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So Let's Say You Have Two Huge Aging Skyscrapers That Have An Asbestos Problem....

By Spooked

it will take BILLIONS to clean the towers of asbestos, and even worse, the towers aren't real good money-makers.

Wouldn't it be great to blow them up and start over? But blowing up these huge structures and building new ones would take BILLIONS as well.

Perhaps the buildings could have an accident , and you could collect the insurance money!

Wait a minute-- previously, terrorists tried to blow up the buildings. Maybe you can take advantage of that!

So you get the buildings wired-up for demolition, hoping to blow them up and blame it on the terrorists.

But there's another problem. How are you going to explain terrorists being able to wire up the towers for complete demolition? You can't just say they drove a massive truck bomb under each tower, can you? That just won't fly.

Fly, fly... wait a minute... that's it! Airplanes!

Terrorists these days are always talking about crashing airplanes into buildings. You'll get some terrorists to fly airplanes into each tower. That will be JUST the excuse you need for blowing up the buildings. Even better, the terrorist act will be the perfect event the Bush administration has been looking for to invade the middle east, so they'll help you and cover for you. Moreover, you can destroy a LOT of shady financial transactions when you take down the towers, so other people will be happy about that.

But how exactly will your friends set this up? It's not so easy getting planes with terrorists on them, and making them fly precisely where you want. And even if you did get the planes to hit the towers, is there any guarantee the planes will crash in such a way as to make the subsequent demolition believable?

Hmmm. It's a problem.

Here's an idea though. The buildings ALREADY have bombs in them. Why don't you just set off some of the bombs in such a way as to make it look like a plane crashed into the towers! And then you can simply have some VIDEOS made that show planes crashing into the towers. You know your friends in the media will go a long with it, because they always love a new war, and many of them are secretly in the government anyway. All you have to do is make sure that LOTS of videos get made and that they get shown over and OVER on TV. The Bush administration will set up an attack on the military, to make sure the armed services are motivated, and then they will cap it off with a heroic feel-good story about passengers fighting off the terrorists (or that the plane is shot down by the heroic military; some kinks need to be worked out still). In any case, the people will eat it up! The people LOVE big tragedies, and the country needs something to bring them together after that nasty impeachment business and after that election fiasco in Florida.

What could go wrong?

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