Monday, July 10, 2006

Bloglines - Garrison Keillor on Ralph Reed

Joseph Cannon (

Garrison Keillor on Ralph Reed

By Joseph

The problem with the recent spate of Republican scandals is simple: They're not simple. You can't explain these things easily to the dullards who vote Republican. But Garrison Keillor knows how to do it. Here's a choice bit of Keillor on the insanely corrupt pseudo-Christian Ralph Reed, running for Lt. Governor of Georgia:
Mr. Reed also argues that his stopping gambling in Texas and Alabama was a good thing in and of itself, even though he was hired by rival casinos to do it. Using the same reasoning, Lucky Luciano was on solid moral ground when he knocked off Dutch Schultz.
Priceless. But Keillor could have jabbed a little deeper when talking about the Marianas aspect of the scandal:
And his work in behalf of the sweatshops and sex factories of the Marianas, arguing that the Chinese women imported there were being given the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, takes us to yet an entirely new level.
Quite a few toilers on the Jesus circuit, including our beloved president, have left me confused about their sincerity. In the case of Reed, I have no doubt. I refuse to believe that a man with such a relentlessly evil history could hold any genuine religious beliefs. He is out to fleece the suckers -- period.

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