children through the goal posts of ruined buildings from 8 inch canon shots; scoring three more points in a game that never ends. The more I watch them flame-broiled with phosphorous in an authentic sand oven; the more I think about how very much the emigration to The Great Israeli-Elite Armageddon Theme Park resembles the Mariel Boat Lift from Cuba. At the time, in 1980, when Castro sent 125,000 ‘Marielitos’ to Miami; a fifth of these were criminals and mental patients who served to create a major social and bureaucratic uproar in centers all along the east coast where they were detained. Both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton got some major grief from this. Well, you’ve probably seen the movie Scarface.

    It looks like the net result in Israel today, as a result of immigration from Europe to the Middle East after the end of World War 11, is that many criminals and mental patients were also included in the mix. The only difference is that the percentages appear to be much higher. There are other mitigating factors. The Cuban’s didn’t control the world press. The Cuban’s didn’t have anything like AIPAC and the JDL and assorted lobbies. The Cuban’s didn’t poison the residents wells and swimming pools and the Miami water supply or rampage through suburban neighborhoods, indiscriminately murdering the residents and driving everyone else into the Everglades. Well, the Cuban’s didn’t speak Yiddish. In all fairness we should point out that the Israelis didn’t speak Spanish either.

    Now that I think about it, the Cuban’s didn’t dress up like Egyptians and sink Coast Guard boats in the Atlantic, or blow up a major Miami hotel while dressed as Seminoles or Mennonites. The Cuban’s didn’t herd the blacks into ghettos and use them for sniper practice but that would have come later after all the other things that the Cuban’s didn’t do. The Cuban’s never had it together to create an international industry out of their years of oppression in Cuba. They just didn’t have the PR firms and metaphorical arm strength to blackmail the world into agreeing that no one else in history had ever suffered at the hands of anyone else.

    So far, the Cuban community has been unable to erect enormous walls inside original Miami resident’s property lines to establish boundaries between those of pure and impure blood. I haven’t heard that Cuba negotiated with South Africa to assist them in the efforts at apartheid but that is probably because the Israelis already had the contract. And, as yet, no Cuban’s have gone across the border in Georgia and begun to kidnap Georgia residents in case- just in case- Georgia might… I don’t know… maybe decide to do something like that later over fruit tariffs or something. It’s unfortunate they haven’t had something like this going on because then, when Georgia authorities caught them they could say that the Georgia authorities were actually in Florida when they did it.

    You’ve got to hand it to Israel. Here we have the smallest group of people on the planet with the biggest influence going. We’ve got a country that was fabricated right on top of the lives of 700,000 people who got the boot and that new country is a religious based country with extra-special rights for the world’s smallest minority; okay… okay… there are tribes of headhunters in Brazil and through the Amazon who probably have smaller numbers and I agree there are fewer Seminoles than Israelis. All of this isn’t the biggest achievement though. There are so many big achievements that I can’t list them all. One of them is taking control of the foreign policy of the most powerful nation on Earth; "I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

    Out of that achievement have come other huge achievements; creating phony intel through Michael Ledeen about Niger yellow cake and lying America into a war against the nation of Iraq. But that’s not the biggest biggie; the biggest biggie was in their neo-con organization of PNAC which in tandem with other right wing thugs in American government and British intelligence, along with Mossad, were able to assist and participate in the 9/11 attacks that led to the invasion of Afghanistan and THEN to Iraq and then to foment civil war while holding Iran in a pincher grip. Wow!

    And they achieved all of this while crushing the Palestinians in front of the world for decades. Their spy network throughout the world and their arm-twisting of governments has no equal. Hassan I Sabah is turning in his grave somewhere and screaming, “I am a piker!”

    The deception continually practiced by this small country has no equal in the history of the world. You’ve got to take your hats off to them, all the while knowing that this will make it even easier to hand you your heads. Do you think King Bulan anticipated this? Well, you can read all about the Ashka-Nazi Khazar history here

  • Bring it On!
  • The more peaceful Sephardic Jews were and are no match for this bloodline of reavers and warriors.

    Let’s move into the present timeline- after all, these are the days, come full upon us that smack of prophecy and dire doings, impending dooms and conflagrations unrivaled. In today’s press- everywhere we note the ceaseless repetition of how the Israeli prisoners of war were taken on the Israeli side of the border. That’s a lie. We see the entire government of Palestine arrested and put into jail. We see a U.N post bombed into dust- “Yeah, so what?”. Women and children’s battered and burned bodies are pulled from smoking rubble. Ambulances and relief trucks are blown to bits and people fleeing at the command of the invaders are cherry picked from the highways as they flee. We see… we see… and what ‘will’ we see? Coming soon, dear hearts, on the heels of the pending false flag operation, we see the assault on Syria and Iran. Hell is kicking at the door and Hell is going to break loose.

    In America, the dumbest, most deluded and incompetent leader in history- unelected- broods like a deranged baboon on the golden throne of modern Rome; ruling over the greatest war machine ever constructed. Thousands of fundies weep tears of joy for some coming rapture in the sky. Vile demagogues fill the nation’s airwaves with lies and exhortations in a fool’s paradise. In the government, dissent is silent. The culpable and the cowardly sit on their hands. Step by step the darkness approaches and the band plays on.

    “Wassup? Bitch, get me another beer and put that 2LiveCrew CD on the box.” I’ll bet when you grow up you want to be just like Paris Hilton don’t you? The generation of vipers is in place. They wander through the malls and entertainment complexes and see nothing but asses and crotches winking at them. Their hunger for the world has blinded them to the condition of the world. Storms form across the water; storms in the political sea and storms upon the physical sea. One great nation has lost its mooring. One small nation screams for the blood of the world and blood comes. Blood pours upon the sand. How much blood can the sand drink? Its thirst is endless.

    Here and there, solitary voices cry out in the wilderness. Here and there, questions are asked but the whirlwind spins the sound beyond the range of hearing. Business as usual goes on apace while the fabric of the world pulls and tears at itself in the throes of a terrible breech birth of unknown phenomena and transformation that no one can see until it is upon them. There was a time when it all might have been different; had you possessed more clarity of vision and less appetite, had you possessed more courage and conviction. They say where there is life there is hope but you… are running out of time.

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