Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bloglines - Arthur listens to the O’Reilly Factor

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Arthur listens to the O’Reilly Factor

By John Amato on Arthur Silber

Arthur comes to realize what I’ve been posting about for a long time. He’s a propaganda machine.

Here’s a news flash for you, O’Reilly: if the administration should ever decide to utilize its claimed powers to their fullest extent, and if they should decide you’re no longer useful to them, you’ll realize that they’ve been keeping very careful watch over you — as they haul you off to prison or to a detention camp in the middle of the night. I’m sure you will howl in indignation and terror, but your protests will do you no good then. But you might realize that perhaps, just perhaps, you ought to have paid closer attention to the many warnings provided by all those "leftists" who "undermined" the government’s unending, entirely noble efforts to "protect" us….read on


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