Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[political-research] Glenn Beck Threatens to Murder Michael Moore

[Comment: This is not an aberration, but one incident in a major pattern of incidents in which neoconservatives and their allies have threatened to murder their political opponents. The neocon billionaire owners of the American mainstream media are deliberately promoting these attitudes as part of a systematic psyops campaign, and there cannot be the least doubt that the neocons do in fact intend to literally murder their opponents when they feel they can get away with it, after Americans have been manipulated into a state of sufficient hysteria by means of relentless shrieking propaganda, false flag terrorist ops and similar methods. Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in Nazi German in the 1930s? Look around you right now -- this is the real deal, except the neocons are armed with weapons of mass destruction and data-mining tools far beyond the imagination of Adolf Hitler or George Orwell.]

A rightwing radio clone of Rush Limbuagh, Glenn Beck, said on his radio that he was "thinking about killing Michael Moore". That Beck wanted to grab him by the throat and choke Moore to death. But Beck had to think "What Would Jesus Do" and paused briefly. But then Beck said he would continue to kill Moore. The audio clip of Beck's rant is on www.mediamatters.org I believe.

I would call and email Premiere Radio (the Clear Channel subsidiary which produces Glenn Beck, Rush fLimFlaugh, Doc Laura) and ask them for a retraction of Beck's statement and an apology and perhaps a promise that Beck will not do anything this stupid in the future.

Here is the contact information:

Premiere Radio, at 818-377-5300,

Oh here is a toll free number for Premiere radio 800-533-8686

Here is an email address for the corporate public relations person : aforester@premiereradio.com

The FCC should be notified as well. The freedom of speech does not include making death threats against anybody.

FCC's phone number: 1.888.225.5322

This is email is for an executive at Premiere Radio:

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