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Two strange 9/11 stories (Update: Make that THREE)

By Joseph

I must bring two strange 9/11 tales to your attention:

1. Judy knew! In July of 2001, Judith Miller got advance word of a big Al Qaeda attack from a White House Source. S'funny -- why has she never mentioned this development before? It wasn't newsworthy? Or did those notorious "Aspen roots" twirl around her tongue?

Think about it. If, at the time of the 9/11 hearings (compromised as they were) the world knew that Judy knew because a White House source knew -- the public would have pressured those committees to get this "source" on the record. Why did Judy provide cover?

Update: An extremely full accounting of this episode can be found on Alternet. Many questions are answered...but not the one that I asked: Why did Judy keep mum for years?

2. Skyway, Titan and Makram Chams.
Daniel Hopsicker has a very important tale up. Remember Titan corporation, the big defense contractor? They've been involved in some rather odd affairs...

For example, they came to the financial rescue of Skyway, a sham company put together by conster Brent Kovar (who brags of his spook credentials) for the purpose of bilking investors. Those investors may not have known -- until too late -- that Kovar was talking crap, but Titan surely must have been aware. The whole scam was coming apart at the seams when Titan inserted itself.

The question is...why?

And what do we make of Titan's involvement with Skyway at the very time Skyway's jet was discovered in Mexico carrying five-and-a-half tons of coke? (I'm told that that amount could fetch a quarter-billion dollars. Perhaps a kind reader, more versed than I in such matters, could verify that estimate...)

Hopsicker discovered something else odd about Titan. They had a very strange individual on the payroll: Makram Chams, the alleged convenience store owner who appears to have provided logistical support to Mohammed Atta and company in Florida. He also owned a casino ship -- yep, just like the Sun Cruz ships owned by Abramoff and co.

Although the intrepid and courageous Hopsicker did the research into the strange Chams story, perhaps the most efficient summary of it is the one here, by yours truly. There, you will find the full account of the mysterious, affluent Saudi who showed up at Chams' humble pad one night. An extremely heavy case was exchanged. Hopsicker thinks it contained gold.

I offered the speculation -- and it is just that: pure speculation -- that this mysterious visitor might have some connection to Saudi billionaire Saleh Abdullah Kamel, chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks. He denies the oft-heard reports that he has provided financial help to Al Qaeda. Incidentally, Kamel asked none other than Jack Abramoff to provide some PR help, which is a little bit like asking Jack the Ripper for medical advice.

Point being, there was a definite connection between Chams and Saudi interests. And, if eyewitness testimony is to be believed, there was also a connection between Chams and Atta.

So. Why did Makram Chams, friend to wealthy Middle Easterners, own a small business in faraway Florida? Why did he simply abandon (not sell: abandon) that business right after 9/11?

And why did he go to work for Titan in Saudi Arabia? We are told that Chams was a consultant to Titan. And then something strange happened:

On March 14, 2005, Makram Majid Chams, a former consultant of Titan filed a claim with the Preliminary Committee on Labor Disputes Settlement in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Chams alleges that Titan wrongfully terminated his consulting agreement and that he was defamed by Titan's publication in a local newspaper of a mandatory notice that he is no longer representing Titan. The plaintiff is seeking approximately $21.9 million in damages. Titan intends to defend its position vigorously.
Clearly, Titan felt the need to dissociate itself from the man -- and pronto. Wonder why?

When I first wrote on this fellow, a reader did a little further research and found the following corporations associated with the name Makram Chams:
DELMA, L.C. L95000000137
MAKNAB, INC. P97000007715
ALPHA 2000 INC. S11877
DELMA, L.C. L95000000137
MAKNAB, INC. P97000007715

All of which were dissolved after 2001, except for one - Blade Runner Pertroleum, where he was removed as a Director in June of 2002 (although they still show him as a director on corporate paperwork as of Janaury 2004). However I would like to note that they haven't filed their paperwork for 2005 yet.
I've not been able to find any further confirmation of the existence of Blade Runner Petroleum. However, Jacaranda Fuels did exist in Venice, Florida until 2002.

Update: Charlie Sheen. Okay, this comes from Alex Jones and I do not trust the source. Still...something about this one tempts me to place it in the "possible" category. Basically, Jones claims that CNN had intended to invite Charlie Sheen on the air and then ambush him by having a couple of "experts" make him look foolish. Personally, I don't think Sheen looks all that wise to begin with. Here's the bit that popped out at me:
WTC survivor and truth activist William Rodriguez was contacted by the Anderson Cooper show and asked if he would go on record as saying the new Pentagon footage dispelled all 9/11 questions. They also requested that he attack Charlie Sheen's public stance on 9/11.
How the hell can that video answer all questions...?

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