Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Wing Damage to the WTC Outer Wall

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The Wing Damage to the WTC Outer Wall

By Spooked


is particularly preplexing since the wings of a 767 are angled back:

This means a wing would have to saw through a column, starting at the column corner edge, before it can damage the next column over. And definitely, some of those columns above look sawn through.

I never knew aluminum could cut through steel.

As if that weren't unlikely enough, the outer sections of wings-- the wingtips (about the last 15-20 feet on the left-hand side above)-- didn't cut through the columns. So they must have broken off since they didn't penetrate the columns. And physics says the wingtip would have broken off and flown backwards. But if the wingtip broke off, how did it leave a mark out to the very end of where it would have contacted? The only way is if the wing suddenly started crumpling up on the column at the tip. But how was it exactly that part of the wing could saw perfectly through the 14 inch wide steel column, yet the outer part of the wing was completely ineffective at this and crumpled up?

Finally, check out the damage carefully to those 7 left most columns in the scar. Does that look like where a wingtip crumpled up against the columns? Or more like where something was knocked against them, such as an explosive force? Would wing crumpling cause the column edge to fray apart like is seen in the photo?

I think not.

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