Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Re: [911InsideJobbers] Re: Several new videos of second hit on Terrorize-- are all fake?

Orbs. Sorta like these wierd little thingys...

--- In, rcu@... wrote:
> > Frankly the best explanation would seem to be a hologram-cloaked
> > missile.  But most people seem to have discarded this idea.
> I'm one of the few remaining adherents to that theory.
> However, I recently admit that at least some 2nd Hit vids are
> definite cartoons.
> At the same time I am also definite that some authentic vids exist of
> truly exotic optical effects in the NYC sky that morning.  This one
> snippet from the Naudet-FDNY Snuff Film shows
> an orb cloaking (Frame 158)
> shadows cast toward sun (Frames 143-154 onto side of white truck)
> shadows comprised of white light (Frames 168-188 onto 2nd bldg from
> vapor/exhaust/droplet trails behind the orb (160-180, esp. 168-174)

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> Terrorize-- are all fake?
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be careful. Using the word "fake" is confusing the issue.
If rendered productions are used, they're as 'real' as the broadcast.

It's about media deception we're generally talking.
They used bluescreen tech for this deception, this is a 'real process'.

joe six pack-no planer would use occasionally use
the word fakery (what we're also doing among us), but if we are precise:
only his view of the reality was faked-manipulated instead.

Or better they used a replacement of the reality.

2nd step, this email here:
If a product is re-altered after the fact, it's like debating about a remix
of a cover-version of a dance tune.

i know that word debating sounds like harrassment, but that is exactly what
can be used against this research.

Staging is not faking, and remodelling a "fake" (slang) doesn't make the
original less fake (slang), but an original, first product.

If i'm sounding too bizarre, please help out with the better language :)

>>>>Orbs. Sorta like these wierd little thingys...<<<

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