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Re: [911InsideJobbers] Able Danger BS - exactly as 911insiderjobbers have speculated.....

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thx for this posting and good catch.

We started a critical experiment at team8plus, some months ago,
by following carefully the able danger spins , by also comparing the content
with our own research on the suspect plotline.

This was risky, because we did not want of getting confused with the
"AD-overhypers", but it kinda worked out.
Most members understood the idea and it didn't backfire yet.
For this list here i decided a general off-topic or critical comments on
that matter only.

Curt Weldon's statement, his ties with Moon and other strange developments
within this obscure development of the AD -PR also was also understood
clearly at 911Inside Jobbers.

The results so far are at:
"Able Danger" vs. Curt Weldon- Propaganda Hoax or Truth?
started on Aug 10 2005
last thread:

> Shaffer's written testimony:
> "If we are to win this war on terrorism........"

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