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911 Stealth

Rejecting Terrorism & The Terrorizers

By A Restrainer

Aug 16 2006: NYC to release 911 calls from September 11

The fact of multiple explosions can also be found at The Memory Hole, rescuing knowledge... freeing information:

9/11 Transcripts and Police Reports
TMH Exclusive: Withheld by the authorities, released because of a lawsuit, and insanely expensive to purchase, these are the 9/11 documents that the Port Authority fought to keep under wraps.

All Available NY Fire Department Dispatch Tapes From 9/11
TMH Exclusive: The Fire Department of New York's radio dispatches from the morning and early afternoon of 9/11. For over three years, they fought in court to keep these recordings secret but were finally forced to release them in August 2005. It took a bitterly fought lawsuit brought by the New York Times to get the Fire Department of New York to release some of its dispatch tapes from 9/11. The NYT requested the tapes in early 2002, got denied, and went to court. When the FDNY lost the fight three and a half years later, on 12 August 2005 it made available 23 CDs, almost all containing audio of radio dispatches, plus transcripts of oral histories and some other text. The contents of all 21 audio CDs are available online for free. Disc 23 contains PDF files of 503 oral histories. The New York Times has posted all of them here. Disc 21 contains a Port Authority Radio Repeater Transcript (pdf transcript of the audio file on disc 22) and an EMS CAD Logbook.

Zest magazine from August 6 2006 presents the cover story of the new movie World Trade Center, directed by Oliver Stone and with actors Nicolas Cage (representing Josh McLoughlin), Michael Peña (representing William Jimeno), Maria Bello (Donna McLoughlin, Josh's wife), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Allison Jimeno, Will's wife). Zest declares that the movie had "a large (thought undisclosed budget", p. 11) and that "the studio reportedly met with members of Congress and White House staff members to assure them that their tale of heroism pushes no political agenda" (p. 12). However, the 911 event was a completely political event. The extreme use of 911 by Bush and collaborators to support things like the middle east wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) and the implementing of the antipatriotic act called ironically "Patriot Act" one and two ("trading freedom for security"), together with "Homeland Security" plus an increasing vigilance and distrust everywhere...

Contradicting the fiction, you can see for example the next figure:
From the WTC Ground Zero Location Peak Temperatures given in Fahrenheit and Celsius, respectively): A 1341 or 727, F 1377 or 747. Fires continued to burn far down in the rubble piles for over 100 days after the attack, despite the spraying of water on the rubble for extended periods. One source of data is a thermal map of Ground Zero created from infrared data collected by a NASA plane that overflew the site on September 16. FEMA's Report contained an appendix disclosing evidence of mysterious high temperature corrosion of steel due to a combination of oxidation and sulfidation (Dr. Jones found Thermate on iron samples from the 9/11 WTC crime scene. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? by Steven E. Jones. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Brigham Young University, Utah. Steven E. Jones in the news and in a Conference).

Now that Bush and collaborators are pushing an emotional "propaganda" movie, it is vital for the Truth to preserve every bit of original footage uploadable and downloadable from the Internet (like original Neswcasts and Documentary DVDs).

We deeply reject the muslim terrorists as well as those leaders that keep terrorizing their populations for their own political gain (war business and collaterals (oil, opium, contracts...) & the road to tyranny in a police state), with the continuous menace of a self-inflicted damage & an increasing fear.

We are Christians and believe that The Restrainer (Christ in Us, the holy spirit of God within us) in A Restrainer is going to reduce to a minimun the expansion of The Lie and will be blocking the full attempts of antichrists and of the Final Antichrist until the very same moment in which we are taken out by Christ Jesus himself in the first part of his Second Coming. So we offer ourselves to the service of our Lord, Savior and Master Jesus Christ.

The next evidence is only the tip of the iceberg of what seems to be a wide mass-control strategy that seems to have produced, to date: great fear, hatred, media lies, basic information suppressed, the wrongful planning of wars and other nightmares, thousands of deaths at home and abroad (officially sponsored); and worst of all, the gradual loss of the God given freedom of the U.S.A. citizens (through the PNAC and its Anti-Patriot Act plus the CIA's et al sponsored home-spying).

To see that 911 was a Military Black Operation against America planned, organized and shepherded by the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rove some images speak more than thowsand words:

Picture Credits:

1 and 2: Hlava, ABC

3-5: Naudet / Gamma Press,


7: CameraPlanet

8 and 10: Park Foreman & CNN,

9: FOX,

11: CNN,

12: Reuters News Agency

13: The Washington Post

14: Helicopter Seen just before the fall of the WTC North, in America Remembers (CNN Documentary),

15-16: CNN (click the pictures to see them in full size.)

17: CBS

18: Naudet / Gamma Press

19: CNN and American Experience: Episode 8, New York - Center of the World.

20: Detroit Public TV

21: CBS

22 and 23: MSNBC and CameraPlanet

24 and 25:KTLA 5

26 and 27: CNN

28 and 29: Gamma Press, FOX, CBS (while Dan Rather was talking), VH1 [in this video notice the additional aerial device (white dot) flying horizontally in the middle of the path of the stealth from left to right]

30 and 31: CNN

32: Hlava, ABC

33-35: From CBS, VH1 (in all of them the movement is from right to left)

Etc., etc...

The Pentagon must give a detailed account of those very advanced aerial devices filmed and photographed by hundreds of cameras on 911.

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