Sunday, May 21, 2006

RINF Newsletter - May 2006

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Sorry there hasn't been a regular newsletter for a while, I've been very busy working on some new projects. If anyone feels like taking over the mailing list, that would be very much appreciated.

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Also couple of new additions on RINF to mention:


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7/7 London Bombings, A Summary Of The Evidence

9/11 Revisited

Outside The Box


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OK, now for a few of the top stories this past week:

US �must end secret detentions�

Britain�s human rights record attacked in EU report

Bush aide jailed for dirty tricks scandal

FBI Secret Probes: 3,501 Targets in the U.S.

Is America Becoming A Police State?

Mystery surrounds green �comet�

'United 93' Cover-up; CIA/ Pentagon PsyOps Exposed

Media liars exposed

US reveals full Guantanamo list

Release Of Pentagon Images Direct Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement

Blair urges overhaul of UK rights laws

Scotland Yard chief under renewed pressure to quit

A government out of control

Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Inside Bush�s Secret Spy Net

Catholics protest at Da Vinci film

Federal Source To ABC: We Know Who You�re Calling

Iraq WMD: The LIE That Won�t Go Away

Lying about spying

More official lies and evasions on London bombings


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