Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter

Date: 01/18/06 16:27:14
Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Prof. Chousodousky on Pacifica explaining false-flag terrorism

Right now, on KFPA in Berkley (Bonnie Faulkner's show "Guns and Butter".

Un-freaking-believable !!!!

Chousodousky is laying out the whole methodology of false-flag
terrorism in Iraq, Bali; "Bin laden and Al Qaeda are creations of the
.... he's doing the whole tour, naming the names, identifying the
players in British intelligence or other agencies...

Just like Tarpley's "Synthetic Terrorism" talks.

He concludes: "This war on terror is bogus. The terrorists operating
in Iraq right now are controlled by US intellignece...... Ultimate
goal is to create chaos.... "

How can the Pacifica audience, soaking this in, continue to tolerate
Ford Foundation gatekeeper-mouthpieces like Amy Goodman and Juan
Gonzalez ?

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