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Predictions for Iraq

Predictions for Iraq

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Predictions for Iraq

John LeBoutillier
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005

1) Next week's elections will go off with minimal trouble. We have upped our troop strength to 165,000 to ensure a peaceful Election Day. We have already successfully run two nationwide Iraqi elections this year, so we have that drill down pretty well. So look for a peaceful Election Day next Thursday, December 15.

2) It is after the election that things will get interesting. What will this new Iraqi government look like? Will the Sunnis participate – peacefully – or will they renew their role in the insurgency? Will the Shia dominate the new Iraq?

Prediction: Iran will wield huge influence after the elections, especially in the southern – Shia – region (where most of the oil is). And the new government will be predominantly fundamentalist Shia – not good for the USA.

3) The insurgency will not abate one bit after the election. The Iranians, the Syrians and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida agents all want to ‘defeat' America and humiliate us there, so they will escalate the violence.

4) The new Iraqi army will not prove to be effective enough to handle the internal strife. More and more it will be seen that many Iraqi troops are also members of the insurgency – thus confirming the typical behavior of "playing both sides" in that part of the world. They are untrustworthy soldiers.

5) The Kurds will soon make noise – again – about seceding from Iraq and creating an independent new Kurdistan – which the Turks are violently against. (The current Iraqi president is a Kurd, and in the constitution they have the ability to leave at a future date.)

6) Militias will be the new Flavor of the Month: All the Shia clerics have their own private militias who are already running around doing ‘ethnic cleansing' and ‘score settling.' But once this election is over and we know the final composition of the new parliament, these militias will escalate their ethnic rivalries; there are many scores to settle from the 35 years of Ba'ath Party rule.

The Shia have long memories and will do to Saddam's followers what he did to them. (This has already begun in the Interior Ministry basement, where the Shia have now been torturing Sunnis in the very same torture devices Saddam's thugs used.)

7) American troop levels will come down a bit – but not too much – by next spring. Perhaps 30,000 troops will be withdrawn – about the amount we added to get ready for next week's elections. But no one today knows what the future will hold on the ground in Iraq. We can't withdraw too many troops if there is mayhem on the ground. President Bush doesn't want to look as if we were driven out.

8) Something weird will happen with Saddam before he is executed. Perhaps a major attempt by Sunni insurgents to break him out of jail, or perhaps a major suicide bomber attack on the trial and jailhouse. His followers are crazy – and will do something crazy to try to free him or to make him a heroic Muslim martyr. Watch for this.

9) Iraq will continue to dominate the American political scene for all of 2006 – with those who oppose the war growing by the month.

10) More people will be indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald.

11) The anti-war Left will give Hillary a tough time; they already are picketing her office and harassing her. She has reacted by trying to play both sides of the issue, and that has only exacerbated her truthfulness problems.

12) In the end, the War in Iraq will go down as one of America's biggest foreign policy blunders.

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