Saturday, July 30, 2005

Shot to Death - Newsweek The War on Iraq -

Shot to Death - Newsweek The War on Iraq -

BG: All good Americans know we are just spreading Democracy, and any atrocities that we commit could not be nearly as bad as the terrorists' actions.


Military vet 1973 said...

Yes sir. We can sure be proud of shooting women and children. I suggest we all start being good Americans or perhaps a nice marine can come shoot us in the head and make us "free". Can we all say Sieg Heil and give a big salute boys and girls? Amazing how a bunch of gutless cowards could lead a great nation like ours to commit the same crimes we fought WWII to stop. Even worse that some people want to think of this as "good for America". Wake up folks. Countless people are being killed for profit. It has never been about freedom. This kind of war mongering will only lead to the downfall of all we love and hold true.

OldSoldier said...

Because of having served in the military, I really struggle with the outright disgust that I have at what some of our guys are surely doing over there. When I see stuff like this it just wrecks my day. I know you feel the same way, or you wouldn’t be here right now.
Having served, I know for a FACT that the armed services are thick with people that you would not want in your house. At the same time I have to say that some of the guys I served with were the very best, and you could trust them to give your wife a sponge-bath. A few were criminal sociopaths, and/or just freakin crazy. You know in your heart that most of those kids over there are trustable, and are doing their level best every day on our behalf. Also, I’m sure that most of them could point out the ‘dirt-bags’, or ‘crazys’ (let’s just call them cold blooded killers) within their company in about two seconds, and they probably try to ‘watch out’ for trouble on others behalf. Just like when I served, we had some ‘loose cannons’. The Top, or platoon sergeant or squad leaders know who NOT to send to where, especially without supervision or a cool head, and they do the best they can with a mix of guys that happen to include these ‘wild-men’. Let’s don’t forget, that ‘loose cannon’ can probably run farther, faster, jump higher, and in the twinkling of an eye that ruthless bastard will be the one not hesitating to save your ass. It takes a ‘mix’ to make a good fighting unit. You are probably considerably more intelligent than him, he knows it, and you help him often also. (Disputing this means you are him. :)
So in our house, we try to abstract our ‘mix’ of guys over there, and the inevitable thing like this, from the inexcusable situation they are in. We place the blame squarely where it belongs. This situation is the responsibility of none other that George W. Bush, and his dereliction of common decency and common sense. I will excuse those who backed and voted for him, because I know a lot of them. They are my good friends and good neighbors who were deceived. Many of them are now regretful, and have come to light about George W. Bush since we got into this mess. He lied to get us into this war. He lied. He lied. He hedges his big words like ‘bring it on’ with the lives of OUR sons and daughters. Still, he continues to lie. He is not a straight shooter. He always talks high road, then takes the low road. He is the very lowest of the low in my book. When our guys got in some hot water over the inept stupidity of the policies regarding the treatment and torturing of prisoners, for example, Bush and Rummy just threw them to the wolves. Remember they chastised the soldiers for having cameras and taking pictures. Now there is a fascist policy about having cameras etc. Every time he has a chance to stand up for those guys, he trashes them. I’m not talking about the lip service, or ‘talking head’ crap they spew every day, I’m talking abut the important stuff like admitting HIS mistakes and admitting his REAL policies so those troops don’t have to bear that alone, putting more boots on the ground, and getting them equipped. When it really counts, it’s every politician dirt-bag for them self. I don’t know how our country is still backing Bush. GW Bush and his brother Neil, and Condi Rice, and Don Rumsfeld, and DICK Cheney have profiteered on the sacrifice of our kid’s lives, and the defense contractors, and the oil companies, and the list goes on and on. RIGHT NOW he is ‘unwinding’ for a five week vacation, while our guys are over there breathing, eating, and shitting, dust and sand. Martha Stewart has more balls than the whole Whitehouse and their corrupt ENRON-type cronies have, put together.
I NEVER backed this war, and early on I caught a lot of flack about that. I have, and still do support the troops in the way I think is best. I support them by speaking out about getting them out of there, and back to their families. I speak out about this idea of a war on an idea that Bush can’t even pronounce, let alone understand. Lastly but not least, firing that worthless lying BUSH. I can’t wait until all of the average Joes out there get pissed-off about how he LIED to get us into this, costing thousands of lives, possibly 10s of years, and ultimately about a trillion dollar debacle. Think of these poor soldier’s families and what they have been put through. For what? Bush doesn’t care about freedom, or justice, or anything but money. In the end we will ‘cut-and-run’. We will have to leave. We will have gained nothing. We will have lost so much.

This will be because of bad leaders, not bad soldiers.

Do you remember during the debates when he was asked frankly, if he understood that an invasion, but no WMD’s could mean his job? He said he was prepared for that.

SO LET”S FIRE HIM! Now that’s supporting those troops. Get them the hell out of there! Put blame where it is due. You Brits should fire that lying &%$* too. He is GW’s talking anus.

Mark my words, Bush will rue the day that he used lies to ‘trick’ the American people into this war. Americans by nature are certainly not war mongers. I personally hope he stands for war crimes for the thousands of innocent Iraqis, and Afghanis, and others that have been killed, or wrongly imprisoned and tortured.

He thinks he will go down in history as some kind of great, ‘war president’.
In our house we call him ‘Bush-the-Butcher’.
Bring our kids home George Bush, you stupid ass. You’re fired!