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1. The Emerging Global Village
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2. America's Leaders Selling Our Country Out From Under Us
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3. Forget About Civil War In Iraq-One Is Coming To America
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4. Low Pressure System Hovers Over America
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5. Where Is The Religious Right Hiding These Days?
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6. What Dreams May Come
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Subject: The Emerging Global Village

The Emerging Global Village
By Chuck Baldwin
March 24, 2006

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush was the first
national figure to publicly use the term "New World Order." Since
those days in the late 1980's, numerous notable personalities have
advanced the concept of global hegemony.

As a student of the Scriptures, I am well aware that ever since the
events surrounding the Tower of Babel (recorded in Genesis
chapter 11), the desire for world conquest has repeatedly arisen in
the hearts of power-hungry men. I also believe a vast number of
America's political, commercial, media, and entertainment elite
today knowingly assist and facilitate this emerging global village.

I further propound that since the end of World War II, the great
majority of America's foreign policies have more to do with
building Bush's "New World Order" than with protecting the
people or interests of the United States. Yes, Margaret, that
includes our current actions in the Middle East.

Both President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony
Blair speak boldly and often of their intentions to globalize the
political and commercial affairs of the world's nations. One has
only to listen to Bush's latest State of the Union address
( to
get a glimpse of how immersed our political leaders are in the
philosophy of globalism.

Just this week, Tony Blair gave a major speech on internationalism
and the reason for Britain's (and America's) involvement in Iraq.
In his speech Blair said, "This is not a clash between civilizations,
it is a clash about civilization. 'We' is not the West. 'We' are as
much Muslim as Christian or Jew or Hindu. 'We' are those who
believe in religious tolerance, openness to others, to democracy."

Blair's speech, given at a Reuters newsmaker event, also said,
"The only way to win is to recognize this phenomenon is a global
ideology." Blair also boldly stated that the events in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, as well as climate change and
poverty in Africa are all "linked."

Blair went on to say that there are about "40 to 50" countries that
might require "interventionist" action in order to obtain global
"prosperity and stability."

But George Bush and Tony Blair are not the only ones to espouse
global government. Back in 2001, a U.N. official by the name of
Edward Widmer made the following declaration: "Within 10 years
time, you're going to see the beginning of an embryonic world
order." I believe we are already seeing it.

Expressing the same thoughts as Bush, Blair, and Widmer, former
newsman Walter Cronkite wrote in his book, A Reporter's Life, "A
system of world government is mandatory. The proud nations
someday will see the light and yield up their precious sovereignty."

Cronkite also told BBC newsman, Tim Sebastian, "I think we are
realizing that we are going to have to have an international rule of
law." He added, "We need not only an executive to make
international law, but we need the military forces to enforce that

Cronkite went on to say, "American people are going to begin to
realize that perhaps they are going to have to yield some
sovereignty to an international body to enforce the law."

Remember also that President George W. Bush signed the
Declaration of Quebec back on April 22, 2001 in which he gave a
"commitment to hemispheric integration and national and
collective responsibility for improving the economic well-being
and security of our people."

Obviously, "our people" means the people of the Western
Hemisphere, not the people of the United States. Phyllis Schlafly
also recently reminded us that "Bush pledged that the United States
will 'build a hemispheric family on the basis of a more just and
democratic international order.'"

George Bush, Sr. calls it a "New World Order." Tony Blair calls it
"Globalization." Walter Cronkite calls it "World Government."
G.W. Bush calls it "International Order." Call it what you will, it
means the end of U.S. sovereignty and independence. And a
sizeable percentage of America's political, commercial, media, and
entertainment elite are doing their best to bring it to fruition.

What will it take for the American people to wake up? Foreign
troops on American soil? Already happening. Outsourcing every
American asset, including our own security? Already happening.
Putting American troops under foreign commanders? Already
happening. Using American troops as U.N. "peacekeepers" and
nation-builders? Already happening. Forcing "free trade"
agreements upon the American people that steal their jobs and
livelihoods? Already happening. Allowing and facilitating
overwhelming and ruinous illegal immigration that sacrifices our
culture and way of life? Already happening. Forcing Americans to
adopt and accept foreign languages into the fabric of everyday life?
Already happening. Ignoring or even ridiculing American history
in our classrooms and entertainment? Already happening. What in
the world has to happen to awaken and energize the American
people? When will they determine to put a stop to this nonsense?

Americans (and perhaps Christians are the most blind and na�ve
regarding this reality) need to understand that there are not two
parties in Washington, D.C., but only one: the Globalist Party. If
you don't believe it, just check out the list of people from both
parties who belong to the cabal of wealthy elitists whose goal is
global government known as the Council on Foreign Relations.
(See and Isn't it
amazing that no matter who is elected President and from which
party he hails, the list of CFR members in appointed government
positions never decreases!

Folks, let's face it: the terms "conservative" and "liberal,"
"Republican" and "Democrat" mean very little these days. Instead
of thinking in traditional terms, we need to start thinking in terms
of "American" and "Globalist." Once we come to realize that the
vast majority of the national candidates from both parties are
Globalists at heart, it would be a simple matter to repudiate them,
fire the ones that are already there, and start electing some real
Americans to high public office once again. I don't know about
anyone else, but that's the way I'm voting from now on.

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Subject: America's Leaders Selling Our Country Out From Under Us

America's Leaders Selling Our Country Out From Under Us
By Chuck Baldwin
March 17, 2006

The recent attempt by the Bush administration to turn at least six
U.S. sea ports over to the control of the United Arab Emirates is
only the latest example of how America's leaders are selling our
country right out from under us.

According to the March 8, 2006 edition of The Washington Times,
"Homeland Security officials, who initially said there are about
850 terminals nationwide, now say there are 3,200 terminals, up to
80 percent of which are operated by foreign companies and

When pressed, Homeland Security officials admit that they do not
even know exactly who controls our ports. As one Homeland
Security officer put it, "It's as clear as mud."

The Times report goes on to say, "Countries operating U.S.
terminals include China and Singapore. Foreign businesses include
companies from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, London and

By the way, readers need to be alert to the fact that the Dubai deal
is anything but nixed. Newsday recently reported Senate Majority
Leader Bill Frist as acknowledging "that if an American buyer is
not found, and the Bush administration determines there are no
security risks, a deal for DP World to manage and operate major
U.S. ports still could go through."

Frist told ABC's This Week, "If everything that the president, the
administration has said, and that is that there is absolutely no
threatening or jeopardy to our security and safety of the American
people, I don't see how the deal would have to be canceled."

Remember, too, as I reported in this column
(, the
Bush administration is proceeding with plans to turn over at least
nine military facilities to the United Arab Emirates. Interestingly
enough, Congress has made absolutely no attempts to block this
deal, and with the exception of a few newspapers, the major media
has not even bothered to cover this story.

Furthermore, let's not forget that the Communist Chinese Army
now controls the Panama Canal and also controls port terminals in
Seattle, Washington, and Long Beach, California.

America's leaders are willfully and deliberately outsourcing every
viable asset we have to foreign countries. Ever since President Bill
Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole collaborated to ram
NAFTA and GATT down our throats, the rush to outsource
America's jobs, industries, and even our security has been in full
swing (and FTAA is just around the corner).

Coincidentally, according to Human Events, Bob Dole and former
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright have both been agents for
UAE government-owned Dubai Ports World. Dole as a
Washington lobbyist and Albright on a recent trip to the People's
Republic of China.

Furthermore, Bush administration officials also have financial ties
to Dubai Ports World. "[Treasury Secretary John] Snow was
chairman of the CSX rail firm that sold its own international port
operations to DP World for $1.5 billion in 2004, the year after
Snow left for President Bush's cabinet." (Source: New York Daily
News, Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2006)

Snow is not alone. New York Daily News also reports that David
Sanborn, who was tapped by Bush to lead the U.S. Maritime
Administration also runs DP World's European and Latin
American operations.

American industries are vanishing as are American jobs. Our
public education system is so bad we cannot supply needed
demands in our medical and science sectors. Even worse, we
cannot even meet the recruiting demands of our military.

One recent news report said that of all young people between the
ages of 17 and 24 (who would be eligible for military recruitment)
at least 75% were determined to be unqualified. They are either too
fat, too dumb, or too undisciplined. The Army doesn't want them!
Therefore, along with doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, and
laborers, we are importing soldiers!

Speaking of our military, you do know that U.S. soldiers have now
been put under foreign commanders in Afghanistan, don't you?
Well, it's true. Just read the AP news wire dated Tuesday, March

Also, think about this: according to government statistics,
foreigners own 65% or our metal ore mining industry, 65% of our
database publishers, 62% of our cement, concrete, lime, and
gypsum products, 57% of our engine, turbine, and power
transmission equipment, 53% of our rubber products, 53% of our
nonmetallic mineral products manufacturing, 52% of our plastics
manufacturing, 50% of our oiler, tank, and shipping containers,
48% of our glass and glass products, 48% of our coal mining, 40%
of our pharmaceuticals and medicines, and on and on. (Source:
Thom Hartmann/ Review)

Here's more: there are more than 12 million illegal aliens living in
America. 40% of these arrived after G.W. Bush became president
in 2000. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, these
"unauthorized migrants" comprise 24% of the labor force in
farming, 17% in cleaning, 14% in construction, and 12% in food
preparation. And those numbers are escalating rapidly!

Does anyone actually believe that our elected officials in
Washington, D.C., don't know what is going on? Does anyone
believe that they are ignorant or na�ve about these things? Get real!
Our politicians know exactly what is happening, because they are
actively participating in the whole debacle.

Face it, folks: our leaders are selling our country right out from
under us.

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Subject: Forget About Civil War In Iraq-One Is Coming To America

Forget About Civil War In Iraq-One Is Coming To America
By Chuck Baldwin
April 11, 2006

While American troops are hunkered down in "safe zones" in Iraq
trying to stay out of an escalating civil war, our government seems
oblivious to a growing threat of civil war right here in the United
States. As anyone can see, millions of illegal aliens living here are
becoming more vocal, more demonstrative, more belligerent, and
more violence-prone by the day. Unless our government takes
deliberate and significant action immediately, America could be in
for serious civil unrest real soon.

It is absolutely incredible that our government would tolerate
people who are not even legal residents of our country to generate
the kind of mass demonstrations and protests that we are
witnessing on a daily basis! It is more than incredible; it is

According to The Christian Science Monitor (April 10, 2006),
immigrants (most of them illegal) are "mobilizing for major
'action.'" Nearly 100 American cities will soon feel the brunt of
this "action."

Organizers describe these coming demonstrations as "the biggest
social movement of Hispanics since the United Farm Workers of
Cesar Chavez." In addition, organizers predict that thousands of
Muslims will also join millions of illegal Hispanics on what can
only be regarded as an anti-America crusade.

The American people need to understand that the United States is
under attack! No, not by Iraq or Iran, but by Mexico! Yes, Martha,
you had better believe it. The Mexican government is deliberately
and systematically working to destabilize and undermine the very
fabric and framework of American society. And President George
W. Bush and Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy (among
others) are aiding and abetting this effort.

Right now, much of Latin America is embroiled in a serious
takeover by Leftist-Marxists. In all likelihood, Mexico's next
leader will be an open Leftist. Vicente Fox has helped create an
increased appetite for socialism (not that Mexico ever had a true
understanding of freedom and republicanism), and the next
Mexican leader is certain to finish the job.

However, Fox has done more than turn his own country leftward.
He has superintended over the biggest invasion of the United
States in our country's history. That's right, invasion! A close,
personal friendship with President George W. Bush has given Fox
the opportunity to purposely allow (or even send) millions of
criminals, thugs, anarchists, and potential terrorists to swarm over
our southern border in breathtaking numbers. (As I have chronicled
before in this column, nearly half of all illegal aliens currently
living in the U.S. came here since Bush became president in 2000.)

Yet, while Mexican President Fox encourages and even promotes
massive illegal immigration to the U.S., his own country's
constitution in Chapter 3, Article 33, states, "The Executive of the
Union has the exclusive right to expel from the national territory,
immediately and without necessity of judicial proceedings, all
foreigners whose stay it judges inconvenient. Foreigners may not,
in any manner, involve themselves in the political affairs of the
country." Imagine that.

Even without the massive demonstrations by millions of foreign
invaders, America is reeling from the negative effects that these
people have created. In an open letter to President Bush, Ron
Maxwell (writer and director of "Gettysburg" and "Gods and
Generals") wrote, "Where was the concern for American
schoolchildren forced to sit in overcrowded classes, for American
patients forced to wait in overcrowded hospitals, for American
workers whose wages are being undercut, for American drivers
forced to sit in interminable traffic jams in over-whelmed freeway
systems, for the victims of organized gangs, for the American
college students who are turned away from publicly funded state
universities, for many African Americans who are being literally
displaced from their neighborhoods while being moved
figuratively, once again, to the back of the bus, for those
environmentalists and conservationists who want to protect open
space and slow down urban sprawl, for the American taxpayers
who have had to bear the burden of billions of dollars in increased
welfare costs, over-burdened prisons, extra police and security and
even, adding insult to injury, for bilingual education?" (Source:
The Washington Times, April 6, 2006)

I trust Mr. Maxwell is not holding his breath while he waits for
President Bush to respond, because Bush knows the problems his
laxity and indifference have created and frankly, my dear, doesn't
give a darn!

If anything is going to be done about the illegal alien problem it
will be because the American people, conservatives, liberals,
moderates, independents, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jews and
Gentiles, young and old, from blue states and red states, from big
cities and small farms, Christians and unbelievers stand up and in
no uncertain terms demand that the Congress of the United States
put a stop to it NOW!

This means making it a crime for any employer to knowingly hire
an illegal alien punishable with serious fines and imprisonment for
repeat offenses. It means demanding that our federal government
seal our borders (especially the southern one) and stop the tide of
foreign invasion immediately. If Saudi Arabia can put up a security
fence between itself and Iraq (and it is doing just that), we can put
one up between us and Mexico! It means to stop underwriting
these foreign invaders by not paying for their health care,
schooling, and food stamps. It means to stop giving them drivers
licenses. It means making certain punishment worse than any
potential benefit.

We can either deal with the illegal immigration problem now as
described above or we will certainly deal with open civil war in the
very near future. The American people better decide right now
which it will be, because time is running out for Congress to be
able to fix the problem. Once that happens, we won't have to
worry about civil war in Iraq, because it will happen right here in
the United States.


Illegal Immigration Is Actually Foreign Invasion
By Chuck Baldwin
April 4, 2006

Instead of calling it illegal immigration, we should be calling it a
foreign invasion, because the consequences of this invasion are as
terminal to our freedoms and to our way of life as any act of
terrorism ever perpetrated against us!

First, let's talk about numbers. Even though the Census Bureau
(CB) estimates 11 million illegal aliens live in America, the real
numbers are much higher. Even CB officials admit that many
illegal aliens purposely avoid the census count. A more reliable
count is provided by Bear Stern. It puts the number of illegal aliens
at around 20 million. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Chairman of the
Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, puts the number at
over 18 million.

According to Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies
(TNRIP), 6,000 immigrants arrive in America EVERY DAY. That
equates to more than 2 million EVERY YEAR. In many
communities in the Southwest, including Los Angeles, California,
and Houston, Texas, Hispanics now comprise a majority of the
population. But numbers of illegal aliens are quickly beginning to
mount in cities throughout the United States.

For example, TNRIP documents the fact that the Hispanic
population grew in three Tennessee counties by more than 70%
between 2000 and 2004. In one of those counties (Robertson) it
grew over 95% during that time. In seven Tennessee counties, the
Hispanic population grew by more than 40%. Now, Tennessee can
hardly be considered a "border state." The fact is, what is
happening in Tennessee is happening all over the United States.
And lest you think this is all harmless, think again!

According to TNRIP, the financial cost of this foreign invasion to
U.S. taxpayers is staggering! Here is a break down of the annual

Education: $22.5 billion
Bi-lingual Education: $3.3 billion
AFDC: $2.4 billion
SSI: $2.9 billion
Social Security: $24.8 billion
Housing Assistance: $2.6 billion
Criminal Justice: $2.6 billion
Jobs Lost by Americans: $10.8 billion
Other Programs: $51.4 billion
Food Stamps: $7 billion
Health Care: $1.4 billion

The first study of the net cost of illegal immigration to American
taxpayers was conducted in 1997 by Dr. Donald Huddle, Professor
Emeritus of Economics at Rice University. That study concluded
that from 1970 to 1997, illegal immigration had cost taxpayers
over $69 billion. Obviously, the financial numbers have exploded
since then.

Furthermore, during 1996 alone, more than 2.3 million American
workers were displaced by (mostly) illegal aliens. Harvard
Professor George Borjas estimates that today American workers
lose $133 billion per year in wage depression and job loss.

TNRIP warns, "Net cumulative costs for the 1998-2007 decade are
projected to reach $932 billion, an average of $93.2 billion per
year, even with recent changes in welfare and immigration policies
and a prosperous economy, if current mass immigration trends are
allowed to continue."

Secondly, consider the potential for terrorism that this foreign
invasion brings. How many of these foreign invaders already have
criminal records? How many are wanted on criminal charges in
other countries? How many are surreptitiously snuck into the
country by foreign governments? No one knows, and that includes
President Bush and Hillary Clinton!

What we do know is that already a significant percentage of our
federal prisoners is comprised of illegal aliens. For some prison
systems, the number is around 30%. According to TNRIP, when
many illegal aliens "are involved in [automobile] accidents, they
simply move and obtain another license or move out of state to
avoid arrest or litigation."

You see, as TNRIP notes, "the Tennessee Legislature voted in
2001 to allow illegal immigrants to obtain valid Tennessee Drivers
Licenses by omitting the requirement to present a valid Social
Security Card upon application even though LEGAL citizens are
required by law to have their SSN on file with the state upon
applying for their licenses!"

So, where is the incentive for illegal aliens to obey the law? They
broke the law to come here, and they routinely break the law to
stay here. And because our federal and state governments have
made it so unbelievably convenient for illegal aliens to live and
work in this country, they routinely do so without adherence to the
laws that the rest of us must submit to.

Therefore, not only do our federal and state governments tolerate
illegal immigration, they actively promote it! Why? There are
several reasons.

Without elaborating on this first answer, I will respond by saying
that I am convinced that there are many people in the higher
echelons of our government and business leadership that desire to
replace a free and independent America with a globally and
regionally dependent one. In my opinion, that is what NAFTA,
GATT, the WTO, and FTAA are all about. It's not about fair trade;
it's about outsourcing American jobs and industry and insourcing
foreign workers and products, which intrinsically brings with it
commercial and political dependence.

Beyond that, let's not discount the individual motivations of the
two major parties. Rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding, both
the Democratic and Republican parties in Washington, D.C., desire
that illegal immigration continue unabated. When it comes to
illegal immigration, President Bush and Hillary Clinton are allies
not adversaries. (That's true about many issues, by the way.) There
is only a handful of congressmen who truly desires to restrict
illegal immigration.

For Democrats, the issue is votes. They see massive numbers of
illegal aliens as potential voters for Democratic candidates. For
Republicans, the issue is pleasing the business community.
Numerous businesses take advantage of the cheap labor that illegal
immigration provides. Instead of paying Americans a fair wage for
their services, they deliberately choose to hire illegal aliens whom
they know will work for half the price.

There is another reason both parties in Washington, D.C., like
illegal immigration. Allowing thousands of American companies
to hire cheap Mexican labor keeps prices low for the American
consumer, so they will not feel the burden of high taxation as
acutely as we otherwise would.

If American companies were forced to pay American wages to
American workers, the cost of many products and services would
be noticeably higher. Couple that with an already unconscionable
tax burden that absconds 40%-50% of our income, and the true
cost of doing business would probably put our country into a quick
depression. Such an event would no doubt seriously restrict
government's ability to tax. And what both parties totally agree on
is ever-growing federal spending!

Therefore, in order to beguile the American people into believing
that their dollars are going as far as they go (such as it is), they
must continue to import cheap foreign products and cheap foreign
labor. The independence-sacrificing "free trade" deals such as
NAFTA, GATT, and FTAA take care of the cheap foreign
products department, while illegal immigration furnishes the cheap
foreign labor part of the equation.

Of course, a truly constitutional approach to commerce would put
Americans back to work, would reward American productivity, not
punish it, and would significantly restrict illegal immigration,
foreign nation-serving trade deals, and burgeoning government
spending. However, what we do not have in Washington, D.C.,
these days are constitutionalists.

So, when all is said and done, there will be nothing done to restrict
illegal immigration into this country. Furthermore, don't be
surprised, if the final law that Congress passes and Bush signs will
actually further facilitate the influx of illegal aliens and will also
further facilitate a speedy process by which illegal aliens already
here can become U.S. citizens.

You should also know that there is considerable momentum within
the Hispanic community that truly desires to create civil unrest in
America. Such people not only desire to cripple American society,
they desire to reclaim vast parts of America's Southwest for
Mexico. The American public may not realize it, but these people
have already declared war on us. (If you doubt this, go see for

I say again, we are not discussing immigration; we are discussing
invasion! It is time we admitted it and treated it as such!


My Warning Regarding Illegal Immigration
By Chuck Baldwin
March 27, 2006

I wrote the following words on March 21, 2006, just days before
hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens took to America's streets in
massive protests.

(To read the entire column, go to: )

"America's illegal immigration problem is
a time bomb with a lit fuse! And the fuse
is getting short!

"Did you know that of the more than 12 million (This
is a very conservative estimate. The actual number is
well over 20 million.) illegal aliens that currently
reside in this country, almost half of them arrived
here since G.W. Bush became president in 2000? The
reported figure is 40%. (Source: The Washington

"Does anyone think that the dramatic increase of
illegal aliens to America during the Bush
administration is a coincidence? Only an imbecile
could believe that! The reason that there are nearly
50% more illegal aliens in America (most of them
crossing our southern border since Bush became
president) is directly because of the policies and
speeches President Bush has made that have created a
climate extremely favorable to illegal aliens. Most of
the millions of illegal aliens that have poured across
our southern border during the last 5 years have done
so with the expectation (clearly created by Bush) of
receiving legal amnesty in this country.

"How can any rational person take Bush seriously
about his "war on terrorism," when he treats the
problem of illegal immigration with such a cavalier
attitude? Beyond that, how can they accept his
continued encroachments upon the liberties of the
American citizenry with such indifference? Do they
not realize that President Bush is punishing law-
abiding Americans while opening the door of
potential terrorism even wider? Have the American
people (and especially the Religious Right) lost their

Our elected leaders have created a gigantic illegal alien nightmare
that will plague this nation for decades to come. Rep. Tom
Tancredo and a few others have tried to warn America for years of
this impending disaster. Now, we are beginning to pay the price.
We should give Rep. Tancredo all the help we can. Please contact
your house members and senators immediately! The future of our
country is at stake!


What Local Governments Can Do About Illegal Immigration
By Chuck Baldwin
April 19, 2006

(This column is archived at:

It should be painfully obvious to most all of us that our federal
government has no intention of stopping or even reducing illegal
immigration. It seems all too clear that we have a president and
congress that are willing to allow foreign lawbreakers to invade
our country and live off taxpayer welfare with total impunity. But
there is something that local governments can do. And, thankfully,
several local governments around the country are already doing it.

An April 14, 2006 New York Times report stated, "While
lawmakers in Washington debate whether to forgive illegal
immigrants their trespasses, a small but increasing number of local
and state law enforcement officials are taking it upon themselves to
pursue deportation cases against people who are here illegally.

"In more than a dozen jurisdictions, officials have invoked a little-
used 1996 federal law to seek special federal training in
immigration enforcement for their officers.

"In other places, the local authorities are flagging some illegal
immigrants who are caught up in the criminal justice system,
sometimes for minor offenses, and are alerting immigration
officials to their illegal status so that they can be deported."

Well, amen! Local and state governments are beginning to see the
light (and are probably feeling the heat as well). And for good

The brunt of the burden caused by illegal immigration is born by
local and state governments. It is local communities who feel the
strain of overcrowded classrooms, congested highways, packed
emergency rooms, and stuffed jail cells. It is local citizens who
must bear the burden of higher taxes to support the skyrocketing
costs of health care, education, criminal justice, and transportation.
Rest assured, President Bush and his fellow elitists in Congress
feel the burden of illegal immigration no more than retiring Exxon
chairman Lee Raymond feels the burden of increased gas prices.

However, imagine what would happen if a majority of local and
state governments began a concerted effort to arrest and arrange
deportation for every illegal alien they discover! Well, my friends,
many local officials have begun doing just that. Now, each of us
should demand that all our local officials follow suit!

Each of us should call our local sheriff, police chief, city manager,
county administrator, mayor, councilman, and commissioner. We
should demand that they enforce the law by arresting and arranging
for deportation every illegal alien that they discover.

Furthermore, there are already laws on the books that punish
employers for hiring illegal aliens. We must insist that those laws
be upheld and those employers be punished!

Remember, the law is on the side of the American citizen. Illegal
aliens are lawless violators and must be treated as such. When
American citizens break the law, they are expected to pay the
price. Are illegal aliens above the law? President Bush and
Congress may think so, but local and state governments have the
power to say otherwise.

If the American people will aggressively communicate with their
local and state officials and insist that they put their foot down on
illegal immigration, they will respond!

So, what are you waiting for? Start calling now!

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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 18:58:11 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Low Pressure System Hovers Over America

The Resurrected Christ: Central To America
By Chuck Baldwin
April 13, 2006

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead separates our Lord
from all the world's messiahs and separates Christianity from all
the world's religions. In addition, the resurrection of Christ Jesus
also separates the United States of America from every other
nation on earth.

Therefore, it is no accident that the Easter story (along with the
Christmas story) incurs the wrath and revulsion of Christ-rejecters
as no other. The "god of this world" is relentless in his attacks
against all those who even remotely seek to honor the work of
Christ on the cross and His subsequent resurrection from the grave.

Furthermore, the hatred and animosity against the Gospel reveals
deeper motives within the hearts of those who attempt to attack the
founding principles of our beloved republic. Yes, Martha, you will
find that the same people who hate our Christ also hate our

After all, the United States of America was a nation established in
the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and for His glory. The founders
of this country were emphatic about that! Therefore, the imprint
and influence of the Savior are seen and felt throughout the length
and breadth of this nation. And it is that same imprint and
influence that the secularists are feverishly attempting to expunge.

However, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead also seals the
doom of God's enemies! Try as they will, they are a defeated foe!
The empty tomb has secured their fate.

Therefore, if America wishes to remain a free and independent
republic, if this nation truly desires future peace and prosperity,
and if we genuinely aspire to remain a blessed and protected land,
we must quickly throw off this foolish infatuation with
multiculturalism, which is nothing more than an attempt to de-
Christianize our country, and humbly return to the God of our

After all, it wasn't a dead and deteriorated false god upon which
America received its vision and hope; it was the crucified and
resurrected God-man, the Lord Jesus Christ!


Low Pressure System Hovers Over America
By Chuck Baldwin
April 28, 2006

(This column is archived at:

An upcoming birthday reminds me that I have lived to pass the
half-century mark. During those years, I have seen people at their
best and at their worst. I believe I am also witnessing the impact
that a vast cultural revolution is having on people.

There is always an ebb and flow to people's lives and to the life of
a nation, for that matter. However, if I were to report on the
general state of people's lives today in meteorological terms, I
would say a ubiquitous low pressure system envelops the entire

By low pressure I mean the daily emotional, psychological, mental,
and spiritual stress brought to bear upon people. In fact, it seems
that the stress (low pressure) with which people are daily engulfed
these days could be categorized as a hurricane of Category 5
proportions! I've never seen anything like it!

For the most part, family life is as turbulent as ocean waves in the
midst of a storm. In fact, stormy would be a very descriptive word
for most modern families.

Pervasive divorce has alienated children from parents and parents
from children. Children seldom have the luxury of growing up
with biological parents, much less grandparents. Fathers are
seldom the disciplinarians at home. Before the average American
child is a teenager, he or she has become thoroughly spoiled,
selfish, and sinful. Furthermore, the lust for material prosperity
seems to burn far stronger in the average parent's heart than the
desire to teach and train their own offspring!

Add to family stress vocational and economic uncertainty. How
many people across our once great land clocked out on Friday
evening only to return Monday morning to a job site with empty
buildings and locked gates? How many have seen their pensions
and insurance plans disappear overnight? How many have worked
their whole lives for a company only to have the management
abruptly say, "Sorry, we're moving to Mexico. You're on your

Then, of course, there is the heavy spiritual stress that people of
faith, especially Christians, are currently subjected to as their
country's institutions (at every level and at every turn) are
progressively intolerant and hostile to their values. How many
people have lost jobs or promotions because of a perceived
"politically incorrect" (but Biblically sound) point of view? How
many Christian children in our public schools are ridiculed,
scorned, and humiliated by teachers and professors because they
will not submit their hearts and minds to godless evolution and
other humanistic philosophies? How many churches are staggering
under the burden of restrictive and punitive rules and regulations
which serve only to choke the life out of spiritual service and

However, Americans of every generation have faced, fought, and
defeated these kinds of enemies for over 300 years. Yet, it seems to
me that something much different is in the air today. The stress to
which I allude is much deeper, much more sinister, and much more
prevalent than anything this nation has ever faced before.

It seems to me that people of faith in America are now at the same
place that the Pilgrims were at back in Europe in the 1600's. Those
people were enduring such intolerable circumstances that they had
to make drastic decisions: Do we stay and endure increasing
hostility, resentment, and even persecution, or do we move to
another land in search of peace and freedom?

I was speaking to a missionary from Central America recently, and
he told me, "Chuck, you would not believe how many Americans
(especially Christians) are moving to Central America. They have
had it." He further said, "And Chuck, you might be surprised to
learn that for the most part, they are finding more peace and more
freedom than they had in the States."

Has it come to that? Has it come to the time in America when
Christian people must again entertain the idea of becoming
pilgrims? Perhaps it has.

Remember that America was born in the spirit of Christian revival.
The Protestant Reformation in Europe and the Great Awakenings
in America gave birth to this land of liberty. However, America
rejected the faith of our fathers long ago. Multiculturalism is the
new national religion in America. Wealth and power is our new
god. We have lost our Christian culture and our national identity.

Furthermore, America has lost its borders and is fast losing its
language. Politicians from both parties are about as corrupt,
contemptible, and criminal as they can possibly be. And the greed
and corruption within big business staggers the imagination and
strains the conscience. I tell you the truth, it's getting harder and
harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad
guys, and that includes our religious leaders!

Remember, the reason the Pilgrims came to America was two-fold:
to find a quiet and peaceful place in which to raise Christian
children and to find a place where they could freely proclaim the
Word of God. Both opportunities are quickly disappearing in
America! And, personally, the only light I see at the end of the
tunnel is the light of an oncoming train!

One thing is certain: God can (and will) accomplish His will in the
world with or without the help of the United States. God doesn't
need America; America needs God! And if God wants to disperse
the Christians of America into a world more eager to receive the
truth of His Word, He is certainly able to do it. After all, England
was once a hot-bed of revival and evangelism, and now it is as
dead as four o'clock in the morning, spiritually. The same thing
could happen here.

Yes, America has certainly changed during my fifty plus years of
living, mostly for the worse. However, it is not up to us to judge
these matters, is it? As John Quincy Adams put it, "Duty is ours;
results are God's." Indeed. It is enough to simply know one's duty.
For the Pilgrims, duty meant leaving Europe and coming to
America. For the colonial patriots, duty meant fighting for
independence. What will duty mean for us? We shall see.


New Pages Uploaded To My Web Site
By Chuck Baldwin
April 17, 2006

I am pleased to announce that my fine staff has recently uploaded
several new pages to my web site. I believe you will find these
pages to be a wealth of useful information.

First, we now have a page devoted entirely to illegal immigration.
Here you will find news and information relevant to this vitally
important issue. If you are looking for the truth regarding illegal
immigration, go to:

We have also uploaded a new page devoted to the USA Patriot
Act. This dangerous piece of legislation lays the foundation for
future tyranny and oppression in America. It is fraught with
copious machinations intended, not to protect Americans, but to
steal their liberties. This page will give you the information and
material you need to intelligently discuss and debate this crucial
issue. To access the Patriot Act page, go to:

While looking at the Patriot Act page, remember to listen to my
interview with former congressman Bob Barr regarding the
dangers of the Patriot Act. To listen to that interview, go to:

In addition, we have uploaded a brand new page called New World
Order. On this page, you will find a plethora of information on
how internationalists, including those within our own country, are
working to achieve their devilish vision of global government.
Again, this page is a treasure-trove of pertinent information. To
access the New World Order page, go to:

Remember, too, that we constantly update our Bush Record page.
This page might be the most comprehensive page chronicling the
track record of President George W. Bush on the web. To learn the
truth about G.W. Bush, go to:

Also on my web site is a page devoted to helping alcoholics. My
father was a reformed alcoholic, and though he passed away in
1993 at the age of 86, his remarkable life-story is still an
inspiration to thousands of men and women who struggle with
alcohol addiction. In fact, we will mail a cassette tape that tells the
true story of my father's miraculous deliverance totally without
cost to anyone who requests it. To access this page, go to:

We also have a page devoted to my video sermons. With the click
of a computer mouse, one can sit in the congregation of Crossroad
Church in Pensacola, Florida, and watch my Sunday messages. To
watch my video sermons, go to:

Of course, these are only some of the many pages that are available
on my web site. To access the index page of my site, go to:

I trust you will visit these pages soon and often. And when you do,
please drop me a line and give me your comments. And as always,
thank you for reading my columns. And speaking of my columns,
they are archived on my web site as well. To access my archived
columns, go to:

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Message: 5
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 18:44:33 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Where Is The Religious Right Hiding These Days?

Where Is The Religious Right Hiding These Days?
By Chuck Baldwin
March 21, 2006

Ever since emerging from their four year hibernation in 2004 (just
in time to reelect President George W. Bush), the Religious Right
has returned to its extended state of unconsciousness. Oh, that's
right, they did roll out of bed long enough to lobby for Supreme
Court Justices Roberts and Alito. (No doubt, they were given a
wake up call by the White House along with an invitation to
dinner.) When it comes to numerous volatile issues, however, the
Religious Right is once again proving its utter worthlessness!

Of course, the main reason the Religious Right is snoozing through
the Bush administration is because the president is the point man
for a variety of dangerous and unconstitutional policies. And the
one thing the Religious Right will never do is criticize G. W. Bush.

For example, America's illegal immigration problem is a time
bomb with a lit fuse! And the fuse is getting short!

Did you know that of the more than 12 million (This is a very
conservative estimate. The actual number is well over 20 million.)
illegal aliens that currently reside in this country, almost half of
them arrived here since G.W. Bush became president in 2000? The
reported figure is 40%. (Source: The Washington Times)

Does anyone think that the dramatic increase of illegal aliens to
America during the Bush administration is a coincidence? Only an
imbecile could believe that! The reason that there are nearly 50%
more illegal aliens in America (most of them crossing our southern
border since Bush became president) is directly because of the
policies and speeches President Bush has made that have created a
climate extremely favorable to illegal aliens. Most of the millions
of illegal aliens that have poured across our southern border during
the last 5 years have done so with the expectation (clearly created
by Bush) of receiving legal amnesty in this country.

How can any rational person take Bush seriously about his "war on
terrorism," when he treats the problem of illegal immigration with
such a cavalier attitude? Beyond that, how can they accept his
continued encroachments upon the liberties of the American
citizenry with such indifference? Do they not realize that President
Bush is punishing law-abiding Americans while opening the door
of potential terrorism even wider? Have the American people (and
especially the Religious Right) lost their minds?

Another example of how the Religious Right is sleeping through
the Bush administration is their reaction (or lack of reaction) to the
news that President Bush has placed our troops in Afghanistan
under foreign commanders. (Source: AP newswire) When
President Bill Clinton did this, the Religious Right screamed and
hollered their indignation. When President Bush does it, they
barely raise an eyebrow. What hypocrisy!

Do you need more examples? Consider the fact that President Bush
has increased major government social programs to greater levels
than any president since Lyndon B. Johnson! (Source: USA
Today) Does the Religious Right realize that Bush has pushed
domestic spending to amounts accounting for more than half of all
federal spending? Of course, they know; they just don't care!

The next time I hear someone say, "It would be worse if John
Kerry had been elected," I think I will scream! No, it would not be
worse! With Republicans in charge of the entire federal
government, spending has skyrocketed to levels that Democrats
could not even dream about.

Do you really believe the Religious Right would sit silently by
while a Democratic president tried to explode federal spending the
way Bush has done? Do you really believe they would sit back
sheepishly while a Democratic president placed American troops
under foreign commanders? Do you really believe, that during a
time of terrorist activity, the Religious Right would drift off into
unconsciousness while a Democratic administration facilitated the
biggest growth of illegal immigration ever seen in this country?
You know the answer.

However, because President Bush is a Republican and claims to be
a Christian, the Religious Right is willing to give him a pass. They
should be ashamed of themselves!

Christians, especially preachers, should be watchmen. They should
quit trying to be politicians. Instead, they should "lift up their
voices like a trumpet" and call America back to its senses!

Sadly, however, foolish loyalty to partisan politics, the desire to
ingratiate themselves before the powers that be, and the love of
invitations to sit at the king's table have made the Religious Right
impotent, and even worse, complicit to America's demise.

As important as it is, there is more to a presidential administration
than anti-abortion rhetoric! At the end of Bush's second term (and
it can't come too soon), abortion will still be lawful, but the havoc
wreaked upon the U.S. Constitution and personal liberties will
haunt us for decades!

Think about the potential bloodshed and tumult associated with
Bush's Draconian foreign policy. Consider the economic
catastrophe resulting from Bush's penchant for spending federal
dollars like a drunken sailor. Meditate for a moment on the
gargantuan problems created by Bush's endorsement of massive
illegal immigration. Frightening contemplations, indeed!

To repeat a statement I made in an earlier column, America's
greatest problem is a preacher problem! For the most part, the
Religious Right has spent the last 5 years in hiding. I suppose we
can expect the next "great awakening" during the 2008 presidential
election season, when the prospect of a Democratic victory brings
the Religious Right back from the dead.

If all the Religious Right can do is campaign for Republican
presidential candidates with no regard as to how elected
Republican presidents govern, it cannot honestly be regarded as
either "Religious" or "Right." Therefore, it might actually be
better if the Religious Right stayed in hiding!

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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 19:17:55 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: What Dreams May Come

Friday, April 28, 2006
What Dreams May Come

Take what you have gathered from coincidence - Bob Dylan

In Dante, Tennessee at about 6:30 on the morning of November 6, 1957, a 12-year old boy named Everett Clark opened the door to let out his dog, Frisky. Everett glimpsed a brilliant object sitting in a field about 100 yards away, but was too tired to think much of it and went back inside. Twenty minutes later he returned to call Frisky, and saw his dog standing near the object, along with several other dogs from the neighbourhood. "Also near the object," writes Jacques Vallee in Dimensions, "were two men and two women in ordinary clothing":

One of the men made several attempts to catch Frisky, and later another dog, but had to give up for fear of being bitten. Everett saw the strange people, who talked between them 'like German soldiers he had seen in movies,' walk right into the wall of the object, which then took off straight up without sound. It was oblong and of 'no particular colour.'

Early on the evening of the same day, in Everittstown New Jersey, John Tasco went out to feed his dog and saw a "brilliant egg-shaped object hovering in front of his barn," and encountered a dwarfish entity with a pasty face and frog-like eyes dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons and a tam-o'-shanter like cap who said, in broken English, "We are peaceful people, we only want your dog." When Tasco replied that the dog stayed with him, the entity retreated and his pet was found unharmed.

If we have the courage to appear foolish by looking closer, what do we find: two discrete and bizarre accounts from the same day of seemingly thwarted UFO-linked dog-nappings, one early dawn and the other early dusk, one told by a boy named Everett and the other from a town sharing the boy's name. In one the frustrated abductors resembled "German soldiers" but were able to pass through the wall of their craft, and in the other the entity had a leprechaun-like appearence. (Additionally, John Keel writes in The Eighth Tower that on the evening of November 6 in 1957 outside Kearney, Nebraska, a fertilizer salesmen named Reinhold Schmidt was given a tour of an oblong craft by German-speaking pilots and a truck driver near House, Mississippi encountered pasty-faced dwarfs who "babbled in a language he couldn't understand.")

Vallee adds, "the stories quoted in this connection verge on the ludicrous. But to pursue the investigation further leads to horror. This is a facet of the phenomenon we can no longer ignore."

Maybe the synchronicities are the point. Perhaps they're little tells by the universe that say, Pay attention to the fabric here, because you're a part of it.

John Keel documents many similar winks in The Eighth Tower. In the mid-1960s, unrelated people who shared only the surname "Reeve" became subjected to frequent, and statistically aberrant, visitations of the phenomenon. A man named Alvis Maddox was one of the victims of the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, a tragedy that signalled the climax of the Mothman flap. Three months later, a deputy sheriff in Texas named Alvis Maddox was involved in an otherwise unrelated and widely published UFO sighting. The weirdness of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was followed by sightings in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Keel writes:

The law of synchronicity has created a fascinating statistical anomaly that suggest that witnesses are not accidental but are actually selected. In fact, the deeper you penetrate into this business, the more obvious it becomes that very little chance is involved. The sightings follow preset geographical and time patterns. In the seemingly chance contacts they often carry out repetitive actions that almost seem rehearsed.

Did the entities allegedly encountered by Clark and Tasco really want their dogs? There is an almost comic futility about their attempts, reminiscent of the seemingly intentional failures of the phantom clowns and phantom social workers to abduct children in the 1980s. They were demonstrations. Naturally we'll want to ask Of what, but perhaps that's not a meaningful question here. Perhaps it's the fact of demonstration and its attendent synchronicities and not its content that is most significant, because it's a manifestation in the mundane world of a normally hidden order of reality and congruity. At least it can be said that the demonstrations are for us, and that the patterns exist in order to draw our attention. Patterns like those in the fields emulating the standing waves of a voidless, holographic universe percolating with energy.

We likely know by our experience of them that synchronicities don't pertain only to borderland experiences. However, they do all lead us to borderland issues of human consciousness.

In 1906 Carl Jung found a young patient diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic staring out of his ward window at the sun, moving his head from side to side. Jung asked him what he was doing, and the man explained he was watching the sun's penis, and moving his head it moved as well, and caused the wind to blow. Several years later, as Michael Talbot recounts in The Holographic Universe, Jung read a translation of an ancient Persian religious text that consisted of a "series of rituals and invocations designed to bring on visions":

It described one of the visions and said that if the participant looked at the sun he would see a tube hanging down from it, and when the tube moved from side to side it would cause the wind to blow. Since circumstances made it extremely unlikely that the man had contact with the text containing the ritual, Jung concluded that the man's vision was not simply a product of his unconscious mind, but had bubbled up from a deeper level, from the collective unconscious of the human race itself.

Perhaps madness may be said to be close to genius, or the psychotic to the mystic, because certain mental illnesses disable our holographic readers, leaving a paranoid schizophrenic with a inate sense of the interconnectedness of things but without a way of interpretation, and so a crippling ego confusion settles in.

But collectivity is not a trait of merely the unconcious mind, since one of its common aspects is also our everyday synchronicities: the little moments that tell us we're not observers of the universe set apart from it but its engaged components; and that our thoughts and even our dreams are not thought and dreamt in isolation. (In the 1960s and '70s Dr Montague Ullman's Dream Laboratory at Brooklyn's Maimonides Medical Center generating extraordinary data suggesting a test subject's dreams could be influenced by the psychic effort of someone unknown to them concentrating on an image in another room.

For instance, in one series of tests the target picture was Chagall's Paris Through the Window: a "colorful painting depicting a man observing the Paris skyline from a window. Certain unusual elements stand out very clearly: a cat with a human face, several small figures of men flying in the air, and flowers sprouting from a chair."

Results from the test subject's Third Dream Period:

I was walking. For some reason, I say French Quar�ter .... And I was walking through different departments in a department store ... talking with a group of Shriners that were having a convention. They had on a hat that looked more like a French policeman's hat, you know the French .... I said French Quarter earlier, but I was using that to get a feel. . . of an early village of some sort .... It would be some sort of this romantic type of archi�tecture-buildings, village, quaint.

Fifth Dream Period:

The memory I remember is a man, once again walking through one of these villages, these towns. It would definitely be in the nineteenth century. Attire. French attire. And he would be walking through one of these towns as though he were walking up the side of a hill above other layers of the town.

An excerpt from the subject's notes of associative material:

The thing that stands out is the dream where I described the village .... It's a festive thing ... the Mardi Gra�ish type .... Well, the area must be - I mean, just basing it on the costumes and all - the nineteenth century. Early nineteenth century ... either the Italian or French or Spanish area .... A town of this area .... It would be of the...of this village type .... Houses very close covering the hills.

Not much has come of this research because psi is still a foreign language, sounding like gibberish, to much of the scientific establishment. Perhaps more profoundly, the empowering implications of human paraconnectivity is something not to be encouraged by forces which mean to keep us divided, dejected and impotent.

Frederick Taylor Gates was a businessman and philanthropist who helped the Rockefellers spend their money and steered John D. Jr. towards a life-long interest in education. In his 1906 Occasional Letter No. 1, a publication of the General Education Board, a philanthropy he co-created with the Rockefellers to allegedly "support higher education and medical schools in the United States, and to help Black schools in the South," Gates and Rockefeller had their own dreams:

In our dreams...people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply.

The task we set before ourselves is very simple...we will organize children...and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.

Dr Walter Freeman, President of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1948 whose assembly-line ice-pick procedure lobotomized Frances Farmer, didn't like his dreams. Having scared himself with a nervous breakdown brought on by overwork, he took up the habit of at least three capsules of Nembutal every night to induce dreamless sleep. In the 1950s he wrote that lobotomies "made good American citizens" out of "schizophrenics, homosexuals, and radicals."

Public philosopher Jane Jacobs died Tuesday morning at 89. She's best remembered today for her Silent Spring of urban planning, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, but someday it may be for her last book, Dark Age Coming, published in 2004. About its subject Jacobs wrote:

We in North America and Western Europe, enjoying the many benefits of the culture conventionally known as the West, customarily think of a Dark Age as happening once, long ago, following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. But in North America we live in a graveyard of lost aboriginal cultures, many of which were decisively finished off by mass amnesia in which even the memory of what was lost was also lost.

Mass amnesia, striking as it is and seemingly weird, is the least mysterious of Dark Age phenomena. We all understand the harsh principle Use it or lose it. A failing or conquered culture can spiral down into a long decline, as has happened in most empires after their relatively short heydays of astonishing success. But in extreme cases, failing or conquered cultures can be genuinely lost, never to emerge again as living ways of being. The salient mystery of Dark Ages sets the stage for mass amnesia. People living in vigorous cultures typically treasure those cultures and resist any threat to them. How and why can a people so totally discard a formerly vital culture that it becomes literally lost?

Mass amnesia, like a Dark Age, can be intentionally induced. Ice-picks are effective as a tool of forgetting, but even Dr Freeman when up to speed could only lobotomize one at a time. There are more efficient methods for a mass culture that by its nature may be catastrophically amnesiac. Though there's so much we don't need to forget, because we've never learned the plenum we contain.

"The Empire never ended," wrote Philip K Dick. But he also added, "Against the Empire is posed the living information." The patterns, synchronicities, cryptograms and codes that are forever creating the universe, and us with it, because that's the stuff of which we're made.

The Empire never ended. But we're not finished, either.


Anonymous said...

I'm normally a bit more skeptical toward the topics on this blog than many of the commenters. But I found this short bit, on the possible nature of the "abduction" phenomenon, to be quite intriguing. It's from an interview with British (now US-resident) UFO researcher Nicholas Redfern. It's based on an interview regarding his latest book, which deals with governmental monitoring of UFO investigators due to (probably misplaced but at least plausible) concern they might be working on behalf of hostile governments. (Note that I haven't read his book, and thus don't know whether there's any more detail or sourcing provided in the book itself.)

Excerpt of lengthy interview with Nicholas Redfern in issue 15 of UFO Review (

Certain people within the military and intelligence world came to the conclusion in the early through to the late 70s that actually a lot of what we call these abductions are actually an ingeniously created cover story and that these creatures are not aliens and are far stranger and in many ways more disturbing. I have now interviewed about 12 or 13 retired military people that were actually directly involved in the surveillance of abductees and they came to the conclusion that these things were kind of like tied in with the realm of the dead. They weren't aliens but were some sort of poorly understood phenomenon that interacts with our species��������.

SM: You use the word "demonic" in the book.

NR: Yes, that's one of the things that came up that there was a fear on the part of the military and intelligence world that these creatures were demonic like and that they fed tulpa style on human souls and that their purpose in interacting with us was to harvest human souls as a kind of emotional feeding for themselves.


Jeff said...

"I have now interviewed about 12 or 13 retired military people that were actually directly involved in the surveillance of abductees and they came to the conclusion that these things were kind of like tied in with the realm of the dead. They weren't aliens but were some sort of poorly understood phenomenon that interacts with our species....

"...there was a fear on the part of the military and intelligence world that these creatures were demonic like and that they fed tulpa style on human souls and that their purpose in interacting with us was to harvest human souls as a kind of emotional feeding for themselves."

Thanks for the Redfern quote. (I just picked up his On the Trail of the Saucer Spies and haven't read it yet.) His words remind me of Ray Boeche's, from this post last summer:

"The following is an edited version of material given to me in late 1991 - early 1992, by two scientists who claim to be working in weapons research and development for the Department of Defense.... They described an obsessive effort to contact and attempt to control what they referred to as "non-human intelligences" (NHI), and to harness these NHI for military and intelligence uses.

"The efforts had progressed well past attempts at practical applications of David Bohm's theories, and had grown to encompass the use of, according to their statements, 'satanic rituals / ritual magic along the lines of that espoused by Aleister Crowley, including human sacrifices.'

"These gentlemen stated their concerns that, even when they were apparently able to harness or channel these forces or abilities for 'good' uses, the force would 'turn,' and ultimately all of those subjects involved suffered varying degrees of negative effects from contact with these forces. They are convinced that what is being tapped into in all instances is evil, and that this research should cease."

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