Saturday, June 10, 2006

[political-research] The Fix Is in in the AIPAC Spy Case

The AIPAC case goes wild
Name: Steve Feldman
City: Potomac State: MD

First amendment protections do not apply to lobbyists. A reporter ferrets out information to inform the public. An AIPAC lobbyist gathers information to change policy without respect to the views of policymakers or the public. A journalist seeks to inform; a lobby seeks to distort. AIPAC uses all the information it gathers to push policies which it believes are beneficial to Israel. Big difference. Also a big difference when the lobby in question works not for an American interest but a foreign one. I believe the AIPAC case will be thrown out and not because it is weak. It will be thrown out because a lobby powerful enough to control America`s policy in the most critical region in the world is powerful enough not to have its key apparatchik put on trial. Going to trial would demonstrate that AIPAC`s hold on DC is not as firm as many believe. But it is. Rosen needs jail time but he wont get it. The fix is in.



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