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1. Japan's Rich Buy Organs from Executed Chinese Prisoners
From: "Ozzy bin Oswald" <>
2. CIA and MI5 created IRA, PLO, al-Qaeda and now Iraqi 'terrorist' groups
From: "norgesen" <>
3. The Homeland Security Leviathan
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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 22:23:00 -0000
From: "Ozzy bin Oswald" <>
Subject: Japan's Rich Buy Organs from Executed Chinese Prisoners

Japan's rich buy organs from executed Chinese prisoners

By Clifford Coonan in Beijing and David McNeill in Tokyo
Full Story at The Independent

March 21, 2006

HUNDREDS of well-off Japanese and other nationals are turning to China's
burgeoning human organ transplant industry, paying tens of thousands of
pounds for livers and kidneys, which in some cases have been harvested
from executed prisoners and sold to hospitals.

When Kenichiro Hokamura's kidneys failed, he faced a choice: wait for a
transplant or go online to check out rumours of organs for sale. As a
native of Japan, where just 40 human organs for transplant have been
donated since 1997, the businessman, 62, says it was no contest. "There
are 100 people waiting in this prefecture alone. I would have died
before getting a donor." Still, he was astonished by just how easy it

Ten days after contacting a Japanese broker in China two months ago, he
was lying on an operating table in a Shanghai hospital receiving a new
kidney. "It was so fast, I was scared," he says. The "e-donor" was an
executed man; the price: 6.8m yen (about £33,000).

Beijing does not reveal how many people it executes, but analysts
estimate as many as 8,000 people are killed each year. Reports of
Chinese authorities removing organs from executed prisoners have been
circulating since the mid-1980s, when the development of a drug called
Cyclosoporine-A made transplants a newly viable option for patients.

Until now, most of the evidence linking executions to the organ trade
has been anecdotal and has not been helped by a lack of transparency in
the Chinese criminal justice system or the secrecy that surrounds prison

New Witness Confirms Existence of Chinese Concentration Camp, Says
Organs Removed from Live Prisoners

By Ji Da, The Epoch Times
Originally Published: Mar 17, 2006

A FORMER employee of Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of
Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine told The Epoch Times during a
recent interview that the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in China was
actually a part of a hospital.

The concentration camp has engaged in taking organs from Falun Gong
practitioners when they were still alive and selling the organs. Since
2001, the concentration camp has secretly detained approximately 6,000
Falun Gong practitioners, none of whom have been able to leave the camp

The hospital removed many kidneys, livers, and corneas from the
practitioners. After the organ removal, the practitioners were thrown
into an incinerator, which was converted from a boiler. Their ashes were
dumped together with burned charcoal.

Organs from Three Quarters of the 6,000 People Were Removed

Those whose organs were removed were in various states of health.
Because many of the victims were illegally detained, there was neither
an arrest warrant nor identification as to who these people actually
were. Often after their organs were removed, nobody claimed the bodies.
Sometimes their bodies were picked up by crooks who pretended to be
their family members.

About three-quarters of the 6,000 people died after their hearts,
kidneys, corneas, or skin was removed; their bodies were then burned.
This witness, whose family member participated in the removal of Falun
Gong practitioners' organs, said that approximately 2,000 Falun Gong
practitioners remain in the hospital. She was afraid that the
authorities would kill all of them to destroy evidence.

The Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated Chinese and
Western Medicine is located at 49 Xuesong Road, Sujiatun, Shenyang City,
Liaoning Province, China. It was the first hospital in China to
specialize in the heart, the brain, and surrounding blood vessels. The
hospital is composed of several organizations, including the Liaoning
Traditional Chinese Medicine College Teaching Hospital and the Shenyang
Thrombosis Treatment Center.

Concentration Camp Details

The hospital site is 21,087 square meters, with 17,564 square meters of
building area. It employs 460 people in 24 departments and 20
specialized offices. Information from the Chinese government shows that
the hospital was established in December 1988, and was formerly named
the Shenyang Research Institute of Thrombosis and Liaoning Province
Thrombosis Treatment Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.
In June 1998, it was renamed China Traditional Medicine Thrombosis
Treatment Center.

The Chinese Business Morning View said in a story on July 4, 2004, that
a farm worker died of abnormal causes in Sujiatun, Shenyang and was
later cremated. The death certificate was provided by the Chinese
Medicine Thrombosis Treatment Center in Sujiatun. The news caused a stir
in China.
Read a transcript of the interview at The Epoch Times

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Message: 2
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 08:02:03 -0500
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: CIA and MI5 created IRA, PLO, al-Qaeda and now Iraqi 'terrorist' groups

CIA and MI5 created IRA, PLO, al-Qaeda and now Iraqi 'terrorist' groups

20 March 2006.

*** The US and UK regimes claim that the 'insurgants' in Iraq are being armed by Iran. But the facts clearly prove that the weapons used by "terrorist" groups in Iraq and elsewhere for many years have been supplied by American and British "intelligence" services. ***

Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link to Iraq

It was just another St Patrick's weekend in Washington. The Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern presented shamrock to President George Bush, the Northern Ireland political parties continued to bicker over who is responsible for the latest impasse, and green beer was drunk by the gallon.

This weekend, however, a new cloud hangs over the legacy of the Troubles and the alleged role played in a number of deaths by both American and British security agencies.

The claim - if true - threatens a new political storm over how and why FBI officials and MI5 operatives conspired to supply deadly bomb-making equipment to the Provisional IRA in the early 1990s, mechanisms the paramilitary organisation later shared with Palestinian fighters.

Today in Iraq the same technology is being used by insurgents to kill and maim British and American soldiers.

Six months ago, when The Independent on Sunday first broke the story, the Secretary of State for Defence, John Reid, was forced into a humiliating retraction.

For weeks his officials had claimed that bombs which killed eight British soldiers in separate attacks in Basra had been supplied to foreign fighters by Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

Our story showed that the technology, far from being new, had in fact first been used in Newry, Co Down, in 1992 to murder a policewoman and maim her male colleague.

Kevin Fulton, a former soldier who infiltrated the IRA on behalf of the security services, made an astonishing claim: that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs.

The security services - already successful in preventing radio-signal bombs - believed that by supplying the equipment they could then introduce counter-measures.

"They knew the IRA was looking at the technology. By supplying the equipment, they thought they could stay one step ahead of the IRA," Mr Fulton told the IoS yesterday.

Following our article in October, an investigative journalist from the American magazine Atlantic delved deeper. And in an article to be published next week, Matthew Teague claims FBI sources have confirmed Mr Fulton's trip to the United States.
"I was satisfied with Fulton's story after checking it with FBI sources. I also had a record of Fulton's stay at a New York hotel at the time he said he was there," Mr Teague said. He said the article had already sparked a wave of interest before it hit the news-stands and he was aware of a number of senior American politicians who were waiting for publication before raising the issue in Congress.

The IoS has also spoken to a republican who was a senior IRA member in the early 1990s. He confirmed that Mr Fulton had introduced the IRA to the new technology and that the IRA shared this with "like-minded organisations abroad".

Mr Fulton currently lives in hiding in England and is taking legal action against the MoD, insisting he should receive a soldier's pension. A former member of the Royal Irish Rangers, he infiltrated the IRA after being recruited directly from the regiment by the shadowy army outfit the Force Research Unit, which ran agents inside loyalist and republican organisations.

Mr Teague says Mr Fulton answered "no comment" to claims that he had been responsible for 11 murders while working as an agent and that he had been given carte blanche to kill by his handlers.

Yesterday Mr Fulton refused to comment on those claims again, but asked about his New York arms-buying trip, he said: "I have been in touch with representatives of some senior American politicians in the past few days and I've told them that I am willing to travel back and appear before Congress if necessary."

The Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland has been investigating the FBI/MI5 link to the murder of Constable Colleen McMurray, 34, who was killed when an IRA Mark 12 mortar hit the side of her patrol car as it travelled along Merchants Quay, Newry, on 26 March 1992. Officer Paul Slane, who was travelling with her, lost his legs.


The Independent, "Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link to Iraq", 19 March 2006.


CIA created al-Qaeda and gave $3 BILLION to Osama bin Laden

US government set Osama bin Laden free

Al-Qaeda leader (a known MI5 agent) appeals for hostage release

CIA helping Osama Bin Laden to escape again


US agent caught carrying explosives by Iraqi police

15 March 2006.

*** A US "private security contractor" has been caught in Iraq carrying illegal weapons and bomb-making equipment of the same type normally used by the Iraqi resistance. The US agent, who wore civilian clothing, was arrested in Tikrit by Iraqi police. He was released as soon as US officials became involved. This and many other sensitive locations in Iraq have been subject to numerous bombings. No Iraqis have been caught planting these bombs or carrying explosives in these areas. The US and its allies always blame such "terrorist" attacks on opposing Iraqi groups, which inevitably causes friction and increases tensions between Iraqi factions. The US, the UK, and their new Iraqi regime, then cite instability and insecurity problems to justify the continuing occupation and presence of foreign troops in Iraq. ***

American security contractor briefly held in Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi police detained an American private security contractor working at a U.S. military base in northern Iraq for several hours on Tuesday, a U.S. military spokesman said.

The spokesman said the man was arrested at a checkpoint in the northern town of Tikrit. He denied initial reports that explosives were found in the car, but said two AK-47 assault rifles were in the vehicle.

"He was picked up by Iraqi police after being detained at a checkpoint in Tikrit," the spokesman said, adding police later released him. "We are looking at why he left the base unescorted."

Abdullah Jebara, deputy governor of Salahaddin province, earlier told Reuters the man was arrested in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Monday and that U.S. forces removed him from the provincial government building on Tuesday.

The man was stopped by police for violating a daytime curfew in Tikrit, a security source said. American security personnel rarely travel alone.

A spokesman for the major crimes unit in Tikrit said he was first brought to their headquarters but they refused to take him into custody, adding police were told to take the man to the provincial council building.


Reuters, "American security contractor briefly held in Iraq", 14 March 2006.

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 08:08:38 -0500
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: The Homeland Security Leviathan

The Homeland Security Leviathan (Excerpt)
by William Norman Grigg
April 3, 2006

Immense, expensive, pervasively corrupt, the Department of Homeland Security is rapidly becoming a militarized menace to American liberties.

Bellows Falls, Vermont, population 3,024, has eight full-time police officers -- and 16 24-hour surveillance cameras. This is just three fewer than operate in "the District of Columbia, which has 181 times Bellows Falls's population," observes the Washington Post.

That New England community of 3,024 people is just one of many "Mayberry-sized places" now under constant surveillance, thanks to federal homeland security grants, and "similar networks have gone up in places such as Baltimore, Chicago, and New York," continues the Post.

While millions of dollars have been lavished on major communities, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has spent much more, proportionately, on grants to smaller communities. For instance: Nevada City, California, has received nearly $500,000; Owyhee, Nevada, a town so small it doesn't have a stoplight, pulled in $225,000.

The arrival of the Homeland Security gravy train hasn't been an unalloyed blessing, of course. States and municipalities that receive the grants "must select from specific items on an approved list" and buy them through federally approved vendors, noted the Hampton (New Hampshire) Union. Communities that applied for the grants had until last October 1 to "adopt a resolution stating they will comply with the Department of Homeland Security's National Incident Management System … in order to qualify," added the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

Once they have had a taste of DHS largesse, cities are willing to do anything it takes to keep the money flowing in. On January 3, the department announced a revised grant policy, with some cities slated to get a little more, others to receive a little less. "Cities are either jubilant that they've been designated high-risk targets for terrorism, because that means more dollars, more jobs, more shiny riot gear … or else they're resentful that they're lower-risk targets, because there's fewer [dollars] in it for them," wrote Pierre Tristam of the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Those who take the federal nickel must take the federal noose, as well. In this case, grant recipients have to display what Tristam calls "unquestioned submission to homeland security dogma," the central tenet of which is that regimentation and constant surveillance are necessary because it is the public at large that constitutes the real enemy.

"Code Red"

If the national terrorism threat level were ever to go to "Code Red," the country would "go into lockdown mode," related a March 30, 2003 Scripps-Howard story. "Planes could be grounded, trains could stop running, and bridges and tunnels could be closed. US borders might be sealed off, and roadblocks might be set up on interstates and major highways."

A Code Red alert would also serve "as an advisory to state and local officials, who then must decide whether to put in place protective measures," continues the account. As of last October 1, every community receiving DHS funds has pledged to implement the federal homeland security strategy. Former FBI Special Agent Sid Caspersen, New Jersey's state homeland security czar, explains how that strategy would affect the public. "You must adhere to the restrictions announced by the authorities and prepare to evacuate, if instructed," he told the March 16, 2003 Camden, New Jersey Courier-Post. "You literally are staying home, is what happens, unless you are required to be out."

Under a Code Red, summarizes the Courier-Post, "you will be assumed to be the enemy if you so much as venture outside your home." In prison parlance, this condition is known as a "lockdown."

A foretaste of the U.S. in lockdown mode was offered by New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. National Guardsmen and troops from the 82nd Airborne were deployed in the city to deal with looting and other disturbances. Their first priority, chillingly, was to disarm private citizens and evict those who resisted evacuation orders.

"No one is allowed to be armed," declared superintended of police P. Edwin Compass III. To carry out that decree, the rump NOPD, supplemented with elements of the National Guard from Louisiana and Oklahoma, as well as agents of the U.S. Marshals Service, began "breaking into homes at gunpoint, confiscating their lawfully-owned firearms, and evicting the residents," reported Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute in Reason magazine.

In addition to being a constitutional outrage, this confiscation of firearms at the point of a bayonet is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the use of military personnel as law enforcement officers within the United States. That prohibition has become honeycombed with "exceptions" in recent decades, due to the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror." In New Orleans, a new and ominous wrinkle was added to the increasingly familiar militarization of law enforcement: The use of mercenaries on contract with the DHS.

"The men from Blackwater USA arrived in New Orleans right after Katrina hit," wrote Jeremy Scahill in an on-site report for The Nation. "Some patrolled the streets in SUVs with tinted windows and the Blackwater logo splashed on the back; others sped around the French Quarter in an unmarked car with no license plates." When asked by what authority they were operating in New Orleans, one armed Blackwater operative replied: "We're on contract with the Department of Homeland Security.... We can even make arrests and use lethal force if we deem it necessary." A separate contingent of 164 Blackwater operatives received a separate contract to provide security for FEMA reconstruction projects.

"This is a trend," one Blackwater mercenary told Scahill. "You're going to see a lot more guys like us in these situations."....


Land of the Free? (Excerpt)
by William Norman Grigg
April 3, 2006

Under legal theories currently being developed and deployed, any individual can be imprisoned, tortured, or even executed on a presidential whim.

The U.S. Constitution was designed to prevent the emergence of a tyrannical government by delegating specific, limited, revocable authority to the central government, and then allocating that power among three contending government branches. That power is limited by law; those who exercise it are accountable to the people; and all but a very few government functions are to be carried out by state and local governments.

Our Constitution is still largely intact, and the institutions it created have not been utterly demolished. But our constitutional system has been under siege for decades, and confronts its most severe threat in the legal doctrines being devised by the Bush administration to conduct the "war on terror."

President as Living Constitution

During his January 26 press conference, President Bush was pressed to defend his administration's use of warrantless wiretaps, a policy that violates both the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Bush recited the now-familiar claim that when Congress enacted the September 14, 2001 "Authorization to Use Military Force" (AUMF) against those responsible for 9/11, it effectively alienated to the president plenary authority to do whatever he considers necessary in the anti-terrorism struggle.

"There is an act passed by Congress in 2001 which said that I must have the power to conduct this war using the incidents of war," stated Mr. Bush. "And I'm intending to use that power.... Congress says, go ahead and conduct the war, we're not going to tell you how to do it...."

In fact, as former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has pointed out, the AUMF resolution was drafted in a fashion intended to deny the administration's request for open-ended domestic powers -- such as the ability to subject Americans to warrantless wiretaps. The Bush administration, however, has asserted that the president has the right to sign a bill into law and then use a "signing statement," a declaration by the president permitting him to interpret the bill as he sees fit -- even if in so doing he blatantly violates the explicit letter of the law.

The issue here isn't whether the president has a different "understanding" of the technical details of a bill, but whether he can sign a bill into law and then ignore it if he so chooses. When Mr. Bush signed a bill banning the use of torture, for example, he issued a "signing statement" reserving the option of waiving the ban as he saw fit. This means that the president announced his intention to violate that law even as he attached his signature to it. And this was hardly the first time that Mr. Bush had employed this tactic. Although he has yet to cast a single veto, Mr. Bush issued 435 signing statements in his first term alone. This eclipses the total number of signing statements issued between 1817 and the beginning of Mr. Bush's presidency in 2001.

In 95 of Mr. Bush's signing statements, mention is made of the doctrine of the "unitary executive," a phrase that has traditionally referred to the president's sole power to manage the affairs of the executive branch. As used by the Bush administration, however, the phrase refers to the claim that in wartime the president's powers are not subject to checks or limits by the legislative and judicial branches.

For the Bush administration and its followers, it is an article of faith that George W. Bush can and must be entrusted with essentially limitless powers. This was made explicit during a debate at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington between former Congressman Bob Barr and former Justice Department attorney Viet Dinh, a co-architect of the so-called USA Patriot Act.

"Do we truly remain a society that believes that … every president must abide by the law of this country?" asked Barr during his opening statement. Dinh replied by insisting that although conservatives have always displayed "a healthy skepticism of governmental power," there are times when "that healthy skepticism needs to yield." Referring to the administration's use of warrantless wiretaps as a specific case, Dinh declared: "None of us can make a conclusive assessment as to the wisdom of that [wiretapping] program and its legality, without knowing the full operational details. I do trust the president when he asserts that he has reviewed it carefully and therefore is convinced that there is full legal authority."

For decades, conservatives have properly assailed liberals for their belief in a "living Constitution" that can be reworked by activist judges to advance leftist social causes. Today, GOP-aligned conservatives treat the president as a living Constitution, free to exercise power in any way he sees fit.

In his book The Powers of War and Peace, former Justice Department official John C. Yoo, who wrote several key legal memoranda on presidential war powers, contends that the president in wartime is free to do anything Congress permits him to do. In a December 1 debate in Chicago with Notre Dame professor Doug Cassel, Yoo went even further, insisting that the president's wartime powers are his alone to define.

Yoo's legal handiwork includes an August 2002 memo (signed by former Deputy Attorney General Jay Bybee, who is now a federal judge) asserting that the president has a right to authorize torture. In the Chicago debate, Cassel inquired of Yoo: "If the President deems that he's got to torture somebody, including by crushing the testicles of the person's child, there is no law that can stop him?" Yoo agreed, emphasizing that "no treaty" could restrain the president's supposed power to authorize such measures. "Also no law by Congress," Cassel continued. "That is what you wrote in the August 2002 memo." "I think it depends on why the President thinks he needs to do that," Yoo responded....

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