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Bloglines - Just in time for the elections

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Just in time for the elections

By BlondeSense Liz

Coincidentally, al-Qaeda has released yet another video tape, this time with an American member of the terror network exhorting Americans to convert to Islam and for US troops to switch sides. He may be a Young Republican in disguise.

Al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri also spoke on the video and amazingly used "the same rhetoric as the anti-war crowd" thus strengthening the message that Dumbsfeld has used in the past few days, calling Americans who don't support his opinion and the war, "Islamo-fascist supporters" or "terrorist supporters." This reminds me of the bin Laden tape that was released just before the 2004 election where he said that he wants Republicans in office because they are "incompetant" and I agreed with that last part. If bin Laden's goal was to destroy America, he has been doing a great job because the bushistas are playing right into his hands.

At this morning, there is a transcript from a Fox News "expert" who had "analyzed" the video. Let's see what he had to say,

MINITER: Absolutely, this is designed for the September 11th anniversary. But also what’s striking, if you read the transcript of this tape — and I should say the CIA has not yet confirmed that this is indeed the voice of al-Zawahiri, although I think we have to presume that it is — is that he’s using a lot of the same rhetoric as the antiwar crowd. He refers to President Bush as a liar and a defeated president, hinting that somehow the election in 2000 was illegitimate. They call him a failure, an incompetent. These are the kinds of things that the antiwar crowd has been saying. Also on the tape, he says that Bush was foolish to turn down the truce offered by Osama bin Laden as an honorable way out, and says if the United States is winning, why is it debating a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq? Again, this is all something that they are picking up from the world media, all of the antiwar arguments, and they’re are turning them back against us. Zawahiri is saying what Michael Moore and John Kerry were saying a year ago.
It doesn't matter whether or not the viewers even know what this "expert" was talking about because those two names are code words for "aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!" at Faux Spews. What exactly did Michael Moore and John Kerry say last year? It doesn't matter.

Do you get the feeling that the news is fixed?

Have you turned on cable news? They are indeed falling all over themselves defending the WH against the Plame leak because of op-eds by losers in WaPo the other day. Why now?

Also in the news: It seems that there is yet another #2 al Qaeda operative and he has been arrested in Iraq. Is this news supposed to make us believe that there's not a civil war as bush and rummy have been exclaiming lately despite reports to the contrary from the Pentagon?

Now in an ongoing effort to appear balanced I give you these headlines:

Soldiers Who Lost Limbs Learn to Surf
Opium crops break record in Afghanistan
Army Recommends Death Penalty for 4 Soldiers Accused of Murder

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