Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Day in the Empire » Aswat and the False Flag Patsies at the Mall

Another Day in the Empire » Aswat and the False Flag Patsies at the Mall

Not to worry, says Arik Arad, the former head of Israel’s shopping mall security. “Arad told [mall] owners to forget about the stringent measures Israelis take to stave off bombings, including hand-held metal detectors, machine guns and explosives-sniffing dogs. Instead, he advised them to bolster security personnel’s ability to spot a would-be bomber, a measure more palatable to Americans,” reports NewsMax. “Suicide bombers commonly case a target before an attack to search for vulnerabilities or conduct a dry run. Homeland Security is also now offering courses on recognizing terrorist behavior to security companies that guard shopping malls.” And what exactly are the tell-tale signs of “terrorist behavior,” according to the Ministry of Homeland Security? Same as usual—”an overcoat on a warm day, a refusal to make eye contact or a tight grip on a backpack.” Of course, flagging this sort of behavior didn’t stop the London bombings, but then the subway bombs were under the train, not in backpacks, as passengers Bruce Lait and Crystal Main explained (only to be ignored by the corporate media who had a vested interest in pushing the “suicide bomber” campfire story).

On the one hand, we are told al-Qaeda is a threat to civilized nations, and on the other we learn from reading news reports that al-Qaeda “terrorists” (or rather al-CIA-duh patsies) are imbeciles who use cell phones easily tracked and clumsily attempt to light shoe bomb fuses on crowded airplanes. But none of this incompetence matters because patsy-terrorists such as Haroon Rashid Aswat are allowed to travel around the world (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Mozambique, and South Africa) because they are intelligence assets (useful patsy idiots). Aswat “attended an al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan” and supposedly became a “combat training expert” who “met Osama bin Laden,” according to the Times Online. Former Justice Department prosecutor and supposed terror expert John Loftus recently told Fox News that the so called al-Muhajiroun group, which we can safely categorize as another British intel terrorist-patsy-useful idiot group, was “the recruiting arm of Al-Qaeda in London; they specialized in recruiting kids whose families had emigrated to Britain but who had British passports. And they would use them for terrorist work.” As it turns out, al-Muhajiroun-cum-al-Qaeda (or al-CIA-duh or in this case al-MI6-duh) teamed up in Kosovo with the criminal drug-running and terrorist outfit the KLA, the preferred troublemakers and globalist agenda servants of NATO, the United States, and Britain in the Balkans.

“Many members of the Kosovo Liberation Army were sent for training in terrorist camps in Afghanistan,” James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, told Isabel Vincent of the National Post. “The United States, which had originally trained the Afghan Arabs during the war in Afghanistan, supported them in Bosnia and then in Kosovo,” Vincent continues. “When NATO forces launched their military campaign against Yugoslavia … to unseat Mr. Milosevic, they entered the Kosovo conflict on the side of the KLA, which had already received ’substantial’ military and financial support from bin Laden’s network, analysts say.” In other words, since Osama was a known CIA asset (a false flag patsy who thought he was waging jihad against the Great Satan), and the training camps were bankrolled by the United States and micromanaged by Pakistan’s ISI (considered the CIA’s most successful operation to date), the mujahideen operation in the Balkans was a contract job and Haroon Rashid Aswat was an employee recruited by MI6 for the clash of civilizations game plan. Aswat was apparently doing such a good job recruiting fellow patsies and setting up so-called terrorist camps, “the US Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors [who wanted to throw the book at Aswat for his part in setting up terrorist camps in the United States] not to touch Aswat,” according to Loftus.

Naturally, Fox News didn’t ask why the Justice Department would allow a terrorist who supposedly met Osama bin Laden to enter the country, instead taking the Brits to task for allowing radical Muslims to harbor in their country. Of course, this mystery is easy enough to address—Aswat, like his mentor Bin Laden (and dozens of other stefordized Islamic fanatics), works for the CIA-MI6-Mossad black op alliance and was, until very recently, a useful idiot. Now, with his cover blown, Aswat will suffer the fate of other patsies and useful idiots—yesterday he sat in Belmarsh prison, southeast of London, and was marched before Bow Street magistrates, having arrived not long before on a charter jet from Zambia, where he was arrested on immigration charges.

On June 20th, an FBI affidavit charged Aswat with attempting to set up a training camp in Bly, Oregon, to train jihadists. Of course, the FBI’s affidavit is nothing short of ludicrous, considering who employed the dupe Aswat. But then, thanks to the corporate media, Aswat’s checkered past as a faithful servant (and expendable pawn) for the clash of civilization gang will be swept under the rug.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, we can expect the Ministry of Homeland Security to use the Aswat case and the London bombings to hype its draconian plans to turn the country into a police state. “An unsettling ‘Security Alert’ report in the Wall Street Journal reveals that on July 18—less than two weeks after the London subway bombings—the Homeland Security Department disseminated a collection of CIA threat assessments that listed shopping malls as among the soft targets most at risk of bomb attacks,” NewsMax reports. “Security personnel [i.e., high school dropouts paid the minimum wage] at many of the nation’s 1,200 enclosed malls have been stepping up preparations for dealing with a bomber… They included limiting the number of people entering a mall, placing metal detectors at each door and screening shoppers for weapons.” Of course, this is nothing new. On December 30, 2003, a New Jersey Star-Ledger article announced that the “Short Hills shopping center [was] now off limits for pre-opening strolls.” On that day, the mall “suspended the pre-opening walks by VIP, or Very Important Pacers, amid heightened security over the Department of Homeland Security’s orange alert.”

It was another instance of the neocon Grinches who stole Christmas.

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