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1. Fw: Guest Worker Program
From: "norgesen"
2. Requesting Your Help
From: "Bill Giltner"


Message 1
From: "norgesen"
Date: Thu May 18, 2006 0:29pm(PDT)
Subject: Fw: Guest Worker Program

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From: Vicky Davis
Subject: Guest Worker Program

In the Idaho District 1 congressional race, I made an issue out of the fact that one of the candidates took 'outside the state' money - from Club for Growth.

One of his campaign workers thought she had a gotcha by finding that Tom Tancredo had taken Club for Growth money in the 2000 election. This is my response. Since people are catching on to who is really behind this invasion of country- it's important to understand how the guest worker program relates to the education system 'reforms' which is why I'm sending this to you.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2:54 PM
Subject: Tom Tancredo big news!!

Tom Tancredo took donations from Club for Growth in 2000!! Go to

I wonder ?, Will this news be sent through the list?

I'm so glad you brought this up LeeAnn. It gives me an opportunity to share something else with you. The guest worker program is linked with education reforms in a surprising way.

Nation At Risk

This is a chronology to education 'reform'. Scroll down to 2005 to see the details of Tom Tancredo's legislation H.R. 3333 that included the guest worker program.

You see, the guest worker program is one aspect dismantling our nation and disenfranching American Citizens. It makes citizenship meaningless because it puts corporations in control of immigration with the Secretary of Labor managing the U.S. labor inventory.

To make it work, they have to consider America's children as part of a supply chain of labor. The networked 'student information systems' integrated with the state Workforce Development systems (networked system is called America's Job Bank) are the inventory and order files.

The Secretary of Labor will receive corporate requisitions for imported human commodities - she will check her inventory to see the available inventory of domestic human commodities. She will approve the requisition or not based on the difference between inventory, corporate requisitions and orders.

If you notice in Tom Tancredo's legislation (in the chronology), the Secretary of Labor could also determine there is a shortage of domestic inventory by the wages and benefits offered. If she feels that the amount of compensation is excessive, she could declare a 'shortage of inventory' and allow 'extra' humans to be imported to drive the cost of labor down to the point she feels is appropriate for the job description.

Don't you know that Tom Tancredo - and everybody else I could reach on the internet - heard about this?

I don't play favorites. This issue is too important for the future of America's children. We owe them a future.

Speakers ON

And while we are on the subject - a friend of mine just sent me this nugget. It is in Arlen Specter's 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' bill S 2611.

S 2611
(a) Electronic Job Registry- The Secretary of Labor shall establish a publicly accessible Web page on the Internet website of the Department of Labor that provides a single Internet link to each State workforce agency's statewide electronic registry of jobs available throughout the United States to United States workers.
(b) Recruitment of United States Workers-
(1) POSTING- An employer shall attest that the employer has posted an employment opportunity at a prevailing wage level (as described in section 218B(b)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act).
(2) RECORDS- An employer shall maintain records for not less than 1 year after the date on which an H-2C nonimmigrant is hired that describe the reasons for not hiring any of the United States workers who may have applied for such position.
(c) Oversight and Maintenance of Records- The Secretary of Labor shall promulgate regulations regarding the maintenance of electronic job registry records for the purpose of audit or investigation.
(d) Access to Electronic Job Registry- The Secretary of Labor shall ensure that job opportunities advertised on an electronic job registry established under this section are accessible--
(1) by the State workforce agencies, which may further disseminate job opportunity information to other interested parties; and
(2) through the Internet, for access by workers, employers, labor organizations, and other interested parties.

Vicky Davis

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell


Message 2
From: "Bill Giltner"
Date: Thu May 18, 2006 0:43pm(PDT)
Subject: Requesting Your Help

Alert, Please Help

A new blog, whose purpose is to discredit Loose Change, has posted my
"guest" blog entry here:

Please drop by that blog site and lend your support


Bill Giltner


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