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Bloglines - Disturbing reports

Joseph Cannon (

Disturbing reports

By Joseph

Reports are coming in of electoral shennanigans in two of the most closely-watched primary races.

Cynthia McKinney's campaign, it has been alleged, has suffered from having her name left off the ballot. I received this message from McKinney:
One voter went to vote and my name didn't appear on the ballot. The voter went and complained, and then when she went back to cast her vote, my name was on the ballot. This occurred at Wadsworth Elementary School.

The machine that tallies the total vote broke down at Stronghold Church around 2:10 pm. At 3:15 it's still down.
Meanwhile, problems with the machines have cropped up in the Connecticut Lieberman/Lamont face-off:
Though polls open at 6:00 a.m. sharp, Davis Street didn't open until 6:35.

"I found no voting booths open," said Dr. Herbert Sacks. "That's the first time in thirty years that anything like this has happened."

"A lot made an effort to come out early," Garner said. "We have commitments and those would not allow us to be here on the other end of the day."

"There are people who commute distances to New York and are due at work, they take the train to be there at seven and don't get back into town early enough to vote, so it effectively disenfranchises them," Lyndee Gold said.
I've been screaming the word "REVOTE" since 2000. Will anyone listen this time?

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