Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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(homeless man with face markings, sf, 5/8/06)

homeless eric in soma. eric used to freight hop and had a circuit he would follow seasonally. about eight years ago, on his sf stop, he got hooked bad on heroin and thus got stuck.

he figures it's too much trouble trying to move on; he'd just get sick, and he wouldn't be able to put aside enough to hold him until the next fix. everything now is shooting up and hustling his next fix. so he stays.

he was in prison in new mexico some time before and has prison tattoos up and down his arms. he managed to get away with them except for an inch by inch section on his left arm; his last. that got him nine extra months.

he grew up in the foster system. his parents killed themselves when he was five (carbon monoxide asphyxiation). his mom was a hooker and his dad was a junky.

he agrees that was fucked up for a five year old but says everything's been fucked up like that.

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