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1. Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack
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2. Pro-Torture, Pro-Tyranny Media Rebukes Brave Falun Gong Protester
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3. Drugs companies 'inventing diseases to boost their profits'
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4. National Director of Minutemen Calls Southern Border "Warzone"
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5. The Confusion of Tongues
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6. Former White House Chief Of Staff Andy Card's Cousin Jailed For Making Case Iraq Was "No Threat And Invasion Was Illegal."


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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 13:31:45 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack

Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack
Guide the planes in, then destroy the crime scene

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/ April 21 2006

Former Helmut Schmidt cabinet member, 25-year German Parliamentarian and global intelligence expert Andreas Von Bülow says that the 9/11 attack was run by the highest levels of the US intelligence apparatus using WTC Building 7 as a command bunker which was later demolished in order to destroy the crime scene.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network, Von Bülow said that "the official story is so wrong, it must be an inside job."

Von Bülow discussed the special software programs that allow the CIA to track suspicious stock market movements in real time. Record put options placed on United and American Airlines in the week before 9/11, a speculation that the stock would crash, clearly indicated inside foreknowledge of the impending attack.

"If the stock market has very strange movements immediately they take care of this and they had a lot of tapes and the lawyers told the people destroy these tapes."

"The Bush administration is in a deep defensive [mode] and probably they would like to come out with a new offensive," said Von Bülow as he considered whether a new staged false flag terror attack could be launched to further an interventionist agenda.

"I would hope that one 'new Pearl Harbor' is enough," said Von Bülow, "but I cannot be sure."

Von Bülow commented on the disputed identities of the named hijackers.

"The names of these nineteen [hijackers] never came up in the official passenger list, until now there's no proof they were on the planes."

Von Bülow also pointed out how the alleged hijacker's flight instructors told investigators that they couldn't even fly Cessna's, never mind complex large commercial airliners.

Von Bülow also touched upon the implausible collapse of the buildings.

"The towers came down in the velocity of free fall which is totally impossible, they fall down in 8, 9, or 10 seconds, the pancake theory is ridiculous," he said.

Von Bülow also highlighted the fact that there were 67 successful intercepts of errant aircraft in the year of 2001 before 9/11 and yet four planes were allowed to veer wildly off course without any being intercepted on that one day.

Rudolph Giuliani opened a $13 million emergency Command Center (pictured) on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center Building 7 in June 1999 in part to respond to and manage terrorist attacks.

Von Bülow referenced the command bunker in Building 7, calling it the "optimal place" to run the attacks using remote control technology to guide the planes in and then destroying the crime scene by imploding the building.

"There were two procedures, one was flying in the aircraft the second was the explosions," he said.

When asked precisely which parties carried out the attack Von Bülow said it must have been a "very small group" within the CIA with the help of Saudi Arabian and Pakistani secret service intelligence.

Von Bülow outlined his view that one reason for the execution of 9/11 was to provide the justification for US military bases in the near and Middle East to be built in anticipation for a future confrontation with China, whom the Neo-Cons believe have grown too powerful and need to have their geopolitical wings clipped.

Click here to listen to Von Bülow's interview.

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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 13:34:04 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Pro-Torture, Pro-Tyranny Media Rebukes Brave Falun Gong Protester

Pro-Torture, Pro-Tyranny Media Rebukes Brave Falun Gong Protester
Woman who told mass murdering dictator Hu "your days are numbered" grabbed and arrested by secret service

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/ April 21 2006

The courageous and awe-inspiring actions of the Falun Gong member who warned China's imperial festering slug dictator Hu Jintao that his "day's were numbered" were met with a reaction that foretells the collapse of America into the exact same style of tyrannical despotism mastered by the absolute rulers of China.

Wang Wenyi, a reporter for The Epoch Times, admonished President Bush to stop Hu from persecuting the Falun Gong and after a couple of minutes was grabbed by secret service agents who are now trying to charge her with intimidating a foreign official.

A foreign official who rules over a Communist jackboot society in which any dissent is crushed by the iron fist of the state.

After listening to talk radio in the hours after the incident, we were sickened to hear radio hosts and callers attacking the demonstrator for daring to interrupt President Bush, claiming that it sent the wrong message to China in that the US was not able to manage geopolitical events smoothly.

They were actually insinuating that it was an American virtue to silence free speech and dissent and that the demonstrator made the country look weak to the visiting Chinese despots.

This was echoed by news anchors across the nation. Watch the video and notice how the CNN presenters express relief when the secret service finally grabs and drags her away.

The Drudge Report picked up stories about how not only Chinese TV but also CNN International had tried to censor the protester.

"On China TV: As Hu was speaking when yells of protesters became audible, the screen went black. When the feed came back the screen once again went black when woman was again heard. During CNN International's post-speech commentary, at mention of south lawn heckler, the screen also went black again. The CNN feed returned when the incident ended."

Derek Mitchell, a former Pentagon advisor told the Associated Press that the spectacle was an embarrassment because China, "must know that this Bush administration is good at controlling crowds for themselves, and the fact that they couldn't control this is going to play to their worse fears and suspicions about the United States, into mistrust about American intentions toward China."

The only embarrassment is Mitchell - he is an embarrassment to what it means to be an American. How dare this boot-licking pond scum piece of trash equate the image of America with crowd control and the wholesale abolition of free speech? The Bush administration's taste for staged-managed public town hall meetings and "free-speech zones" would sit perfectly with the Chinese dictatorship as shining examples of how to create the false perception that dissent is only confined to the fringes of society.

If the Bush administration was really devoted to encouraging freedom around the world then why is it cosying up to and making apologies for the most mechanized and tyrannical police state on planet earth?

US officials involved in Hu's visit were quoted by Reuters expressing their anger that it took more than two minutes to grab Wenyi and worried about how it would reflect on Hu's team of traveling bottom feeding power prostitutes.

The reaction from Bush was to be expected. His apology was not offered to Falun Gong or the millions of other persecuted and tortured for his failure to demand answers from Hu, but to Hu himself for the unfortunate embarrassment it caused.

Are we surprised that a President who has presided over a global torture policy and declared himself to be above the law finds common ground with a sniveling disgusting puss filled worm in the shape of Hu Jintao?

A recent report by Sky News, in which a journalist secretly filmed interviews with Chinese dissidents and peasants, revealed that the Chinese government had enacted a brutal policy of enforced displacement. The Government and its contractors are seizing people's land and homes and building their own developments on it, forcing the population into living lives of poverty and squalor.

No notification, no legal procedure, no just compensation, the bulldozers and men with machine guns turn up, the inhabitants are dragged out onto the street and the home is demolished.

In countryside areas, the sadistic PLA swoops in on farmers and forcibly ejects them from their own land while communities, showing more backbone than the average American jellyfish, fight and claw back with shovels and farm tools in the face of a highly trained military death squad armed to the teeth with high powered assault weapons.

Massacres on the scale of Tiananmen Square routinely take place with barely a whimper of interest from the western media or governments.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Chinese government is diagnosing anyone who speaks out as having "political monomania," abducting them and taking them to psychiatric hospitals as part of the notorious Ankang system. There they are subject to re-education brainwashing, forced medication, torture and electric shock therapy.

But these are the lucky ones. Concentration camps like the one at Sujiatun are filled with entire families of peaceful Falun Gong practitioners or even mild dissenters. Vomit inducing organ harvesting procedures are performed on live subjects and their remains cremated to hide the evidence.

The forte of the Chinese dictatorship has always been iron fist totalitarianism spanning back to the days of Mao when people who owned any substantial amount of property were abducted and tortured to death.

Mao's reign of terror claimed the lives of at least 50 million people and yet today the image of Mao in the west has been made into a cuddly caricature of cultural sophistication, with restaurants opening in both the US and UK glorifying a stereotype of mass murder, starvation and dehumanization.

Last year the London Guardian reported that Chinese cosmetics companies are using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe.

Stories of organ harvesting from political prisoners and Falun Gong members are widespread and confirmed by multiple mainstream sources, including this week the esteemed British Transplantation Society, yet the state department, even contradicting it's own reports, suggested that it is an "urban myth."

China also still has a policy of public execution for dissidents. The country has flirted with mobile execution vans as it shifts away from the communist system's traditional bullet in the head, towards a more "civilized" use of lethal injection.

The issues of forced sterilization and forced abortion have also recently resurfaced in the Communist country. Despite withdrawing some funds for these policies, the Bush administration still bankrolls UNESCO projects which have had direct links to forced abortions and sterilizations.

American corporations like Google and Yahoo follow the orders of their Chinese masters, aiding the creation of the most entrenched system of censorship every witnessed and reporting pro-freedom activists to the authorities who are later arrested and tortured.

Alex Jones stated plainly that the events we saw unfold yesterday at Bush and Hu's public address illustrate nothing less than the fact that we are living in a dictatorship.

"Worship of unbridled power leads to tyranny. Tyranny to slavery and slavery to unimagined human degradation, humiliation and genocide. To watch my fellow countrymen make excuses for the unarguably most evil and longest lasting despotism, the Communist Chinese, causes me to realize that America for all intents and purposes is gone," said Jones.

"Our elite is wedded to the corrupt elite of China and they're waging war against free humans everywhere. To see decadent westerners making excuses for Bush and China is the height of folly but we must understand that the average American associates themselves with the power structure and doesn't realize that their life their liberty their destiny is cheaper than dirt to the infinitely corrupt New World Order."

"Our civilization is run and controlled by degenerate sadistic psychopathic control freak filth. Killing is their business and business is good."

"They're killing America."


Related: Falun Gong Demonstrator Embarrasses Global Mafia

Related: China: New World Order Litmus Test

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 08:05:55 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Drugs companies 'inventing diseases to boost their profits'

Drugs companies 'inventing diseases to boost their profits'

By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent

April 11, 2006
The Times

PHARMACEUTICAL companies are systematically creating diseases in order to sell more of their products, turning healthy people into patients and placing many at risk of harm, a special edition of a leading medical journal claims today.

The practice of “diseasemongering” by the drug industry is promoting non-existent illnesses or exaggerating minor ones for the sake of profits, according to a set of essays published by the open-access journal Public Library of Science Medicine.

The special issue, edited by David Henry, of Newcastle University in Australia, and Ray Moynihan, an Australian journalist, reports that conditions such as female sexual dysfunction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and “restless legs syndrome” have been promoted by companies hoping to sell more of their drugs.

Other minor problems that are a normal part of life, such as symptoms of the menopause, are also becoming increasingly “medicalised”, while risk factors such as high cholesterol levels or osteoporosis are being presented as diseases in their own right, according to the editors.

“Disease-mongering turns healthy people into patients, wastes precious resources and causes iatrogenic (medically induced) harm,” they say. “Like the marketing strategies that drive it, disease-mongering poses a global challenge to those interested in public health, demanding in turn a global response.”

Doctors, patients and support groups need to be more aware that pharmaceutical companies are taking this approach, and more research is needed into the changing ways in which conditions are presented, according to the writers.

Disease-awareness campaigns are often funded by drug companies, and “more often designed to sell drugs than to illuminate or inform or educate about the prevention of illness or the maintenance of health”, they say.

Particular conditions that are highlighted in the journal include sexual function in both men and women. The prevalence of female sexual dysfunction, one paper claims, has been highly exaggerated to provide a new market for drugs, while the makers of anti-impotence medicines, such as Viagra and Cialis, have been involved with their presentation as lifestyle drugs that can boost the sexual prowess of healthy men.

Ordinary shyness is routinely presented as a social anxiety disorder and treated with antidepressants, while newly identified conditions such as “restless legs syndrome” — a constant urge to move one’s legs — are presented as being much more common than they really are.

Richard Ley, of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, rejected the accusations, pointing out that Britain has firm safeguards against disease-mongering. Many of the authors’ criticisms, he said, were aimed squarely at countries such as the United States, where pharmaceuticals can be openly advertised directly to patients.

“Drug companies are not allowed to communicate directly with patients, and we do not invent diseases,” he said.

“We provide information that there are treatments out there that might help certain conditions, but at the end of the day it is down to health professionals to decide if they are appropriate.

“The best safeguard is that the doctor who knows the product and knows the patient’s history is the one who decides what to prescribe.”


Symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats and loss of libido
Criticism too often “medicalised” as part of a “disorder” when it is a normal phase of life

Symptoms include constipation, cramps and diarrhoea
Criticism promoted by drug companies as a serious illness needing therapy, when it is usually a mild problem

Symptoms impotence in men, lack of libido or difficulty becoming aroused in women
Criticism drugs such as Viagra marketed not only for treating genuine erectile dysfunction caused by medical problems but as lifestyle improvers

Symptoms thinning of the bones, particularly among postmenopausal women
Criticism portrayed as a disease in its own right, when it is really a risk factor for broken bones

Symptoms urge to move legs because of unpleasant feelings, often at night
Criticism prevalence of a relatively rare condition exaggerated by the media, along with the need for treatment,,3-2128371,00.html


Disease Mongering: Corporations Create New 'Illnesses'

April 13, 2006

"Disease mongering exploits the deepest atavistic fears of suffering and death. It is in the interests of pharmaceutical companies to extend the range of the abnormal so that the market for treatments is proportionately enlarged." Iona Heath, General Practitioner at the Caversham Practice in London
Prevention is conspicuously absent from today's public health scene. The use of nutrition and other natural means of preventing and curing illness is actively, if covertly, discouraged by most health authorities across the world. It is strictly forbidden to inform the public about preventive and curative properties of any product not registered as a pharmaceutical drug, creating the illusion that foods and nutrition are ineffective in prevention and healing. But more importantly even - normal, everyday behavior is increasingly medicalized, actually creating new diseases that 'must be treated'.

Some of the diseases that are actively promoted to justify drug treatment include, according to a recent article in The Guardian, erectile dysfunction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), female sexual dysfunction (FSD), bipolar disorder and restless legs syndrome.

Image Credit: Anthony Flores

In his article. The Latest Mania: Selling Bipolar Disorder, David Healy, writing in PLoS Medicine - a peer reviewed, open access journal of the Public Library of Science - analyzes how, by change of definitions, bipolar disorder has been made into a 'common disease'. The problem is that the cure - 'mood stabilizing' drugs - has not been tested in any meaningful way in a long term setting. The side effects of the medications which are often as serious as death by suicide, change the equation for the much enlarged group of potential patients. Those side effects become a real problem, often more serious than the condition was to begin with.

"Disease mongering turns healthy people into patients, wastes precious resources, and causes iatrogenic harm. Like the marketing strategies that drive it, disease mongering poses a global challenge to those interested in public health, demanding in turn a global response," write Ray Moynihan and David Henry, guest editors at PLoS Medicine, in their article outlining the problem for the April 2006 issue of the journal. "In our view, disease mongering is the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness and grows the markets for those who sell and deliver treatments."
First Disease Mongering Conference...

- - -

Vera Hassner Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection - AHRP - informs that "an Inaugural Conference on Disease-Mongering, April, 11 to 13, is being hosted by the Newcastle Institute of Public Health and School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The conference program is available from

Sharav adds that an important issue was not included in the conference discussions :

"Big Pharma money and advertising not only influence the perception of illness, the demand for drugs, and the practice of medicine, but government budgets, including health service and oversight agencies have become dependent on Big Pharma money. An out of the box analysis opened our eyes to a fundamental conflict of interest that has never been discussed. Public health policies are not merely influenced by Big Pharma; they are formulated so as to increase industry’s profits because GOVERNMENT BUDGETS are tied to this industry’s profits." (more...)
While National Health Services in most developed countries where modern medicine is practiced are all but breaking down under the load of rapidly rising costs, these same services are doing anything possible to facilitate the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine is largely operated as a business and it is only natural that the maximization of profits would be one of its primary aims. Often profit conflicts with what we see as the aim of medicine - prevention and real healing.

Three broad steps to overcome the predicament

1 - Personal responsibility: First of all, people should be made aware that their health is their own to take care of, and they should be given the tools to do so. This includes information about biochemical facts, health and nutrition, early recognition of signs of disease and prompt preventive intervention with nutrition, including supplements and other non-toxic natural means. We need an operating manual for good health.

2 - Medical pluralism: When disease has developed, the method of treatment should be decided in agreement between medical professional and patient and the choices should include all known methods, regardless of 'general acceptance'. We must strive to overcome the de-facto monopoly of pharma-centered western medicine in treating disease. Once we choose medical pluralism, the most successful treatments will become the most popular.

3 - Real understanding: Research should not be restricted to finding the next new blockbuster drug but should instead lead to understanding biochemical pathways and the human body's own mechanisms of protection and real healing. The aim would be to allow medicine, with simple interventions, to help human bodies heal themselves while abstaining from damaging interventions that merely suppress symptoms.

Certainly, these are far reaching changes, but the direction is clear: We must choose between pampering an already immensely profitable industry and achieving our goals for public health. In today's world, the two are clearly incompatible.

Further reading and links:

The Nation: A Disease for Every Pill
[from the October 17, 2005 issue]

UK: House of Commons Health Committee (2005)
The influence of the pharmaceutical industry. (PDF)

The Telegraph: Should we keep taking the tablets?

The Guardian: Drug firms accused of turning healthy people into patients

PLoS Medicine: Bigger and Better: How Pfizer Redefined Erectile Dysfunction

PLoS Medicine: Medicine Goes to School: Teachers as Sickness Brokers for ADHD

PLoS Medicine: Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Case Study of Disease Mongering and Activist Resistance

PLoS Medicine: Giving Legs to Restless Legs: A Case Study of How the Media Helps Make People Sick

PLoS Medicine: The Latest Mania: Selling Bipolar Disorder

Inaugural Conference on Disease Mongering
April 11 to 13 2006, Newcastle, Australia

- - -

Beldeu Singh, who has contributed several articles to this site, adds his point of view, extending the list of artificially created diseases:


In our newspaper I saw the above headline to an interesting article that says "Pharmaceutical companies are systematically creating diseases to sell their products, turning healthy people into patients and placing many at risk, a special edition of a medical journal claimed today.

The practice of "disease-mongering" by the drug industry is promoting non-existent illnesses or exaggerating minor ones for the sake of profits, according to the journal PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE MEDICINE" (NST, Wednesday April 12, 2006 p 28).

The "diseases" include menopause, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, ADHD and restless legs.

"Other minor problems that are a normal part of life such as symptoms of menopause are also becoming increasingly "medicalised" while risk factors such as
high cholesterol levels or osteoporosis are being presented as diseases in their own right, the editors said.

"Disease-mongering turns healthy people into patients, wastes resources and causes iatrogenic (medically induced) harm".

This article appeared in THE TIMES and you may have seen it. We have written along similar lines as noted in many articles including those below.

1. Beldeu Singh: Can I Have my Chemo Supplement Please?
March, 2006 - The future is written in emerging history. As it is emerging and slowly creeping upon us, we find medical associations banning ...

2. And the smell of scandal in the drug industry does not stop there with this one drug called AZT. Julian Whitaker M.D. said that "Ritalin is legally sanctioned "Speed". Ritalin is the number one prescription drug for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This drug has such tremendous potential for abuse that it is classified as a controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Ritalin is an amphetamine (in street jargon, "speed") with a lengthy list of side effects, including nervousness, insomnia, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, palpitations, headaches, irregular heart rhythms, and psychic dependence - in short, addiction.

Following the acceptance of ADD/ADHD as medical diagnoses, sales of Ritalin and similar stimulants have skyrocketed, with more than 6 million such prescriptions being written in 1995, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. In fact, Ritalin's appeal to drug users and its potential for abuse are so high that US House Judiciary Chair Henry Hyde (R-IL) recently filed a request with the General Accounting Office (GAO) to conduct an investigation of Ritalin abuse in public schools. "In 1996 the World Health Organization warned that Ritalin over-use has reached dangerous proportions. Ritalin, for instance, may provoke seizures and suppress growth, or it may cause angina, blood pressure changes, depression or any of a very long list of serious side effects," Dr. Allen Buresz. Very likely, Ritalin is another drug with free radical generating toxicity.

Class action lawsuits have been filed in Texas, California and New Jersey charging Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, maker of Ritalin, with conspiracy to create the psychiatric disorder known as ADHD in order to fuel the market for their product."

These lawsuits filed in Texas, California and New Jersey claim that the booming success of Ritalin is the result of a conspiracy in which the American Psychiatric Association, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp. and national parents' group Children and Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) colluded to create the diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

It's a scary business out there. You can create a diagnosis to market your product! (see: THE AZT LABEL)

3. Biologically, menopause is not a medical problem and it is not entirely correct to say that "she was diagnosed with menopause". It is not a medical problem that needs "treatment" although it is associated with sleep disorders but sound medical advice and support helps. Menopause is a natural aging process and must be managed in that perspective.

see: Managing the Aging Process After Menopause

- - -

HARMACEUTICAL - a new word created probably unintentionally - seems to be a potentially very descriptive term for the pharma crowd.

I found it in the Crusador newsletter - Health Lies Exposed...

Drugs Companies 'Inventing Diseases to Boost Their Profits'
Date: 4/21/06 Author: Mark Henderson Source: The Times of London

PHARMACEUTICAL companies are systematically creating diseases in order to sell more of their products, turning healthy people into patients and placing many at risk of harm, a special edition of a leading medical journal claims today.
read more

Also related:

Monterey Herald - The business of selling sickness

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:58:01 -0700
From: "smacko" <>
Subject: National Director of Minutemen Calls Southern Border "Warzone"

National Director of Minutemen Calls Southern Border "Warzone"
Calls for sheriff's to deputize members for armed guard

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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:15:39 -0400
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: The Confusion of Tongues

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
The Confusion of Tongues

Do I understand your question, man,
Is it hopeless and forlorn? - Bob Dylan

Yesterday morning I was watching a streaming English-language news broadcast from Russia. (And I expect that's enough cause right there for the telecommunication giants to seek the end of the Internet as we know it.) The lead story was the press conference of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the main points hit by the Russia Today correspondent were Ahmadinejad's renouncing nuclear weapons as contrary to Islam and his reiteration of Iran's 30-year commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, though Iran reserved the right to revisit its commitment if adherence to the treaty imperiled its sovereignty.

It was an unexpectedly optimistic piece. Ahmadinejad was allowed to speak at length and appeared relaxed and informed while fielding questions. If the excerpts were representative and the translation accurate, he appeared to be credibly attempting to defuse the crisis.

Naturally we need to compensate for spin whatever the source, and Russian news tailored for a foreign audience has a spin no less than Wolf Blitzer's Panic Room. Knowing that, I was still taken aback by the absolute unfamiliarity of the same press conference when soon after I started reading accounts of it in the Western media. The accent was almost entirely upon provocation, not concilation: the UN "lacks guts" to impose sanctions; "Defiant Iran in threat to quit nuclear treaty"; and "Iranian President insists 'Israel can not continue to live.'"

There's a Central Casting-like quality to Ahmadinejad's villainy. If he didn't exist the Pentagon would have had to create him to justify moving the goalpost to Tehren. And perhaps they did. (The election fraud, rule by crisis and religious fascism are certainly familiar enough. A reformist Iranian government was the war party's nightmare.) But did he really say that? Did he insist that Israel must die? The headline is drawn from this quote, provided without context: "We say that this fake regime cannot logically continue to live." To arrive at the headline, the government has to be conflated with the nation. Likewise we could say about the Bush administration, and with considerable accuracy, that "this fake regime cannot logically continue to survive." (Without knowing Farsi I'll presume that the original could be translated as either "to live" or "to survive.") And is that the same as saying America must die?

Ahmadinejad says the darnedest things, but perhaps, when translated, his rhetoric is subject to overinflation by parties interested in conflict.

But perhaps it doesn't matter. Does it matter that we've barely learned how to pronounce his name before he's become This Year's Hitler? It doesn't matter what anyone says at this suddenly late stage, past the fail safe point of anticipation. Iran and the United States do not see the need to talk to each other, and the go-between media appears only to egg them on like a pack of jumpy kids itching for the stimulus of a good after-school fight. (How's June sound?)

All things being equal, a chorus of just one wise word, something like "Enough," should be sufficient now to deter the Bush regime which, judging by the politics alone, ought to be the most vulnerable since Nixon's circa 1974. But nothing's equal anymore, and American politics is putting on an ever-more piss-poor pantomime of representative government. The old vocabularies have expired. Throw their lexicons on the Lexus, and burn the Lexus. We need to learn a new language before we can speak this truth to that power.

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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:35:45 -0400
Subject: Former White House Chief Of Staff Andy Card's Cousin Jailed For Making Case Iraq Was "No Threat And Invasion Was Illegal."

Former White House Chief Of Staff Andy Card's Cousin Jailed For Making Case Iraq Was "No Threat And Invasion Was Illegal."

Susan Lindauer, a journalist and former Congressional aide, held in federal correctional facility six months for psychiatric evaluation after bogus espionage charges dropped. Lindauer told Bush officials, including Card, Iraq was no threat according to her intelligence sources, but became target herself.

27 Apr 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The story of another American political prisoner needs to be told, a story about journalist Susan Lindauer illegally jailed and placed under psychiatric evaluation for urging the U.S. government not to attack Iraq since it had no weapons of mass destruction.

As bizarre as it sounds, it's true according to Mark Bilk, J. Buford Fields and Janet Phelan, three concerned citizens and activists trying to get Lindauer released from a federal correctional center.

Lindauer,42, an ex-Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter, former U.S. Congressional aide and a cousin of White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, was charged in March 2004 with espionage for conspiring to act as a spy and being an unregistered Iraqi agent.

Although the espionage charge has since been dropped, U.S. prosecutors originally alleged the antiwar activist accepted $10,000 from Hussein's intelligence unit over five years and sought to support resistance groups after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Lindauer always had categorically denied accepting Iraqi money, saying she was framed for wanting to go public about sensitive information she possessed about the illegal Iraqi invasion, as well as information she was going to publish clearly demonstrating that Pan Am Flight 103 was an inside government job and blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by Syrians, not Libyans as the U.S. insists.

Lindauer has recently been charged with posing as an unregistered lobbyist, but jailed six months ago even though she has not been convicted of a crime, technically being held for psychiatric observation.

Although the Arctic Beacon has tried to interview Lindauer this week, federal authorities are not allowing her to talk to the media, as she remains essentially a political prisoner, according to the trio of activists fighting for her release, at MCC NEW YORK METROPOLITAN CORRECTIONAL CENTER, 150 PARK ROW, NEW YORK, NY under the inmate number of 56064-054.

"She's been imprisoned by the federal government for six months for psychiatric evaluation, despite the fact that she was found to be quite sane by a court-appointed psychiatrist who had many sessions with her before her imprisonment," said Bilk Wednesday on Greg Szymanski's popular radio show, The Investigative Journal, making a case for Lindauer's immediate release.

"We are urgently seeking legal representation for Susan Lindauer, a journalist who met with some Iraqis associated with the UN delegation, and then through her cousin Andrew Card, the White House Chief of Staff, urged the U.S. government not to attack Iraq since it had no weapons of mass destruction.

"She has not been tried, much less convicted of a crime. She's now being held in a New York City federal prison. She's scheduled for a hearing as early as May 2, next week, to determine whether she should be forcibly drugged."

The trio of activists finally decided to take to the airwaves on Szymanski's radio show after becoming fruistrated with the mainstream media who has ignored the case, downplaying its importance.

Lindauer has been jailed since last October for psychiatric evaluation despite the fact she was found mentally competent by a court-appointed psychiatrist who evaluated Landauer numerous times before her imprisonment.

She is schedule for a May 4 competency hearing in a New York courtroom and Bilk and the others fear she'll be "locked away as insane" to avoid a trial or public debate on the charges. Further, the hearing is being held to determine if the state will be allowed to forcibly continue administering drugs without her consent.

"I think our only hope is to find a good lawyer before the hearing," added Bilk.

Janet Phelan, a journalist who became aware of the Lindauer's struggles, alerting both Bilk and Fields to her political persecution, said Lindauer was trying to use her intelligence sources to warn government officials the Iraqi War was wrong, but it backfired when forces inside the government turned their attack on her.

"Now they want to label her mentally incompetent in order to discredit her," said Phelan on the Investigative Journal radio broadcast.

Besides the Iraqi connection regarding sensitive WMD information and her family ties to the White House Chief of Staff, Lindauer became embroiled with former CIA agent. Dr. Richard Fuisz, who claimed Libya was not responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

In 2000, a gag order was placed on Dr. Fuisz by the U.S. government under state secrecy laws, facing 10 years in prison if he revealed any information about the terrorist attack.

According to a Sunday Herald article one month before a court order was served on him by the US government gagging him from speaking on the grounds of national security, he spoke to US congressional aide Susan Lindauer, telling her he knew the identities of the Lockerbie bombers and claiming they were not Libyan.

The 2000 article, appearing in London but not here, went on to say:

"In her affidavit, she goes on: "DrFuisz has told me that he can identify who orchestrated and executed the bombing. Dr Fuisz has said that he can confirm absolutely that no Libyan national was involved in planning or executing the bombing of Pan Am 103, either in any technical or advisory capacity whatsoever."

"Fuisz's statements to Lindauer support the claims of the two Libyan accused who are to incriminate a number of terrorist organisations, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, which had strong links to Syria and Iran."

The article went on to say that Lindauer said Fuisz told her he could provide information on Middle Eastern terrorists, and referred to Lockerbie as an "example of an unsolved bombing case that he said he has the immediate capability to resolve".

Lindauer also said that Fuisz told her CIA staff had destroyed reports he sent them on Lockerbie. Lindauer also refers in her affidavit to speculation that the USA shifted any connection to Lockerbie away from Syria to Libya in return for its support during the Gulf war.

"She added that Fuisz told her: "If the [US] government would let me, I could identify the men behind this attack today. I could do the right thing ... I could go into any crowded restaurant and pick out these men ... I can tell you their home addresses ... You won't find [them] anywhere in Libya. You will only find [them] in Damascus. I was investigating on the ground and I know."

Regarding her recent connections leading to espionage charges in conspiring with Iraqi terrorists, a charge since dropped, J. Fields who is helping to get Lindauer set free said her publicly defender has "failed to mount any serious defense."

Writing on a web site compiling a case on her behalf at Fields added:

"Susan is not charged with espionage or treason. She is charged with being an unregistered lobbyist, and the Justice Department flowered up the indictment. They alleged that she conspired with the sons of the Iraq diplomat representing Iraq in weapons inspection talks. Those sons were not convicted of anything, but were shipped out of the country on immigration charges. Susan's attorney, I'm told, has no depositions even from them, and he had plenty of time to get the job done before they were deported.

"Susan has witnesses who know her thoughts during the FBI's attempted counter intelligence sting operation. She told the FBI agent that she knew he was no intelligence officer from Libya, and said same to Park Godfrey, an IT professor who now lives in Toronto, who boarded with her at the time. This is one of her witnesses that her lawyer has refused to interview.

"Her lawyer wants to claim in court that Susan's insistence that she was trying to work as an asset (or was doing so) for American intelligence agencies is delusional. Unfortunately for him, Susan's connections were well documented by the Scottish court during the Lockerbie trial, where it seems our government, or at least its political leadership, was so eager to not look impotent that they knowingly prosecuted Libyans instead of the Syrians who Susan claimed Dr. Fuisz, reportedly the former Syria CIA station chief, told Susan he knew had planned and executed it. Susan provided a deposition to the court, and it is in the Scottish press and court documents, the PDF of the CIA's letter, not equivocating about Dr. Fuisz's employment status one bit, but releasing him from his oath of silence in that matter.

"From my point of view, Susan told anybody she could what she was up to. Given the notorious lack of human intelligence assets in Iraq, it seems to me that the likelihood that the CIA was ignorant of what Andy Card's cousin was up to, is very unlikely. The fact that she did have access to senior diplomats, and the fact that she was Andy Card's cousin all fits pretty well to argue against delusion. With such access and connections, any peace activist might feel compelled to engage.

"Susan's Psychiatric records during pre-trial counseling are posted on the website. You will see that the doctor directly addresses the question of psychosis and finds contrary to what her lawyer and the prosecution are alleging."


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