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Bloglines - NYT Op-Ed: Dumb and Dumber on Lebanon

Another Day in the Empire

NYT Op-Ed: Dumb and Dumber on Lebanon

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Israel’s Jabotinksyite ethnic cleansers never had a better friend than the New York Times—although, as the airwaves, coaxial, and broadband pipes increasingly choke with images of dead Arab kids, killed with “precision” weapons (in other words, civilians are the target), this friendship, or marriage of convenience is under strain.

“Israel’s airstrikes against Hezbollah targets are legitimate so long as Hezbollah wages war against Israel and operates outside the control of the Lebanese government,” opines the “newspaper of record,” that is to say the newspaper of Zionist propaganda. “A better answer to the Hezbollah problem would be an immediate cease-fire, paving the way for an international force to patrol Lebanon’s southern border…. What is needed, as almost everyone now agrees, is a strong international force, including well-armed units from NATO countries, to move into southern Lebanon as quickly as possible. Its mission would be to disarm Hezbollah in accordance with U.N. resolutions, thereby reasserting the sovereignty of the Lebanese government and preventing further attacks against Israel. An immediate internationally imposed cease-fire would spare Lebanese civilians from further suffering.”

Of course, “well-armed units from NATO” will not be able to put an end to Hezbollah’s resistance any more effectively than Israel, now running from the small village of Bint Jbiel with reptilian tail tucked. Bint Jbiel is described as the “Hizbullah capital” by the racist Zionist Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network. In fact, the idea to replace IOF forces with NATO bullet stoppers is simply a scheme dreamed up by the Jabotinskyites, as they are accustomed to other people fighting their wars and suffering the result, for instance more than 5,000 dead Americans in Iraq, the vast majority poor kids brainwashed into believing an “Army of One” is a better deal than flipping burgers at McDonalds.

As for the “Hezbollah problem,” there would be no such thing if Israel had stayed out of Lebanon. Hezbollah is a direct result of Israel’s brutality and aggression, as people abused eventually organize and resist. Dumb and Dumber over at the New York Times seem clueless on this point, but then they are nothing more or less than “press offices of Israel’s Foreign Ministry,” a Pepe Escobar notes. Moreover, according to Escobar

Hezbollah’s asymmetrical war effort is absorbing everything thrown at it. Resistance is fueled by a mix of beggar’s banquet anger, creative military solutions and Shi’ite martyr spirit. Hezbollah fighters are using olive-green uniforms to confuse the Israelis. According to Jane’s Weekly, Hezbollah has done a perfect Vietcong—its fighters operating in a network of underground reinforced bunkers and command posts near the Lebanese-Israeli border almost unassailable by Israel Defense Force bombs.

The practical result is that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is ever more popular all over the Arab street. Kind of like the new, 21st-century Saladin. Hezbollah’s moral and political cache could not but rise among peoples and movements worldwide who keep being bombed to oblivion but never had a chance to bomb back.

For Hezbollah—as well as for Hamas—”winning” means not being disarmed and/or exterminated, the avowed goal of the State of Israel. Apart from Mao Zedong in China and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Hezbollah may have also learned a lesson or two from the battlefields of Chechnya—as it configures itself, like the Chechens, as one of the only guerrilla groups in the world capable of facing an extremely powerful state army.

Naturally, after this NATO forces fails its mission to “disarm” the only militia that stands between Lebanon and Israeli crimes against humanity—that is if NATO is ever indeed deployed—Dumb and Dumber will call for more drastic measures. Even so, nothing short of reducing Lebanon to a “parking lot,” as neocon supporters on the street are fond of chanting, will defeat Hezbollah (in other words, kill ‘em all and let Allah sort ‘em out).

Escobar again:

So this is the way the “war on terror” ends—not with a single bang but with the multi-sonic bangs of asymmetrical actors getting re-energized in their fight against the US-Israel axis. The Israeli army could not put down a Shi’ite guerrilla outfit in southern Lebanon—nor a bunch of stone-throwing Palestinian kids, for that matter. The US Army could not cope with a bunch of scruffy Sunni Arabs armed with fake Kalashnikovs. Sunnis or Shi’ites, stateless or in failed states, freedom fighters or “terrorists”, they simply will not go away.

Pursuing their own logic, equally impatient Washington neo-cons and Israeli Likudniks would cherish nothing better than the wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and then in Syria and Iran.

What happened in Iraq, and is still happening in Gaza and now in Lebanon, spells that the world will have to get used to a new reality. But against this, the asymmetricals will not only be lurking in the shadows; they will retaliate.


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