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Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation

Interview: BYU Physicist Steven Jones

By culhavoc on News

June 7th, 2006
by Culhavoc

Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation

Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, co-chair of S9/11T and the creator of its home page and its forum, Steven Jones was interviewed today by Alex Jones on GCN.

If you were unable to attend the 9/11 Truth conference this weekend, I highly recommend picking up a copy of his keynote from Friday evening. DVDs were made available for $10.00; I assume will make them available for order at some point.

While Supplies Last: A Call to Gather Data

This interview was recorded the week following Jones’ presentation at the 9/11 Truth conference in Chicago, during which Jones revealed preliminary results from tests performed on WTC steel and dust. The samples were found to contain signatures for sulfur and potassium permanganate, two catalysts commonly added to a thermite reaction in order to enhance it’s ability to cut through steel.

WTC Samples
(Above: slide from Jones’ Chicago keynote)

Jones covered this topic in detail during his keynote speech, but left some wondering how these samples were obtained.

This interview answers that question.

More importantly, Professor Jones is requesting help from the public in gathering data so that a thorough analysis can be performed on the buildings’ structural components.

During the interview, the professor explained how people can obtain samples and photo evidence which is essential to this investigation.

SJ: “…when my paper came out last fall, October or November there, I made comments that were asking for people’s help in gathering data, not getting much help out of NIST, frankly, and others.
So, we are asking people to help gather up data and pretty quick.

Here’s the story, without revealing the precise location. It turns out that there are a number of places in this country and I’ve learned other countries as well, where there are samples of the World Trade Center steel erected in a type of a memorial like a peace park or memorial park for 9/11. So what’s interesting is that then this means that there is steel that can be looked at and observed.

In this one case the steel was sent to a place, and the welder who was putting it together; so he’s making a monument out of this, you know, trying to make it stand up with these pieces of steel. It was a volunteer, first of all, that went to ground zero, helped out there, and then was able to arrange for these steel members to be erected in his city, as a memorial; and I thought it was great of him to do that.

The welder’s wife looked at the steel and she noticed that, clinging to the steel was a bunch of dirt and, I don’t know if she noticed the molten metal but she noticed this dirt and stuff clinging to the steel; now it’s going to be put outside and she just had this thought; I’m gonna take this material off the steel because it’s going to be in the weather and it could easily be washed away and so on. She gathered it up and put it in a plastic container.

When my paper came out she sent me, not all but some of this material, it’s quite a large quantity. In this material there are samples of molten metal. Now that’s one and then I have another avenue to but, this was a fellow working for 9/11 Truth that talked to people in New York and was able to get another sample.”


SJ: “In archaeology in general and archiometry in particular we are very careful about what we call the provenience of materials that we analyze. In this case, a lot of the evidence has been destroyed as you mentioned, shipped off, literally melted in Asia for recycling, but I mention the importance of these peace parks and memorial parks around the world that have steel samples. I don’t, I want to be clear here, I don’t want people to run out and start scraping [them], because we have to exercise some care. If people find a peace park, I’m very interested in more samples but first please take photos. In fact, do that just as soon as you can so that that.”

AJ: “Document it like a crime scene…”

SJ:”Ya, I wouldn’t even remove it at this stage, just photograph it as quick as you can so that we, if somebody else, whoever that might be comes along and scrapes off the globs of molten metal, at least you have pictures that that was there, but hopefully that wouldn’t happen. So anyway, start with photographs and you can send those to me or the scholars for 9/11 truth group, but anyway, if you send those to me, we can then think about getting permission to get that molten metal…”

I would like to add that while many aspects of the attacks appear to have been staged, many of the victims and victims’ families are very real.

Please be respectful of these memorials and families while collecting data.

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