Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Video with Discussion of 9/11 Commission Report Card

Text from MSNBC describing Video:
Dec. 5: The former 9-11 Commission has issued a raft of failing grades to the Bush administration, congress and the Department of Homeland Security for failing to do more to keep Americans safe from another 9-11 attack. Joe tackles the disturbing report with 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani and Richard Miniter, author of "Shadow War".

Below is my email to MSNBC:
Date: 12/06/05 01:16:03
To: joe@msnbc.com
Subject: MSNBC - Scarborough: Unbelievable Disappointment

I saw the video on-line
from your segment discussing 9/11. Your particular treatment was related to the criticisms in the "Report Card" of the 9/11 Commission.

I applaud MSNBC's judgement that this story is an important item, and I applaud your decision to have Ms. Mariani as a guest.

However, the charade that you put in front of the public discredits Scarborough Country as a news program, and discredits MSNBC as a TV network, and as a news organization.

Ms. Mariani knows, and many others in the world know, the complicity of elements of the US Govt. in the murder of 3000 on 9/11. We know that performances such as what you staged on your TV program tonight are part of the cover up of that crime.
How you live with yourselves, being the whores that you are, is beyond me.

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