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Bloglines - Unless stopped, Israel will carry on regardless

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Unless stopped, Israel will carry on regardless

By Mustaqim

The leopard did not change its spots. Those who are shocked at what they perceive as an Israeli over-reaction to the capture of three of her soldiers are as naïve as somebody rearing a leopard as a pet and then being surprised that it ate a toddler for supper. Unless stopped, Israel will not only wreak havoc in Gaza and Lebanon but draw the whole world into an all-out war.

Israel's recent withdrawal from Gaza was not the responsible act of a mature government putting its violent past behind, as it was made out by commentators. It was a tactical move. The forceful removal of a handful of settlements bringing tears to the eyes of Jewish journalists from the major news syndicates only paved the way to the all-out assault we have seen last week. Those settlers are no longer in the way and need no longer be considered as a liability on the front line.

Israel's attack on power stations, government installations, civil infrastructure and innocent civilians in Gaza has nothing to do with attempts to return a captured soldier. It is about continuing on the path of expansion Israel followed all along since this apartheid state was founded in the Middle East once her European parents, who conceived this illegitimate child, did not longer want to take responsibility for her. Israel does not want respectability, Israel wants power and revenge.

Israel has flouted countless of UN security council resolutions, not to mention the many more which would have been passed had they not been vetoed by the United States, yet portrays herself as the upholder of international law and a model democracy. The truth is that Israel has persisted in illegal occupation of another country for over half a century and has consistently terrorised its people whilst publicly claiming that those demanding freedom for themselves are terrorists out to attack a harmless and peaceful nation. Israel only ever negotiated to win time and the praise of media commentators. Whatever Israel is and has was obtained by brute force.

The public have a short memory and politicians capitalise on it. Because the old massacres have been conveniently forgotten, new ones appear as if out of keeping. That Israel is restarting its military aggression against its neighbours at this moment in time is no surprise, however, for students of the history of the Middle East. Watch out for Syria and Iran being mentioned regularly as the sponsors of Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel is growing weary that the US and her allies have run out of steam after the controlled explosions of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, in which she probably had a hand. After having misguidedly become embroiled in Iraq, the coalition of the willing and coerced has become decidedly unmotivated to repeat a similar fiasco in Iran. At a recent annual Bilderberger meeting those arguing for an attack on Iran stood isolated amongst more reasoned voices. The only way the war against Iran remains on the table is if Israel makes it happen and forces the hand of the US.

If the Israeli air force unilaterally dropped bombs on alleged nuclear facilities in Iran, as they previously did in Iraq, it wouldn't go down too well with public opinion. Iran poses no immediate threat to the Western world, and the lies which pulled Western governments into the illegal invasion of Iraq are still fresh on people's minds. The resumption of Israel's war against Lebanon is probably intended as a build-up to pave the way for making an attack against Iran palatable. Once Israel makes her move she hopes, and is pretty certain, that the US will have no choice but to take her side. Thus the world will have a major war for reshaping the Middle East after all, in spite of everybody's weariness. Unless, that is, we stop looking at the leopard as a cute pet and demand that it be locked up safely in a cage.

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