Tuesday, September 05, 2006


9/11 Truth Activists - Thank Yourselves For This TIME Magazine Cover   Message List  

It has officially happened. After five long years, the topic of 9/11 truth has grown so large that it finally made the front cover of TIME Magazine.  When the mainstream media realizes that news harmful to the Empire can no longer be ignored?  It must now do its real job and work full-time in order to showcase, spin, and thoroughly marginalize the issue. 
The same thing just recently occurred with Uranium Weapons (mis-named Depleted Uranium or DU) as it was recently featured by the Associated Press. The slanted, only partial-truth media coverage of the use of these radioactive Uranium Weapons that are causing devastating health effects on our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq is but another example of how the media tries to do "damage control" on these subjects that are dangerous to the Empire - as they have become "hot" topics (pardon the expression) out in everyday, normal conversation.  Banking on the fact that most Americans do not get their news from alternative media, people are thus likely to continue to believe the governments' and mainstream media' reporters',  newscasters', and movie-makers' versions of these stories.  Or, so hope the domestic evil-doers in power.
The TIME article must be read and studied as a stunning example of how the propaganda spin machine works to marginalize truth that can be devastating to the Empire. It is apparent after reading this piece that writers simply do not make it through the doors of TIME and other major media venues without the requisite obedience to the DC power holders inside the Beltway.  This particular TIME writer fully cooperates with the keepers of the 9/11 "official story" by delving into the psychology of why 9/11 truth activists make the claims they do in order to hold onto such "comforting" concepts such as a "malevolent controlling force orchestrating global events".
Talk about a bass ackwards explanation of why 9/11 truth activists do what we do!  Just go ahead and ask any person who has woken up to the fact that 9/11 is an inside job if s/he has been "comforted" by this research and see what kind of look you get.  From someone who has spoken to countless numbers who have woken up to 9/11 truth, I know with great certainty that had he bothered to actually ask? This TIME reporter would have gotten any word other than "comfort" as a description of what actually happens to the psyche of the awakened! 
If Grossman had done his homework, instead of using the word "comforting" to describe the reality of the truth behind 9/11, he would have chosen a word such as shock, outrage, horror, nauseating disgust - and that's just for starters!  It is apparent that such a condescending approach and ungrounded statement was made by someone who had clearly not spoken with many who had experienced the devastating horror of learning that 9/11 was an inside job, as well as one who was fully cognizant that he would be receiving a tidy reward commensurate with his obedience to the official lie-keepers.
As Lev Grossman writes: "People who believe the second explanation live in a very different world from those who believe the first....This is not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstream political reality."  On that point, Grossman's absolutely right.  Our worlds are indeed different - forever changed - once we discover the horrible truths behind these lies.  And articles like this that re-iterate the many lies told to us by our government and the 9/11 Commission only serve to make us learn the actual facts that disprove the "official story" a little bit better - and spread them out just a little bit wider.
So to all those who know the official 9/11 story is a lie and have spread these truths far and wide? Let's give credit where credit is due.  If we had not been doing what we do, the necessity of TIME doing such a necessary spin piece would never have become a reality!  Certainly no thanks to the mainstream media, it is because of the efforts of ordinary people who know the truth and who do not keep it to ourselves that the likes of TIME and FOX News now have no choice but to be forced to continue to de-bunk 9/11 "conspiracy" theories.
The more effective that we are, the more the media and the talking puppet heads in power will have to spin!  And the more often they bring up the so-called 9/11 "conspiracy" stories?  The more the still un-knowing will become curious upon hearing these intriguing things and then start to do the research for themselves... just like all of us, the previously un-knowing, did at one point in time for ourselves.
Make no mistake about this. The truth - about the mass murder of 2,800 five years ago - has now hit the proverbial fan and can no longer be ignored. And, just like a genie's bottle, once it has been opened?  The entire issue of 9/11 lies has escaped right out of the bottle and can never again be put back in.  The so-called "conspiracy" theories around 9/11 have been released forevermore. And thanks to the efforts of 9/11 truth tellers everywhere?  As these articles receive more and more press, the questions and doubts concerning what Americans were told about that day will only continue to grow.
Cathy Garger
With thanks to Richard Curtis of Davidraygriffin Yahoo group for this article.
From the Magazine | Cover

Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away

Turns out, we need grand theories to make sense of grand events, or the world just seems too random
Posted Sunday, Sep. 3, 2006

Take a look, if you can stand it, at video footage of the World Trade Center collapsing. Your eye will naturally jump to the top of the screen, where huge fountains of dark debris erupt out of the falling towers. But fight your natural instincts. Look farther down, at the stories that haven't collapsed yet.

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