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Fake Wings and Tails

By Spooked

The last couple of days I have been looking (yet again) at the "wing" scars left on the north and south towers of the WTC by whatever it was that attacked the buildings.

Whatever DID attack the buildings made damn good impressions of 767s. First rate impressions-- literally!

But perhaps they were too good!

What is clear is that the wingtips, particularly for the south tower, did not penetrate the columns.

A priori, I would imagine that the wingtips, especially where the wings were slanted back about 35 degrees, would have snapped off in a collision of a 767 with a building having heavy steel columns on its exterior.

As you can see from the frame above, of the CNN "best view" (aka Ghostplane) video, the wings do not snap off.

The same goes for the huge tail of the 767. One would think it would snap off, but the videos show no such thing. And just like the wingtips, the tails of the two planes clearly do not slice through the columns they hit. But there are indeed little indentations made in the facade where the tail hit. Remarkable really, how that happened. But more remarkable is how the wingtips and tails apparently disappear into the building rather than breaking off.

So there are really only two things that can explain the building scars from where the wings and tails hit:

1) the wingtips and tails shredded on the columns into fragments that passed through and then left no debris behind on the facade

2) the scars were made by something other than plane (767) wings and tails

But logically, the shredding mechanism makes no sense. If the wingtips and tails were going to break, they should have broken off en masse, as a chunk.

But the videos show no such thing.

So we must conclude the scars were made by something other than plane (767) wings and tails.

Which of course fits better with the evidence that the videos of the plane were fakes and forgeries.

But the building scars were really cleverly done, I must say!

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