Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bloglines - Is Alan Colmes Finally Coming Around?

9-11 Controlled Demolition
"…the loose community that some call the 9/11 Truth Movement has moved from the shadowy basements of the Internet out into the open. Across the board, the movement operates on the conviction that the U.S. government is keeping the whole truth under wraps. And that it either planned or allowed 9/11 to happen as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq and rolling back civil liberties at home". Maxim Magazine 2/17/06

Is Alan Colmes Finally Coming Around?

By Wendell

Editors note: I wish to express my appreciation to Alan Colmes for bringing Alex Jones onto his nationwide radio program. This is MAJOR NEWS and a HUGE STEP FORWARD. It is my hope that everyone will "push" Alan Colmes to take this one step further and open this thing wide open! This interview is very well done and Alan was very fair to Jones. In fact, Jones did a superb job. This is very big

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