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Fwd: what will it take? -- arrest the Administration -- or take down an entire deviant ruling class?

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From: Dick Eastman <>
Date: Aug 29, 2006 11:18 PM
Subject: what will it take? -- arrest the Administration -- or take
down an entire deviant ruling class?
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From: Michael Morrissey
August 29, 2006

Two Views of Reality

Morgan says the government is in the hands of outlaws
and we know who they are.

Kyle says the government is in the hands of outlaws
and we don't know who they are.

Morgan says, "Come out of the White House with your hands up."

Kyle says, "The reality is far more complex
within the gargantuan, byzantine government
and global military-industrial-intelligence complex
and more complex still given the huge power of drug, banking,
illicit weapons and other criminal cartels and
the fact that US officials may have acted the part of guilty parties
in some cases
to cover-up their own incompetence
or criminal negligence even
as they were aware the official story
didn't hold any water."

I agree with Morgan
partly because I am an optimist.

--Michael D. Morrissey, Aug. 29, 2006


May I add to that a third choice -- the matter is far more complex
and we know that relations and networks among the perpetrators are so
interwoven that we can't isolate and remove the individuals == we have
to tear out the class of leadership -- the entire ruling minority
throughout the country and the financial elite that controls the

International money power is behind everything or it will not happen.
You can't go after Paul Wolfowitz and Dov Zakheim for 9-11 without
also going after the men in the City of London and in New York and
around the world that all this was designed to please.

In the end it will have to be a class war -- with a failed ruling
elite deposed and dispossessed. I give Hence credit for seeing that
this bad tooth has roots that reach down to all the toes.

I personally want a Jeffersonian movement to remove the enemies of the
Republic and to restore the constitution -- I want a populist
takeover from the sadistic p-ornographic anarcho-capitalist Zionist
criminals who since before the U.S. Civil war have worked to subvert
the Jeffersonian revolution and restore the darkness of aristocracy,
plutocrarcy, the death of middle classes and a proletarianized world
of debt slaves and a slum earth..

And yes, the ideology of this international money they have been
thrown out of countries before -- what we have to do now is to ban
them from international trade and banking and media -- clip their
meny wings (which they got from arranging world wars, cold wars, and
economic depressions to grab mankind's wealth. And there will be a
free media, not dominated by the Jews, that will remind everyhone of
exactly why this had to be done.

Yes, it can be done -- if we move fast enough while the internet is
still here -- very simple, just acknowledge that Zionism is a deadly
national threat -- a threat to the world -- more so than communism
was, more so than Gengis Khan in his day, more than the Black Death.

A class war that confiscates fortunes made on war. A class war that
ends the global theft and debt slavery of international banking and
finance. A class war that takes the media and education out of Jewish
hands where they now control all of it.

Why not have a Chavez president here -- a Huey Long here? What if
all the centralized power that has been used for evil -- a war on
terror and police state based on the lie of 9-11 etc. were used to
restore the people to greatness?

Or maybe you disagree and think electing Hillary Clinton will be enough?

Dick Eastman

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