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This is what the occupation did to Iraq.
Faiza Al-Arji
...What is the meaning of life in Iraq? All the beautiful meanings of life there are lost. for panic is the daily feeling, morning and night; militias for killings, free, incessant assassinations, sudden road blocks that kill people without a reason, bodies cast on the streets, which no one removes, on to a security chaos, the confusion of the government and the occupation forces, and- big statements (...) But since 1900 and till now, in the modern Iraqi stat! e, Iraqi never witnessed any sectarian conflict. And under the British occupation, the Sunnies and the Shia'ats united in the National movement, and threw the occupier out of Iraq. So, the story of AL-Zarqawi was invented, and his extremist Sunnie address, malicious against the Shia'ats. Meaning, in truth; there isn't any Party or Sunnie Iraqi militia that ever declared it was against the Shia'ats or had a grudge against them. So, AL-Zarqawi, not an Iraqi person, was invented, and inserted into the equation to rip the unity of the Iraqis, and destroy the fabric of the one society. That who carried out the bombing in Samara, is the one who had the interest in a sectarian war in Iraq. The Samara bombing was a true turning point in Iraq. It was exactly like the September 2001 events in America. Commotion was ignited; the cards were mixed, and gave a perfectly suitable opportunity to wage a war against the Sunnies in Iraq, to burn their mosques, kill their men, target their fam! ilies, and dislodge them. It gave the opportunity to the emerg! ence of the role of the criminal sectarian armed militias, as their hands were let loose at killing, kidnapping, and torturing Sunnie individuals. The occupation and the former government were in complete collaboration to feed that violence, and didn't stop it in any way. So, the story of AL-Zarqawi was utilized to justify killing the innocent Sunnie Iraqis, at the hands of death bands, and militias that only God knows who finances them, and who trained them in killing and crime...

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Permanent War? Dealing with Realities in Iraq and Washington
Robert Dreyfuss
...Just as the antiwar movement in the United States can strengthen the resistance in Iraq, the Iraqi resistance can aid the antiwar movement. The cold reality of the war in Iraq is that, had it not been for the Iraqi resistance, there would be no U.S. antiwar movement. Had Iraq's Sunnis collapsed in disarray and meekly ceded power to the Shiite-Kurdish coalition empowered by the U.S. invasion, President Bush's illegal war in Iraq might ! have succeeded far more effortlessly. But here's the truth of the matter: Led by Iraq's Baath party and by Iraqi military officers and their tribal and clan allies, a thriving insurgency did develop within months of the March 2003 invasion. ...

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The perfect monster kills quietly
When anyone makes nuclear energy or nuclear weapons, a massive amount of radioactive waste is created. In the U.S., Depleted Uranium is harnessed by the government as a component for bombs, shells and automatic weapons bullets. Nuclear waste remains radioactive for billions of years, contaminating ground, water and air, causing cancer, birth defects and death, although DU is allegedly "safe" for humans, according to Pentagon scientists (irony being the weapons are still m! eant to kill). D.U. is now everywhere in Iraq: (and much of Aghanistan) bullets made with uranium lay in the residential streets, neighborhoods in Baghdad and Fallujah have been bombed with uranium weapons... and doctors in Iraq have taken notice: "Two strange phenomena have come about in Basra which I have never seen before.... double and triple cancers in one patient. We had one patient with 2 cancers one in his stomach and kidney. Months later...cancer was developing in his other kidneyhe had three different cancer types. The second is the clustering of cancer in families. We have 58 families here with more than one person affected by cancer. ...

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Joel Skousen
...IPS reporters Brian Conley and Isam Rashid report on a crucial issue that is becoming more and more apparent to Iraqis: US and Iraqi government sponsored (or tolerated) militias account for many more deaths each month than the insurgency: "Baghdad's central morgue received more than a thousand bodies each month this year, a doctor has revealed ... Killing in Baghdad increased after the occupation, but it has flourished under the militia explosion! and the creation of what Iraqis commonly refer to as death squads. "'Most of those dead brought here have been tortured by beating, electricity, acid, drills, and by other horrible ways,’ said an Iraqi who refused to give his name. 'When any Iraqi is arrested by police now it means we will find his dead body in Baghdad's streets after some days. Because of all this killing, this morgue is not enough ... Most of the dead arrived with their hands tied behind their backs’"...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 19 June 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr,
...In a dispatch posted at 2:33pm Makkah time Monday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the American-backed "prosecution" at the show trial of Iraqi President Saddam Husayn and seven other imprisoned Iraqi leaders demanded that the President and other Iraqi officials be executed for their roles in preserving the integrity of the Iraqi state against subversion in the 1980s. Mafkarat al-Islam reported! that the US-appointed "public prosecutor": Ja'far al-Musawi called for the execution of President Saddam Husayn; of his half brother Barzan at-Tikriti, the former head of Iraqi intelligence; and of Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin Ramadan. The American-installed court official made the call during his summation at the trial of eight imprisoned Iraqi leaders in connection with the execution of some 148 individuals in the village of ad-Dujayl in 1982, after they were found guilty of plotting to murder President Saddam Husayn and overthrow the Iraqi government. After hearing the pleas of the American-backed prosecutor at its 35th session on Monday, the show trial was adjourned to 10 July...

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In Support of Our Troops at Haditha
Aaron Sussman ,www.dissidentvoice.org
...It is best to shrug this incident in Haditha off as an aberration and move on, because when people realize that the "few bad apples" are really just normal apples from a diseased tree, there are going to be problems. Haditha is the war in Iraq. The white phosphorus in the chemical weapons used in Fallujah is the war in Iraq. Torture is the war in Iraq. And that’s okay. Liberty has a price. And unless you want to see outrageous accusation! s against the liberators in the Bush administration, unless you want to see the term "war criminal" thrown around by dangerous radicals, and unless you want the nation to see the shameful truth that lies in shards at the bottom of that slippery slope, then it is best to just support our troops, and let this be the last time we mention Haditha...

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Condemnation by the Conference of Rectors from Public Universities in Madrid of violence in Iraq and the assassination of Iraqi University Professors
Statement by CRUMA - BRussells Tribunal
...After the compromise acquired by the team of Madrid Autónoma University Direction on the occasion of the International Seminar about the killing of University Professors and Health Personal in Iraq, A War Launched to Erase both the Culture and Future of the Iraqi people, organized in Madrid last 22nd and 23rd April ! [1], and at the proposal of the Rector of the mentioned University, Mr. Ángel Gabilondo, the Conference of Rectors from Public Universities in Madrid (CRUMA) has approved in its meeting of 12th June, 2006, an institutional statement condemning the killing of Iraqi University Professors and the situation of violence that Iraq is going through...

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The Iraq War and the End of Economics
Ahmed Amr, www.dissidentvoice.org
Three long years into this war of choice, most Americans and Arabs are still trying to figure out why George Bush wasted so many chips playing Iraqi roulette. If the nasty Mess on Potamia wasn’t about the phantom weapons of mass destruction, it certainly had nothing to do with spreading the blessings of democracy to the region. "Liberating foreigners from the yoke of repression" is the last refuge of scoundrels without a good alibi for an unp! rovoked unilateral war of aggression against a sovereign state. The United States had fifteen long years to encourage the development of a model democracy in Kuwait -- which remains a family ruled oil plantation with a rubber stamp parliament...

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Residents Struggle to Survive, In and Out of Ramadi
Dahr Jamail and Ali Fadhil
...A week spent in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province west of Baghdad, reveals that residents are suffering from lack of water, electricity, cooking gas and medical supplies for the hospitals. The streets are eerily empty, and it appears that many people have now left the city, although possibly as many as 150,000 still remain in their homes, either because they are too afraid to leave or they have nowhere to go. "We will survive an! yway," Um Qassim, a middle-aged housewife with six children, told IPS. "It is Allah who gives life and he is the only one able to take it away"...

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Snow: There Is Too Much Focus on Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers
Think Progress
On Friday, two U.S. troops were kidnapped at a checkpoint in Iraq. They remain missing. This morning on Fox News Sunday, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow criticized the press for spending too much time covering their plight. Watch it... Last week at a White House press briefing, Snow was asked for a reaction to the death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaching 2,500. Snow responded: "It’s a number."...

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Iraqi Glorious National Resistance' Harvest, against the fascist and the bloodthirsty US occupiers and their puppets pagan Persian Zionist Iranian fire worshippers for the month of May 2006 only in the sectors of the heroic Diyala district..
Fadhel Badran - Al Moharer. net
...Let them hide their casualties.. Time, attrition, degradation, and collapse are awaiting the bloodthirsty fascist US superpower.. Yes! By God almighty Bush the idiot on rampage is dead right .. He was chosen by God.. Yes God chose idiot Bush! to destroy the US bloodthirsty idol Zion reign. The heroes of Iraq.. and the Nation.. The heroic Iraqi resistance men.. are destroying, with the Lord grace and with His will, the evil US war machine.. See, meditate and contemplate the humiliated US enemy weapons.. Just consider and imagine what is happening to those tanks and armored vehicles when they melt with their crew, forget not.. it is no joke.. We are not playing computers' games..

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exchange between Les Roberts and John Sloboda on Iraq Body Count and the Lancet
Gabriele Zamparini, The cat's dream
...You have publicly speculated about IBC's completeness rates, rates which are unheard of in times of war. According to my colleague Riyadh Lafta (cc:ed above), only about 1/3rd of deaths were captured by the Government's surveillance system in the years before the Coalition invasion (...) First, given that there should be 120,000 deaths per year as a baseline and every estimate I have seen implies! that there are more violent deaths than peaceful deaths, the IBC estimate seems very low. Second, Jim Krane from AP News wrote me on March 2, 2006 regarding the appearance that the IBC count might not be complete. He points out that 24,000 violent death corpses have entered the Baghdad morgue since the invasion when it used to be 2-3000 per year before the invasion (thus~17,000 excess deaths as of 3 months ago). I suspect that his suspicion was raised because less than a quarter of the population lives in Baghdad, the violent death rate is lower there than the rest of the country according to our data and NCCI's data, and the morgues traditionally capture a small fraction of deaths. Thus, twice as many deaths in all of Iraq as recorded in the Baghdad morgue suggest IBC is very incomplete. Finally, we measured the sensitivity of your surveillance system during the first 18 months, we found it was <5%. This is what we generously referred to in the HPN paper as "cannot be mor! e than 20% complete." The Falluja deaths in our data set were ! recorded by month and in IBC Falluja deaths were not as distinct as elsewhere so that we could not match them. However, among the other 21 violent deaths we encountered in our random sample of 988 households, one was in the IBC data set...

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Army Charges 3 GIs With Murder in Iraq
The U.S. Army has charged three soldiers in connection with the deaths of three Iraqis who were in military custody in northern Iraq last month, the military said Monday. The Multinational Corps-Iraq said three members of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division have been charged in connection with the deaths of three male detainees during an operation near Thar Thar Canal in northern Salahuddin province on May 9...

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What's gone on at Guantanamo
Born at the Crest of the Empire
...Here's a list of interrogation techniques reliably documented at U.S. detention centers in Guantanamo or Afghanistan, compiled by medical ethicist, Stephen Miles, in a forthcoming book, "Oath Betrayed." His sources are 35,000 pages of FOIAed government documents or credible witness testimony: Beating; punching with fists; use of truncheons; kicking; slamming against walls; stretching or suspension (to tear ligaments or muscles to cause asphyxia);! external electric shocks; forcing prisoners to abase and to urinate on themselves; forced masturbation; forced renunciation of religion; false confessions or accusations; applying urine and feces to prisoners; making verbal threats to a prisoner and his family; denigration of a prisoner's religion; force-feeding; induced hypothermia and exposure to extreme heat; dietary manipulation; use of sedatives; extreme sleep deprivation; mock executions; water immersion; "water-boarding"; obstruction of the prisoner's airway; chest compression; thermal burning; rape; dog bites; sexual abuse; forcing a prisoner to watch the abuse or torture of a loved one......

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Google knows better
Imad Khadduri & an iraqi tear
Go to: "http://www.google.com/translate_t; it is the free google translation service.. Go o: translating from Arabic and English and write ((شعب يباد which means (people annihilated or genocided) yet google translates it into (Iraqi people)!you can try any other phrase to be translated and you will get the correct translation only with this phrase regarding ! killing and genociding people, the translation will be IRAQI PEOPLE..Any body could explain? I have mine: it is coming very clear day after another that Iraqis are not allowed more to remain a nation.. They should be eliminated.. WHY?Bush knows the answer because he is leading the campaign! Do not forget the American massacre against Iraqi civilians all over Iraq.

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