Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bloglines - Donny Deutsch shatters the Coulter Myth

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Donny Deutsch shatters the Coulter Myth

By John Amato on Ann Coulter


Donny really did a number on Coulter last night. They said a few things that I will differ with of course, but there was no wiggle room for Coulter to break free from. There wasn’t a talking head that would give in to her vaudevillian brand of extremism. He’s telling her that there are no liberal bogeymen. Then he gets started on her shots at the 9/11 widows.

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I’m watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, on CNBC. He’s hedge fund manager type who has a show on CNBC where he can smoke cigars with the boys, a real kick-ass go military and low taxes type with a socially liberal edge. He has Ann Coulter on TV, and he’s taking her apart. It’s amazing. He’s saying that her supposedly villainous liberals don’t exist, and he’s pointing out that Bush isn’t doing a good job in the war on terror,

that Iraq was a mistake, and that her brand of extreme divisive politics is insensitive and meant to sell books. Deutsch says he’s in the center of the spectrum, and she brought up Lieberman and how the Democratic extreme base is throwing him out of the party. Deutsch just came back and said that liberals like Coulter describes just don’t exist. He’s calling her out for dirty tricks, and said "fighting in Iraq does not equal the war on terror." This is not a liberal show. It’s a how to for rich, male advertising executives.

Coulter-Hair3.jpg As the interview started

Coulter-hair.jpg Things got worse.

Coulter-hair1.jpg and worse…until they went to break and fixed her up.


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