Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[political-research] Recipe for War: Israeli Hysteria and Imperial Logic



The Israeli lobby sees the development of Iran’s nuclear program as a convenient timetable for war, a golden opportunity to weaken or destroy Israel’s enemies in Tehran and settle Israel’s strategic horizon for a generation, preferably by goading others (the US) to do the job.

Unlike its relatively coy public position in pushing the US war on Iraq, Israel’s warmongering against Iran has been unabashed and relentless. Bush has also been explicit in linking Iran’s nuclear development to Israel’s security. He has pledged on more than one occasion to protect Israel from Iranian attack.

The co-dependence of this bi-national hysteria has become so obvious that several American Jewish groups recently sent quiet requests to the White House to cool it. The linkage was becoming embarrassing. Abraham Foxman, the head of the ADL, explained that, “..because there is this debate on Iraq, where people are trying to put the blame on us, maybe you shouldn’t say it that often or that loud.”

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