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Official Loose Change Blog: Oh, just 5 more coincidences. Nothing to see here folks.

Official Loose Change Blog: Oh, just 5 more coincidences. Nothing to see here folks.


Subject: re: former red zone resident at Ground Zero
From: [redacted]
Date: 4/13/06

"Hi Dylan,
I lived within a block of ground zero on the south side. to be brief:
1. Confirm the security detail at WTC
You are the 1st doc that mentioned the security overtime detail that was cancelled on September 10. I met a WTC security guard in December 2001. She and her family were deeply in financial trouble because after 9/11. She was looking for help at REDCROSS. She said that all security at the building were just let go. Why? Her expertise was in running mirrors under the trucks to check for bombs. She could not seem to find work and WTC admin were not being helpful at all. She showed photos of her in major news mags with dust on her and in fact she looks like the wtc guard in your video. i may have her number still.
2. What were the nets around the south tower?
The month before 9..11, nets were put up around the base of the south tower. The claim was that there were migratory birds hitting the building and falling on people in the courtyards. I used to cut through the south tower lobby to get to the Marriot Hotel to go to the gymn there. There were men in suits moving people away from the downstairs entrance and forcing me up through the court yard or around the building. ?? It may have been around the north tower as well-but I never enter that way.
what was happening?? I always thought that it was some weird coincidence.
3. residents within 1 block of ground zero were forced to be escorted into our homes with armed military guard. Why were they armed?
I was displaced for 8 months. Until February 2002, residents in our area-total restriction-were rarely let in to the red area and we had to have an armed military escort. My friend, [redacted] had to show ID and was given her own military escort. You were allowed in - if at all- for 10 minutes to an hour here and there. And while you searched through your things, the armed escort would stand and watch you at the door. Why were we treated this way? We were made to feel bad for going into our homes. We were treated like criminals. The government or red cross could have appointed personel to help us deal with the crisis and act as guides . But when calling the tv stations and a former friend at ABC refused to report that people were permanently displaced and were not being treated humanely at least.
Why the guns! would they shoot me if I found something and what would I find. We were also not allowed to photograph or videotape inside this zone-that is why you do not see footage from homes around WTC.
4. Strange guest
On friday before 9/11, I had a visitor to my loft. He wanted to look at my paintings. Told me he was referred by a friend. He never told me who. He was dressed like a stock broker but very tense. He sat in a chair and I went to get him some water and he jumped up out of the chair and faced me his eyes wide when i walked behind him to get a glass. He was sweating, stuttering and totally freaked out. His shoes were perfectly shined-his behavior did not match his dress. He kept mumbling about something I could not hear. He said he wanted a piece of art-would make him feel better. He left like he came -without explanation. I never got his name-I gave him my card. I called a friend after this man left and asked if "something bad was happening in the stock market. I just saw a broker so distressed that I thought that he would jump out of the window" this means nothing factual of course-who knows what it was. Just a personal story
5. I tried to do a video diary about the strange illnesses that afflicted pets trapped in the red zone after 9/11. Strange diseases, tumors etc. REsidents are afraid to come forward and speak-so i never made it. One person who agreed to speak to me called to cancel because her cat had finally died."

Absolutely unreal.


Clint said...

Okay,..that's it !!

There HAS to be a Loose Change III


Sorry Dylan, I know yu don't wanna hear that,..but hey, this story is gonna keep unraveling for a time to come.

What ya think ?


1:14 PM
dylan avery said...

keep it down, would ya? ;-)

1:17 PM
Tom M. said...

To Fellow Bloggers,

Today CBS News did a story on the mystery illnesses effecting people in the area around ground zero and steps being taken to address it. Goto NYC Reps. Want Ground Zero Health Czar . My heart goes out to you all.


As you know, back in december Doug Kolk from Fox 40 Focus WICZ-TV did a 2 part special on Loose Change and the movement. For those who haven't seen it, here are some links:

WICZ-TV Fox 40 Focus on Loose Change Trailer (Compliments of

Part 1 News Special
WICZ-TV Fox 40 Focus on Loose Change Part 1 (Compliments of
WICZ-TV Fox 40 Focus on Loose Change Part 1 (Compliments of

Part 2 News Special
WICZ-TV Fox 40 Focus on Loose Change Part 2 (Compliments of
WICZ-TV Fox 40 Focus on Loose Change Part 2 (Compliments of

This coverage is not new to many 9/11 truth movement followers but struck me since I was unaware of it. (Excellent job by the way guys!). When I watched it my first thought was one of surprise. It struck me as odd that a conservative network run by neocons under the guise of Rupert Murdoch would actually do a story like this. But then again I wasn't too surprised as I have spent a lot of time up in Staatsburg and Summit with family friends living in the area and have to say that I have met a heck of lot of liberal minded thinkers in those parts. I'm sure many employees at WICZ-TV, like Doug, are originally from the NorthEast and New England states. Anyway, I started to read up a bit on your coverage to see if there were any plans for follow-up stories or reviews on your screenings etc.. I saw a few guys on some bulletin boards jokingly say back in December something like, "its only a matter of time before Doug gets canned".

HOLY COW! Doug Kolk does not seem to be with Fox News any longer!

In fact the "news team" lineup is EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS IN DECEMBER EXCEPT NO DOUG KOLK. See screen shot of Lineup in December. Now see Current Lineup I have not been able to find any other information on Doug via internet since the story he did on you guys.

Dylan, I know your busy but if you have the time please let us know what you know or what you think about this.

Question 1: Have you heard anything from Doug Kolk and where he is now?
Question 2: If not, can you email or phone the station (or Doug personally) to find out?
Question 3: If Doug was a victim of Rupert's "liberal purges", is their anything that can be done to help the man?
Question 4: Does Fox 40 have any plans for follow-ups on your national screen tours etc..?

Best regards,

P.S. Anyone interested in Fox corruption and Rupert Murdoch's tendency to intervene with his political agendas and policies, click here to view "Outfoxed Raw Interview Footage" (You will need a torrent client to download it). Otherwise you can watch the OutFoxed trailer here or buy the movie for $8.00 here.

4:18 PM
imminentabomination said...

Interesting article about Flight 93 at

The "theory" behind this article is that Flight 93 (or perhaps its drone substitute) was supposed to knock down WTC-7. But because the plane was shot down, it forced Silverstein to demolition WTC-7 in a more obvious way.

In support of the "theory" that Flight 93 was shot down, the article claims the plane's nose "was found eight miles from the tail in a Pennsylvania field."

Can anyone shed some light on this? Since there is also evidence that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, could there have been a drone plane heading for WTC-7 that was shot down by someone who was not part of the conspiracy?

For me, I often wonder why Silverstein would have so obviously "pulled" WTC-7. This article suggests there was a screw up of some sort in the conspirator's planning, forcing him to do this.

The fact that WTC-7 collapsed the way it did is one of the HARDEST things for the official 9/11 people to explain away.

Maybe Finman can explain how it collapsed. We could use some comic relief.

6:00 AM
thefinman said...

Why you gotta do me like that, boo?

1:48 PM
dylan avery said...

thefinman i'm all for constructive criticism but what you're doing is harassment.

2:01 PM
thefinman said...

Fair enough. It is a judgment call. I still want to buy you a drink of you come to NYC.

7:47 PM
vera said...

watched your video; what do you think happened to the passengers of Flight 93? where are they if they did not crash in PA? thanks

8:05 PM

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misneach said...

Just one point, with regards to a piece of this post relating to Rupert Murdoch and the "Fox" network. I don't think that "Fox News" can honestly be grouped in to the category of "news" as the vast majority of the disinformation they present has no factual basis whatsoever.
I am also curious as to wether or not you had any comments relating to news stories that surfaced shortly after 911 regarding a group of former Israeli Intelligence Officers who were sighted in a parking lot sitting on top of a van watching the towers before the attack and how their reaction to it was one of celebration, leading even an objective observer to conclude that there was a great possiblity that they had some prior knowledge of what was going to occur.