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The Kyle Hence-George Soros Connection

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The Kyle Hence-George Soros Connection
by Lisa Guliani

So, let's be clear on this: Kyle Hence gets his face on C-Span yet again, is somehow afforded the opportunity to speak to Lee Hamilton and other members of the 9-11 Commission, and sure enough fails yet again to ask them why they omitted information in their report provided to them by David Ray Griffin in his book Omissions & Distortions that several of the purported "suicide hijackers" are still alive post-9/11. He also fails to mention that the official government "story" of the WTC collapses defies both common sense and accepted science, fails to mention that the fires never burned long enough or hot enough to melt the steel, mentions nothing about controlled demolition, and fails to broach any of the numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in the Commission’s official version of events of 9-11. Furthermore, Hence fails to ask them to comment on the fact that Morgan Reynolds, a former Bush administration cabinet member, has been speaking out publicly about the case for WTC controlled demolition. According to the 9-11 Mafia (aka, we're supposed to consider Kyle Hence, King of the 9-11 Gatekeepers, a hero now. A hero? Let’s be serious, shall we?

Instead of asking any of the critical questions he could have asked, Gatekeeper Hence chose instead to ask a moronic question about wire transfers to alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta. Now you tell me, is this the most burning or immediate question that needs to be answered regarding 9-11? Yet for some unfathomable reason, inexplicably calls Hence a hero, despite the glaring omissions he has made regarding 9-11 in every single one of his public discourses and interactions with the mainstream media. Every single one of them. Why is this self-appointed “9-11 Truth” spokesperson avoiding the crux issue of controlled demolition in these public/media forums? Why does he avoid serious discussion of the issue altogether? Is it more important for us to chase our tails asking inane questions about wire transfers to alleged hijackers, thereby promoting the government’s ridiculous version of the events of 9-11? How does this help the call for 9-11 Truth? How does this expose the government’s role in the mass murder of nearly 3000 people? How does this line of questioning expose the lies of 9-11 to the American public and to the world-at-large? Answer: it doesn’t. Yet hardly anybody is standing up and calling Hence out on this except WING TV. Why?

Over the last few years, Victor Thorn and I have stood back and closely observed how the 9-11 Gatekeeper crowd has repeatedly, deliberately, intentionally, and calculatedly avoided any public discussion of the CRUX ISSUE OF THE WTC event, which is the controlled demolition, in spite of our numerous attempts to engage them. We’ve watched various people - and particularly Kyle Hence - consciously skate around the central topics of 9-11, choosing instead to draw public attention away from the core issues and move them toward inconsequential, peripheral matters and irrelevant avenues of discussion. Essentially, the 9-11 Gatekeeper Mafia has served more as cheerleaders for the government 9-11 myth; moreover, their work serves as a major distraction and detriment rather than an asset to the so-called Truth movement. We’ve seen how they commandeered and co-opted public events devoted to 9-11 in the distant and recent past. Examples of this are found in the 9-11 International Inquiries held in San Francisco and Toronto, and the D.C. Truth convergence held in July, 2005 in Washington, D.C. We watched with great concern as speakers like Webster Tarpley, Jim Marrs, David Ray Griffin and Morgan Reynolds were ignored by the mainstream media at Lafayette Park, yet conveniently enough Kyle Hence managed to steer this same media toward a press conference after the rally to promote a new book authored by Nafeez Ahmed. Does the promotion of this book rate higher as a media priority than steering his mainstream media pals toward coverage of 9-11 Truthtellers such as Reynolds, Marrs, Griffin and Tarpley? If so, why is this? Is it more important to focus on peripheral issues, LIHOP theories, and shooting squirrels while avoiding the giant BEAR in the middle of the room? How does this advance the cause for 9-11 Truth? Furthermore, are we going to continue to allow the 9-11 Mafia to forge ahead in shaping public opinion in this fashion?

So, I started wondering, just who is this 9-11 Mafia puppet named Kyle Hence? His bio states:

Kyle F. Hence

- RYA Yachtmaster
- Freelance Researcher, Investigative Journalist, Photographer
- Former Director/Head Instructor, Adaptive Sailing Program, Shake-A-Leg
- Independent Producer/Director, Multi-media events/Electronic Field Trips
- Publications: Research for From the Wilderness, Open letter to Media at Centre for Research on Globalization., On Insider Trading
- Photography: see Issue #2 "Global Outlook"; published by Centre for Research on Globalization

What his bio doesn’t tell us is that he was employed by Jonathan Soros, nephew of George Soros, financial backer of Bill and Hillary Clinton. As of late 2003, Hence was still in contact with Jonathan Soros, according to a conversation he had with 9-11 researcher/activist Nico Haupt at a event. It is interesting to note that Jonathan Soros hobnobs with the Rockefellers, evidence of which can be seen at the following:

# Jonathan Soros & the Rockefellers

Kyle Hence is also connected to a man named Danny Schechter, who spoke recently in July at the National Press Club in D.C. for the 9-11 Truth Convergence. In 2004, 9-11 researcher Brian Salter wrote: “Danny Schechter is currently working with Kyle Hence of 9-11 Citizen’s Watch to fund and produce a film about 9-11.” Schechter is the co-founder of an independent media production company named Globalvision, which expanded to the Internet under the name Globalvision New Media. “Globalvision's diverse clientele includes NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, The United Nations, The World Bank, Time Magazine, Reebok, Polygram, The Body Shop, Sierra Club, Universal Pictures, Amnesty International, Sony, Marie Claire Magazine, Turner Broadcasting, MTV, Nippon Television, and many others.”

Please note: All of the above are corporate mainstream media venues or globalist entities.

To continue, Globalvision’s New Media subsequently launched a subsidiary company named The Media Channel, of which Danny Schechter is the founder and executive editor. Of great interest is the fact that in 1999 George Soros' Open Society Institute gave a $126,000 grant to the International Center for Global Communications Foundation toward the launch of Media Channel, which calls itself the 'first global media and democracy supersite on the Internet.'

# George Soros' Parallel Anti-War Media/Movement

Schechter has also interviewed George Soros in 1997:

# George Soros Interview

Researcher Brian Salter further comments that:

“It is important for 9/11 activists to remember that Soros is currently taking a very active and high-profile role in funding the Democrats against President Bush. The fact that Schechter has received such crucial past support from Soros’ Open Society Institute could make the 9/11 Truth Movement vulnerable to charges of being tools of partisan politics if he comes to be seen as a prominent representative (the same obviously applies to other Soros funding recipients as well).

# Danny Schechter Background

So what we’re seeing here is a relationship between Kyle Hence and Jonathan Soros, nephew of George Soros, who hobnobs socially with Rockefellers. Soros is also a significant financial backer of the Clintons, who are behind many left-wing groups. We also find a close relationship between Kyle Hence and Danny Schechter, who is in turn also connected to George Soros. Could these connections explain Hence’s remarkable ability to garner media coverage for specific events, while at the same time dropping the ball at every turn? When you examine the major difficulties experienced by most of the 9-11 Truth Movement in getting mainstream media coverage for their speaking engagements, rallies, and protests, doesn't it pique your interest that Hence seems to have no trouble in this department whatsoever? It’s not only regrettable, but highly suspect, that he chooses to cover only those events that serve questionable purposes, such as the perpetuation of the peak oil ruse.

So, the most important thing we need to ask ourselves at this point is: why didn't Hence make the most of this opportunity when he had the ear of Lee Hamilton and two other panelists from the 9-11 Commission, as well as various members of the mainstream press. Furthermore, does Hence appear to be speaking truth to power, as Bill Douglas of 911 asserts in an e-mail I recently received (excerpted below):

Bill Douglas e-mail Excerpt:

Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 23:23:33 EDT
Subject: [911truthalliance] 9/11 Truth Action URGENT: Kyle Hence challenges Lee Hamilton live on C-SPAN today!

9/11 Truth Action URGENT: Kyle Hence challenges Lee Hamilton live on C-SPAN today !!!

"Kyle Hence of 9/11 Citizens Watch IS A HERO. View the video clip today of him speaking TRUTH TO POWER at the 9/11 Commission event on C-SPAN. PLEASE DO NOT LET KYLE'S COURAGE BE WASTED.“

I absolutely refute this assertion of Hence being characterized as a “hero” in any way, shape, or form regarding 9-11. Instead, he has shown himself to be - at the very least - nothing short of a coward; and considering his extremely disturbing associations with the Soros family, which is clearly tied to the evil NWO cabal, as well as Soros' minion Danny Schechter, why is former yachtsman Kyle Hence being paraded as a spokesman for the 9-11 Truth Movement in any public forum? Do these connections unsettle you at all? in my book, the 9-11 firemen who lost their lives in New York City are heroes. Are we now to expand the definition of “hero” to include shaky individuals such as Kyle Hence and his cronies who deliberately steer public attention away from any serious discussion of the crux issue of the WTC collapses, which is the controlled demolition? Along with peak oil scam artist Mike Ruppert, these 9-11 Mafia Gatekeepers are doing a colossal disservice toward the advancement of truth, and every single instance in which they are allowed to co-opt a public/media venue is one more instance in which they are essentially spitting upon the memory of 3000 people who were murdered on September 11, 2001. A hero rises above his fear and follows his conscience in doing the right thing. A hero doesn’t shy away from speaking TRUTH to power or to the public, no matter the personal risk involved. This is because true heroes make their courage greater than their fear. To afford the likes of Kyle Hence “hero” status is not only obscene and disgusting, but also demeans the real heroes of September 11, 2001. Think about that and listen to your conscience.

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