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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 07:53:15 -0600
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Subject: JImmy Carter Urges Troop Withdrawal From Iraq:

Goodmorning and I hope all had a goodnight. And, will have a super day.
*Jimmy Carter, Bless His Soul*, sure has the precisely right idea. Love
, Maggie (Lets all Pray he gets his wish). BLessed Be. Everyone be sure

Carter Urges Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
Associated Press Writer
03/08/06 "AP" -- -- Former President Jimmy Carter criticized the war in
Iraq on Wednesday, urging a troop drawdown as the United States enters
its fourth year of conflict in Iraq.
"It was a completely unnecessary war. It was an unjust war," said
Carter, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner. "It was initiated on the
basis of false pretenses. All of those are true, but we can't just
pre-emptively withdraw."
He urged the Bush administration to bring home as many troops as
possible within the next 12 months.
"The violence is increasing monthly," Carter said. "My prayer is we'll
see some kind of democracy eventually evolve."
His comments came at a news conference before a building dedication at
the University of Washington.
Carter was the keynote speaker at the dedication of the university's new
Genome Sciences and Bioengineering Building in honor of William H.
Foege. Foege directed the federal Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention during Carter's presidency and later headed The Carter
Center, which promotes peace and health programs around the world.
Carter credited Foege with saving the lives of millions of people
through his efforts to eradicate smallpox, Guinea worm and river
blindness, and by encouraging childhood immunization.
Foege works with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which contributed
$50 million for the building.

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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:42:19 -0500
From: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>
Subject: Impeachment/DU/New Orleans/More

Free Americans
Reaching Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free
Via <>

March 9, 2006

From: "Adam Trombly" <>
Date: March 8, 2006 7:52:36 AM EST
To: <>
Subject: The Case for Impeachment

Once again I find myself extremely grateful to Lewis H. Lapham for his
eloquence and his courage. Please pass this on to all of your contacts
and to the editors of all of your local and national media outlets.
Also pass it on to your State and United States Representatives. Let us
all join together as Americans and as global citizens to exorcise these
monsters from our midst. We have no time for hesitation...

The Case for Impeachment

Why we can
no longer afford George W. Bush

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2006. An excerpt from an essay in the
March 2006 Harper's Magazine. By Lewis H. Lapham.


A country is not only what it does�it is also what it puts up with,
what it tolerates. �Kurt Tucholsky

On December 18 of last year, Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D., Mich.)
introduced into the House of Representatives a resolution inviting it
to form �a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent
to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of
pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture,
retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding
grounds for possible impeachment.� Although buttressed two days
previously by the news of the National Security Agency's illegal
surveillance of the American citizenry, the request attracted little or
no attention in the press�nothing on television or in the major papers,
some scattered applause from the left-wing blogs, heavy sarcasm on the
websites flying the flags of the militant right. The nearly complete
silence raised the question as to what it was the congressman had in
mind, and to whom did he think he was speaking? In time of war few
propositions would seem as futile as the attempt to impeach a president
whose political party controls the Congress; as the ranking member of
the House Judiciary Committee stationed on Capitol Hill for the last
forty years, Representative Conyers presumably knew that to expect the
Republican caucus in the House to take note of his invitation, much
less arm it with the power of subpoena, was to expect a miracle of
democratic transformation and rebirth not unlike the one looked for by
President Bush under the prayer rugs in Baghdad. Unless the congressman
intended some sort of symbolic gesture, self-serving and harmless, what
did he hope to prove or to gain? He answered the question in early
January, on the phone from Detroit during the congressional winter

�To take away the excuse,� he said, �that we didn't know.� So that two
or four or ten years from now, if somebody should ask, �Where were you,
Conyers, and where was the United States Congress?� when the Bush
Administration declared the Constitution inoperative and revoked the
license of parliamentary government, none of the company now present
can plead ignorance or temporary insanity, can say that �somehow it
escaped our notice� that the President was setting himself up as a
supreme leader exempt from the rule of law.

A reason with which it was hard to argue but one that didn't account
for the congressman's impatience. Why not wait for a showing of
supportive public opinion, delay the motion to impeach until after next
November's elections? Assuming that further investigation of the
President's addiction to the uses of domestic espionage finds him
nullifying the Fourth Amendment rights of a large number of his fellow
Americans, the Democrats possibly could come up with enough votes,
their own and a quorum of disenchanted Republicans, to send the man
home to Texas. Conyers said:

�I don't think enough people know how much damage this administration
can do to their civil liberties in a very short time. What would you
have me do? Grumble and complain? Make cynical jokes? Throw up my hands
and say that under the circumstances nothing can be done? At least I
can muster the facts, establish a record, tell the story that ought to
be front-page news.�

Which turned out to be the purpose of his House Resolution 635�not a
high-minded tilting at windmills but the production of a report, 182
pages, 1,022 footnotes, assembled by Conyers's staff during the six
months prior to its presentation to Congress, that describes the Bush
Administration's invasion of Iraq as the perpetration of a crime
against the American people. It is a fair description. Drawing on
evidence furnished over the last four years by a sizable crowd of
credible witnesses�government officials both extant and former,
journalists, military officers, politicians, diplomats domestic and
foreign�the authors of the report find a conspiracy to commit fraud,
the administration talking out of all sides of its lying mouth,
secretly planning a frivolous and unnecessary war while at the same
time pretending in its public statements that nothing was further from
the truth.[1] The result has proved tragic, but on reading through the
report's corroborating testimony I sometimes could counter its
inducements to mute rage with the thought that if the would-be lords of
the flies weren't in the business of killing people, they would be seen
as a troupe of off-Broadway comedians in a third-rate theater of the
absurd. Entitled �The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street
Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups
in the Iraq War,� the Conyers report examines the administration's
chronic abuse of power from more angles than can be explored within the
compass of a single essay. The nature of the administration's criminal
DNA and modus operandi, however, shows up in a usefully robust specimen
of its characteristic dishonesty.

* * *

That President George W. Bush comes to power with the intention of
invading Iraq is a fact not open to dispute. Pleased with the image of
himself as a military hero, and having spoken, more than once, about
seeking revenge on Saddam Hussein for the tyrant's alleged attempt to
�kill my Dad,� he appoints to high office in his administration a cadre
of warrior intellectuals, chief among them Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld, known to be eager for the glories of imperial conquest.[2] At
the first meeting of the new National Security Council on January 30,
2001, most of the people in the room discuss the possibility of
preemptive blitzkrieg against Baghdad.[3] In March the Pentagon
circulates a document entitled �Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oil Field
Contracts�; the supporting maps indicate the properties of interest to
various European governments and American corporations. Six months
later, early in the afternoon of September 11, the smoke still rising
from the Pentagon's western facade, Secretary Rumsfeld tells his staff
to fetch intelligence briefings (the �best info fast...go massive;
sweep it all up; things related and not�) that will justify an attack
on Iraq. By chance the next day in the White House basement, Richard A.
Clarke, national coordinator for security and counterterrorism,
encounters President Bush, who tells him to �see if Saddam did this.�
Nine days later, at a private dinner upstairs in the White House, the
President informs his guest, the British prime minister, Tony Blair,
that �when we have dealt with Afghanistan, we must come back to Iraq.�

By November 13, 2001, the Taliban have been rousted out of Kabul in
Afghanistan, but our intelligence agencies have yet to discover proofs
of Saddam Hussein's acquaintance with Al Qaeda.[4] President Bush isn't
convinced. On November 21, at the end of a National Security Council
meeting, he says to Secretary Rumsfeld, �What have you got in terms of
plans for Iraq?...I want you to get on it. I want you to keep it

The Conyers report doesn't return to the President's focus on Iraq
until March 2002, when it finds him peering into the office of
Condoleezza Rice, the national security advisor, to say, �Fuck Saddam.
We're taking him out.� At a Senate Republican Policy lunch that same
month on Capitol Hill, Vice President Dick Cheney informs the assembled
company that it is no longer a question of if the United States will
attack Iraq, it's only a question of when. The vice president doesn't
bring up the question of why, the answer to which is a work in
progress. By now the administration knows, or at least has reason to
know, that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks on
New York and Washington, that Iraq doesn't possess weapons of mass
destruction sufficiently ominous to warrant concern, that the regime
destined to be changed poses no imminent threat, certainly not to the
United States, probably not to any country defended by more than four
batteries of light artillery. Such at least is the conclusion of the
British intelligence agencies that can find no credible evidence to
support the theory of Saddam's connection to Al Qaeda or international
terrorism; �even the best survey of WMD programs will not show much
advance in recent years on the nuclear, missile and CW/BW weapons
fronts...� A series of notes and memoranda passing back and forth
between the British Cabinet Office in London and its correspondents in
Washington during the spring and summer of 2002 address the problem of
inventing a pretext for a war so fondly desired by the Bush
Administration that Sir Richard Dearlove, head of Britain's MI-6, finds
the interested parties in Washington fixing �the intelligence and the
facts...around the policy.� The American enthusiasm for regime change,
�undimmed� in the mind of Condoleezza Rice, presents complications.

Although Blair has told Bush, probably in the autumn of 2001, that
Britain will join the American military putsch in Iraq, he needs �legal
justification� for the maneuver�something noble and inspiring to say to
Parliament and the British public. No justification �currently exists.�
Neither Britain nor the United States is being attacked by Iraq, which
eliminates the excuse of self-defense; nor is the Iraqi government
currently sponsoring a program of genocide. Which leaves as the only
option the �wrong-footing� of Saddam. If under the auspices of the
United Nations he can be presented with an ultimatum requiring him to
show that Iraq possesses weapons that don't exist, his refusal to
comply can be taken as proof that he does, in fact, possess such

Over the next few months, while the British government continues to
look for ways to �wrong-foot� Saddam and suborn the U.N., various
operatives loyal to Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld bend
to the task of fixing the facts, distributing alms to dubious Iraqi
informants in return for map coordinates of Saddam's monstrous weapons,
proofs of stored poisons, of mobile chemical laboratories, of unmanned
vehicles capable of bringing missiles to Jerusalem.[6]

By early August the Bush Administration has sufficient confidence in
its doomsday story to sell it to the American public. Instructed to
come up with awesome text and shocking images, the White House Iraq
Group hits upon the phrase �mushroom cloud� and prepares a White Paper
describing the �grave and gathering danger� posed by Iraq's nuclear
arsenal.[7] The objective is three-fold�to magnify the fear of Saddam
Hussein, to present President Bush as the Christian savior of the
American people, a man of conscience who never in life would lead the
country into an unjust war, and to provide a platform of star-spangled
patriotism for Republican candidates in the November congressional

* * *

The Conyers report doesn't lack for further instances of the
administration's misconduct, all of them noted in the press over the
last three years�misuse of government funds, violation of the Geneva
Conventions, holding without trial and subjecting to torture
individuals arbitrarily designated as �enemy combatants,� etc.�but
conspiracy to commit fraud would seem reason enough to warrant the
President's impeachment. Before reading the report, I wouldn't have
expected to find myself thinking that such a course of action was
either likely or possible; after reading the report, I don't know why
we would run the risk of not impeaching the man. We have before us in
the White House a thief who steals the country's good name and
reputation for his private interest and personal use; a liar who seeks
to instill in the American people a state of fear; a televangelist who
engages the United States in a never-ending crusade against all the
world's evil, a wastrel who squanders a vast sum of the nation's wealth
on what turns out to be a recruiting drive certain to multiply the host
of our enemies. In a word, a criminal�known to be armed and shown to be
dangerous. Under the three-strike rule available to the courts in
California, judges sentence people to life in jail for having stolen
from Wal-Mart a set of golf clubs or a child's tricycle. Who then calls
strikes on President Bush, and how many more does he get before being
sent down on waivers to one of the Texas Prison Leagues?

* * *

The above is a brief excerpt from the complete essay, available in the
March 2006 issue of Harper's Magazine.


1. The report borrows from hundreds of open sources that have become a
matter of public record�newspaper accounts, television broadcasts
(Frontline, Meet the Press, Larry King Live, 60 Minutes, etc.),
magazine articles (in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The New York Review
of Books), sworn testimony in both the Senate and House of
Representatives, books written by, among others, Bob Woodward, George
Packer, Richard A. Clarke, James Mann, Mark Danner, Seymour Hersh,
David Corn, James Bamford, Hans Blix, James Risen, Ron Suskind, Joseph
Wilson. As the congressman had said, �Everything in plain sight; it
isn't as if we don't know.� [Back]

2. In January of 1998 the neoconservative Washington think tank The
Project for the New American Century (which counts among its founding
members Dick Cheney) sent a letter to Bill Clinton demanding �the
removal of Saddam Hussein's regime from power� with a strong-minded
�willingness to undertake military action.� Together with Rumsfeld, six
of the other seventeen signatories became members of the Bush's first
administration�Elliott Abrams (now George W. Bush's deputy national
security advisor), Richard Armitage (deputy secretary of state from
2001 to 2005), John Bolton (now U.S. ambassador to the U.N.), Richard
Perle (chairman of the Defense Policy Board from 2001 to 2003), Paul
Wolfowitz (deputy secretary of defense from 2001 to 2005), Robert
Zoellick (now deputy secretary of state). President Clinton responded
to the request by signing the Iraq Liberation Act, for which Congress
appropriated $97 million for various clandestine operations inside the
borders of Iraq. Two years later, in September 2000, The Project for
the New American Century issued a document noting that the �unresolved
conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification� for the
presence of the substantial American force in the Persian Gulf. [Back]

3. In a subsequent interview on 60 Minutes, Paul O'Neill, present in
the meeting as the newly appointed secretary of the treasury,
remembered being surprised by the degree of certainty: �From the very
beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person
and that he needed to go.... It was all about finding a way to do it.�

4. As early as September 20, Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defense
for policy, drafted a memo suggesting that in retaliation for the
September 11 attacks the United States should consider hitting
terrorists outside the Middle East in the initial offensive, or perhaps
deliberately selecting a non-Al Qaeda target like Iraq. [Back]

5. Abstracts of the notes and memoranda, known collectively as �The
Downing Street Minutes,� were published in the Sunday Times (London) in
May 2005; their authenticity was undisputed by the British government.

6. The work didn't go unnoticed by people in the CIA, the Pentagon, and
the State Department accustomed to making distinctions between a
well-dressed rumor and a naked lie. In the spring of 2004, talking to a
reporter from Vanity Fair, Greg Thielmann, the State Department officer
responsible for assessing the threats of nuclear proliferation, said,
�The American public was seriously misled. The Administration twisted,
distorted and simplified intelligence in a way that led Americans to
seriously misunderstand the nature of the Iraq threat. I'm not sure I
can think of a worse act against the people in a democracy than a
President distorting critical classified information.� [Back]

7. The Group counted among its copywriters Karl Rove, senior political
strategist, Andrew Card, White House chief of staff, National Security
Advisor Condoleezza Rice, and Lewis �Scooter� Libby, Dick Cheney's
chief of staff. [Back]

8. Card later told the New York Times that �from a marketing point of don't introduce new products in August.� [Back]

This is The Case for Impeachment by Lewis H. Lapham, published Monday,
February 27, 2006. It is part of Features, which is part of

Written By
Lapham, Lewis H.

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Depleted Uranium Is "Blowing in the Wind"
By Arun Shrivastava
March 2, 2006

US Government kills its own soldiers�.and us�.and lies�and signs deals

Bob Dylan�s prophecy in �Blowing in the wind� has eventually come true.
The most powerful killing machine on earth--the US government--has
unleashed a weapon that is slowly killing its own troops, its own
civilians�. and civilians the world over. And we are still unable to
look beyond the joke that our media is.

Beyond Treason

The Veterans Administration (VA) that deals with the problems of
returning soldiers in the United States of America (USA), a country
whose President is due to land in our capital soon to sign nuke-deals
with Indian neocons and who also happens to be the Supreme Commander of
the US Forces, has determined that 250,000 troops are now permanently
disabled, 15,000 troops are dead and over 425,000 troops are ill and
slowly dying from what the Department of Defense still calls a �mystery
disease.��The supine media in the western countries--especially US, UK
and Australia--calls it Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), something not much to
be worried about and not worth even a few lines, forget about
headlines. The question posed by responsible citizens of the USA, not
necessarily those in the current administration, is �How many more will
have to die before action is taken?�

We, the poor Asians, know that perhaps no action will be taken by our
Governments because too few have died, and it is not even known why
they died. But conscientious Americans are raising serious questions
that can�t be easily answered by the current administration. What our
conscientious objectors, particularly of the leftist hue, are doing is
another matter: actually, we may join as 53rd or 55th state of one
country soon, with highly �depleted� population.

How many will have to die before the US Government knows that too many
people have died? For, if the questions are ever answered truthfully,
powerful men and women would be tried for treason�. possibly for
committing acts that are beyond treason for which some scientists are
already using terms like �democide� and �omnicide�� mass annihilation
of species. And this time the targeted specie is the homo sapiens.

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium is blowing in the wind. There is overwhelming evidence
that GWS is actually radiation poisoning of Iraqi civilians as well as
US soldiers and all those who have ever worked in last four or five
wars: Kosovo, Gulf War I, Afghanistan and Gulf War II. In fact the GWS
was a euphemism for DU contaminated veterans of the first Gulf War
(1990-91) but the media had blanked this fact out. Discussions with Ms
Leuren Moret, a radiation expert who once worked at Lawrence Livermore
Laboratory (LLL is the lab where the first nuclear bomb was developed
and the Internet was invented), revealed that the United States (and
its allies) have dropped enough depleted uranium, from Gulf War 1 to
the Iraq war, that is equivalent to 440,000 Hiroshima sized nuclear

In a letter to Congressman McDermott (US Congress), dated 21st
February, 2003, Leuren made this submission:�

�������Depleted uranium dust will continue to be an extreme hazard to
soldiers, civilians, populations in countries downwind6,8, and the
environment as a radiological contaminant to all living systems for ten
half-lives or 45 BILLION years.�

And further�.�The pyrophoric effect of depleted uranium, which
spontaneously burns when heated to 170 C (once it is fired) and on
impact, effectively forms very large numbers of extremely fine (0.1
micron) and submicroscopic particles as small as 0.001 micron or 10
�ngstroms as described in the memo. Particles in this size range behave
like a gas when inhaled, disperse in the lungs to the blood lung
barrier where the white blood cells (greater than 7microns in diameter)
engulf the tiny particles of depleted uranium and carry them throughout
the body. Once these particles have been engulfed by blood cells or
lodged in tissues, they may not be detectable in the urine.
Contaminated personnel will take the depleted uranium home, deposited
in tissues throughout their bodies.�

���.There is no known treatment for exposure.�

���.The long-term effects have revealed that DU (uranium oxide) is a
virtual death sentence."

(The submissions are)..�powerful scientific information to counter
false statements recently made by the White House1 and the DOD2.�

The fact is that the United States and its military partners
(particularly Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia)
have staged four nuclear wars, �slipping nukes under the wire� by using
dirty bombs and dirty weapons in countries the US needs to control. And
in the hit list India is one; India is being set up.

�Depleted uranium aerosols will permanently contaminate vast regions
and slowly destroy the genetic future of populations living in those
regions, where there are resources which the US must control, in order
to establish and maintain American (supremacy),� says Leuren.

The Gulf War heroes from all 27 coalition countries are suffering. It
is predicted that they will slowly die of �unknown causes.� They are
waiting for answers from their respective governments� but no
satisfying or even credible answers have come forth from the military
establishment.� Records spanning fifteen years point to negligence and
even culpability on the part of the U.S. Department of Defense and the
strategy of the ruling elite to use �disposable army�, like toilet

Regions Affected

Leuren and her colleagues have identified the regions of the world that
are affected by DU contamination and include Northwest India, including
J&K, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh,
Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Regions within 1000
mile radius of Afghanistan and Iraq are severely affected by DU
contamination (See map).

There will be explosive growth in radiation induced illnesses across
all affected regions. We are now living with DU poisoning in Delhi and
we don�t even know it. And, there is no known cure for DU

"The concept of species annihilation means a relatively swift,
deliberately induced end to history, culture, science, biological
reproduction and memory. It is the ultimate human rejection of the gift
of life, an act which requires a new word to describe it: omnicide."
(Dr. Rosalie Bertell, one of the 46 international radiation expert
authors of the ECRR report).

�Map of regions within a 1000 mile radius of Baghdad and Afghanistan
which have been contaminated with depleted uranium since 1991. Depleted
uranium dust will be repeatedly recycled throughout this dry region,
and also carried around the world. More than ten times the amount of
radiation, released during atmospheric testing, has been released from
depleted uranium weaponry since 1991. In 2002 the US government
admitted that every person living in the US between 1957 and 1963 was
internally contaminated with radiation.� (Leuren Moret)

What the US and its allies have done is set western India on to certain
annihilation. Dr. Keith Baverstock, a WHO radiation expert, co-authored
a report in November 2001, warning that the long-term health effects of
DU would endanger Iraq�s civilian population, and that the dry climate
would increase exposure from the tiny particles blowing around and be
inhaled for years to come. WHO refused to publish the study, bowing to
pressure from the IAEA. Dr. Baverstock released the damning report to
the media in February 2004.

With extensive use of depleted uranium, the US and its allies have not
only destroyed the lives of their own soldiers and civilians, but of
peaceful people around the war zones who had nothing to do with their
illegal wars.�The question is why have the US and its allies taken this
murderous step? May be 45 billion years later the survivors would ask
the question and get the answer.

When one thinks of the harsh truth that a time bomb is ticking within
our bodies, one wonders what the Indian media were doing all these
years. It has been known that if one breathes even one molecule of DU,
how and when it will destroy one�s body and mind can�t be predicted. No
wonder, probably not one Indian journalist went to Afghanistan or Iraq
to report the truth. Not one newspaper, not one TV channel informed the
Indians of the true consequences of the Afghanistan and Gulf Wars and
the utter criminality of the US government and its allies in these
countries. Is there a single secular journalist, politician or
bureaucrat who raised the issue of DU contamination? Not one, I guess.

Instead, the Indian governments since 1999 have been courting the US
and the present government is rolling a red carpet to receive a
President who is a mass murderer and whose hands will soon be soaked
with innocent Indian blood. Ten American CEOs are accompanying the
Prezzy, hundreds of deals will be signed, and billions will change

Is there yet another conspiracy of silence on this issue of survival?
And if there is one, the ruling elite living in the square mile of
Delhi, from where they control one billion people, should know that we
are all breathing the same air and that air is contaminated with
depleted uranium.

Yes and how many years can a people exist,

Before they�re allowed to be free?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The answer is blowing in the wind�..

Arun Shrivastava MA, MBA, CMC, is an accredited management consultant
and researcher. He can be contacted at:�

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Secret Rolls Undermine New
Orleans Vote

March 7, 2006
Via Chicago Sun-Times

Katrina's survivors are about to be brutalized once more. They
withstood the havoc wreaked by the hurricane. They overcame the failure
of national, state and local officials to provide basic relief in the
wake of the storm. They are struggling to overcome FEMA's failure to
provide for sensible relocation, rebuilding and return.

Now their rights are about to be trampled once more in an injustice
that may finally do more to destroy New Orleans than the storm did by
forcibly disenfranchising the city's black majority. People of
conscience must stand up to stop this injustice.

New Orleans is now reduced from 450,000 residents to about 150,000.
Over 300,000 people -- most of them African Americans, many of them
poor -- have been dispersed to some 44 states across the country. Those
who have been dispersed have been given no right of return. Many are
fighting to regain the properties, the homes, the apartments, the jobs
they once had.

New Orleans has gone from two-thirds African American to majority
white. In these conditions, the city faces the scheduled election of
the mayor and city officials on April 22. Now those who fought through
the storm and survived FEMA's catastrophic incompetence at relief and
utter mismanagement of the recovery are about to have their rights
trampled once more.

Louisiana and the Bush administration have refused to provide
satellite voting places for those dispersed. They have refused to
provide an absentee ballot to every displaced registered voter.
Louisiana has been given the addresses of registered voters who have
been displaced but, incredibly, has refused to make it available to the
local candidates or election officials. They are planning to hold an
election with a secret voting roll in New Orleans. The U.S. District
Court of Louisiana has refused to postpone the election to reverse this

If the projected April 22 election is allowed to go forward, it will
be the first time in history that a public election will be held with
secret voting rolls. Candidates running for office will not be able to
contact voters; elected officials will not be able to communicate with
their constituents. Poor and vulnerable citizens, displaced from their
homes, will have to figure out where to ask for an absentee ballot
about an election that many may not even know is taking place.

The U.S. government provided Iraqis with satellite polling booths to
vote in the Iraqi election. It provided Mexicans in America with
satellite polling booths to vote in the Mexican election. Now it is
refusing to provide American citizens brutalized by natural disaster
with the same access. The administration, of course, wanted the
election in Iraq and Mexico to "turn out right" -- to elect people
friendly to the U.S. Failing to provide the same service to American
citizens suggests the administration wants the New Orleans election to
"turn out right" and is intentionally suppressing the vote of those who
are dispersed.

March 5 marked the anniversary of the Selma March -- "bloody Sunday"
in 1965 -- when state troopers viciously attacked peaceful citizens
marching for the right to vote. The national revulsion at the horrors
of that day helped lead the way to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Louisiana is one of the states covered by the act because of its
history of discrimination against its African-American population. And
now Louisiana, by refusing to release the voting rolls of the dispersed
citizens of New Orleans, and by conspiring with the Bush administration
to deny dispersed registered residents ready access to polling booths
and absentee ballots, is once more acting with blatant discriminatory
effect. State Sen. Cleo Fields is challenging this injustice in the
court of law. But we must challenge it in the court of America's

On April 1, ministers, concerned citizens and people of conscience
from across the country will gather in New Orleans. We will march
across the Gretna Bridge, the bridge that was blocked by state troopers
and police when Katrina's survivors sought to move toward shelter in
the immediate wake of the storm.

We will demand voting rights and the right to return for all the
residents of New Orleans. We will not allow voting rights to be
trampled by those happy to build a New Orleans stripped of its racial


From: "Chihaya" <>
Date: March 8, 2006 9:34:04 PM EST
To: <"Undisclosed-Recipient:;">
Subject: Please sign the petition of "Scholars for 9-11 Truth"

Dear Peace Lovers:

It is long due for us to know what actually happened on 9/11.

Especially when Howard and his men complaining about "Muslim the
terrorists" to be "kicked out of the country," ignoring there are
criminals among any race as you can see clearly on,

Cronulla riots: the wanted men

and noticing that this kind of attack started AFTER that day, we
non-Americans ARE also entitled to demand all the evidence to be
released now.

Today, I received a mail from Mr. Walter who's been spending
millions of US$ to reveal so many facts that main-stream media
wouldn't tell us, all related to the tragic events on September
11, 2001. He is one of genuinely patriotic Americans whom I
respect, and I really wish there were more millionaires like him
in the world.

Anyhow, please take time to read it, go to that link and sign -
just like I did.

Thank you very much.


From: Jimmy Walter
To: Chihaya
Subject: Scholars for 9-11 Truth
Date: 8 Mar 2006 11:35:41 -0500

Please take a moment to sign this petition at the website of
Scholars for 9-11 Truth. Its purpose is to obtain the release by
the government of pertinent 9-11 evidence such as Pentagon
surveillance video and tapes seized by the FBI from businesses
nearby the Pentagon immediately following the strike.

I'm sure you would just LOVE to see what the government is hiding
on those withheld and confiscated video tapes just as much as I
would. The goal is to obtain at least l0,000 signatures. It only
takes a couple of minutes to sign the petition, and if you like,
you can remain anonymous, insofar as your name being displayed
publicly on their Web page.

While I don't normally have any faith in the effectiveness of
petitions, I strongly urge you to take two minutes of your life to
sign this one. I have signed it and I urge you to do the same and
pass it around to all the forums you frequent, as well as share it
with those on your email lists.

_http://st911.org_ ( or
_http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org_ ( )
Support our Petition to Congress

that leads to:

( )

Thank you in advance,

the Spirit of the American People


From: Nico Haupt <>
Date: March 8, 2006 9:46:28 PM EST
To: Nico Haupt <>
Subject: The timeline of CNN's "reality tv" hoax from Sep11th ...

The timeline of CNN's "reality TV" hoax from Sept 11th and its impact.

By Nico Haupt, March 8, 2006


From: s culver <>
Date: March 8, 2006 11:47:35 PM EST
Subject: Fun with CITGO and the radical religious right...

-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Curry []
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 1:18 PM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: CDUI FW: Fun with CITGO and the radical religious

From: "John Newell" <>

Subject: Fw: CDUI FW: Fun with CITGO and the radical religious right...
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 08:30:24 -0500


Pat Robertson's public call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez was
repulsive, and now the ultra conservative American Family Institute is
calling for a boycott of Citgo...

On their website, they invite you to send an email to President Chavez.
I'd like to invite you to sabotage their scheme.

Go to the website and click on "send your letter now"
In the subject line, type BUY CITGO or CITGO

Delete the text in the message box.

Write your own message telling Pres. Chavez that you are buying Citgo
in solidarity with the Venezuelan people -- Tell him that you appreciate
the 45 million gallons of diesel fuel Citgo has made available at
prices for thousands of low income Americans; that you oppose U.S. govt
meddling in Venezuela's affairs; and that you support Venezuela's right

Fill in your name, email address, etc and send.
We can reverse this right-wing ploy to undermine
the progressive government of Venezuela.


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Message: 3
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 07:23:49 -0800 (PST)
From: amy dalzell <>
Subject: Re: [voxpopuliforamerica] Enough of the D.C. Dems?/To all progressives...

I'm looking for feedback from progressives!

amy dalzell <> wrote:
amy dalzell <> wrote: To those of you on VOX who consider yourselves progressives, or Greens, here's an offer:

Send me an e-mail ( with a short piece of advice for the national Democratic Party (from your perspective as a progressive). Please keep it polite, but don't pull any punches.

Following your advice, add an indicator of where you think the party is going:

Positive (+)
Negative (-)
Neutral (*)

I will compose an e-mail based on your advice, and I will see that it gets sent to every Democratic senator, to the Democratic Leadership Council and to DNC Chair Howard Dean.

Molly Ivins may be correct in her assessment of Hillary and the party in general, but sniping from the sidelines is a dead end. Unless we can unseat it as a major party, our best investment is to shake it up as hard and often (and in as coordinated a fashion as possible) as we can.

Any takers?

Paul Tifford <> wrote:
Enough of the D.C. Dems

By Molly Ivins
March 2006 Issue

Mah fellow progressives, now is the time for all good
men and women to come to the aid of the party. I don't
know about you, but I have had it with the D.C.
Democrats, had it with the DLC Democrats, had it with
every calculating, equivocating, triangulating,
straddling, hair-splitting son of a bitch up there, and
that includes Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I will not be supporting Senator Clinton because: a)
she has no clear stand on the war and b) Terri Schiavo
and flag-burning are not issues where you reach out to
the other side and try to split the difference. You
want to talk about lowering abortion rates through
cooperation on sex education and contraception, fine,
but don't jack with stuff that is pure rightwing

I can't see a damn soul in D.C. except Russ Feingold
who is even worth considering for President. The rest
of them seem to me so poisonously in hock to this
system of legalized bribery they can't even see

Look at their reaction to this Abramoff scandal.
They're talking about 'a lobby reform package.' We
don't need a lobby reform package, you dimwits, we need
full public financing of campaigns, and every single
one of you who spends half your time whoring after
special interest contributions knows it. The Abramoff
scandal is a once in a lifetime gift-a perfect lesson
on what's wrong with the system being laid out for
people to see. Run with it, don't mess around with
little patches, and fix the system.

As usual, the Democrats have forty good issues on their
side and want to run on thirty-nine of them. Here are
three they should stick to:

1) Iraq is making terrorism worse; it's a breeding
ground. We need to extricate ourselves as soon as
possible. We are not helping the Iraqis by staying.

2) Full public financing of campaigns so as to drive
the moneylenders from the halls of Washington.

3) Single-payer health insurance.

Every Democrat I talk to is appalled at the sheer
gutlessness and spinelessness of the Democratic
performance. The party is still cringing at the thought
of being called, ooh-ooh, 'unpatriotic' by a bunch of

Take 'unpatriotic' and shove it. How dare they do this
to our country? 'Unpatriotic'? These people have ruined
the American military! Not to mention the economy, the
middle class, and our reputation in the world.
Everything they touch turns to dirt, including Medicare
prescription drugs and hurricane relief.

This is not a time for a candidate who will offend no
one; it is time for a candidate who takes clear stands
and kicks ass.

Who are these idiots talking about Warner of Virginia?
Being anodyne is not sufficient qualification for being
President. And if there's nobody in Washington and we
can't find a Democratic governor, let's run Bill
Moyers, or Oprah, or some university president with
ethics and charisma.

What happens now is not up to the has-beens in
Washington who run this party. It is up to us. So let's
get off our butts and start building a progressive
movement that can block the nomination of Hillary
Clinton or any other candidate who supposedly has 'all
the money sewed up.'

I am tired of having the party nomination decided
before the first primary vote is cast, tired of having
the party beholden to the same old Establishment money.

We can raise our own money on the Internet, and we know
it. Howard Dean raised $42 million, largely on the web,
with a late start when he was running for President,
and that ain't chicken feed. If we double it, it gives
us the lock on the nomination. So let's go find a good
candidate early and organize the shit out of our side.


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Message: 4
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:01:51 -0000
From: "reggie501" <>
Subject: Line in Pentagon Grass.... tvnl news

Another topic NOT discussed by the debunkers:

9/11 News :

� Line in Pentagon grass...9/11 - In my view, this was an attack
that was allowed to happen and actively participated in by parts
of the government. It was not a terrorist attack.


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