Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bloglines - Announcing the "Conglomerate Book Club"

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Announcing the "Conglomerate Book Club"

By Gordon Smith

Mark your calendars!

In_the_shadow_of_the_lawOn August 16, we will inaugurate the Conglomerate Book Club with a discussion ofIn the Shadow of Law, a novel by Kermit ("Kim") Roosevelt. Kim is anAssociate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, where he specializes in constitutional law and conflict of laws. Prior to entering academe, Kim clerked with Associate Justice David Souter and worked as an associate at Mayer, Brown and Platt in Chicago. Kim will join us on August 16 for a discussion of his debut novel ... and perhaps some discussion of hisnext novel.

The Conglomerate Book Club will be an occasional feature on the blog, held whenever we find a book -- fiction or nonfiction -- that interests several of the bloggers and, we hope, our readers.In the Shadow of Lawis such a book, focusing on the lawyers inMorgan Siler, a fictional Washington, D.C. law firm. Kim offers some nice background on the novel inthis guest-blogging postover at Eric Muller'sIs That Legal?(Though I have read Kim's novel, it didn't occur to me until I read his post that "you can more or less map the characters fromIn the Shadow of the Lawonto the characters ofStar Wars." But now that he mentions it ...)

Here's how the Conglomerate Book Club will work. Each of the reviewers -- including some of us here atConglomerateand some guest reviewers -- will write a brief review of the book, about the length of a typical blog post. And we will post those reviews on the blog. Kim will respond to the reviews, and then we will carry on the discussion in the comments.

Any questions?

Ok, then go buy a copy of the book and read it before August 16! We look forward to hearing from you.

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