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A Hundred Firecrackers

By George Washington

Original is here.
There were numerous eyewitness reports of loud explosions right before the collapse of each of the Twin Towers.

Defenders of the official story argue that the explosions were actually floors "pancaking" on top of each other.

However, such a theory doesn't explain the reports from credible witnesses of a series of rapid-fire sounds like "gunshots" or "firecrackers". For example:

A witness interviewed on television stated "it sounded like gunfire . . . . bang bang bang bang bang . . . and then three big explosions"

And a paramedic said "at first I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop -- thats exactly what I thought it was" (page 9)

Now, the guys who made the video Loose Change have found another witness. Specifically, the brand new trailer for the final cut of the video Loose Change includes a news interview with a witness who heard the following, right before the collapse of one of the towers:

"It sounded as if you had a hundred of those . . . firecrackers and you lit them all off at once . . . it sounded like the finale of the Fourth of July over the East River"
(at 15:21)

How can pancaking floors sound like hundreds of firecrackers during the grand finale at a major fireworks show?

On the other hand, wouldn't hundreds of cutter charges going off at once make exactly that sound?"

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