Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My email to

Date: 11/15/05 11:59:08
Subject: Call in Comment / Quesiton wtc


Please forward this if I don't have it addressed correctly.

Approx. about six months ago, I was glad to receive your emails in response
to my comments.

Your first email to me shows that you had sent it around mid-night. And, it
was in response to a not so positive email that I had sent in to the show.
Even though the net result of our correspondence seems to be nil, I was
impressed with your dedication to the show, your position, and the
justification of Jerry's opinions.

In summary I'm trying to be objective and give you and the Show every
benefit of the doubt.

Today when I called in, I was forthright in my explanation that I was
calling about WTC demolition issues. You said it was not on topic. I respect
that in fairness to your guest, you have a defensible point. On the other
hand, to the extent that the public has been lied to about 9/11, and most
likely is being lied to about the Jordan bombing, I think you are part of
the cover up with your screening, knowingly or unknowingly.

I am doing my best to not be accusatory. I have absolutely no evidence that
you personally have an agenda to suppress facts. I realize your job
requires screening. I've never been in your shoes.

So much for history. Could I ask this favor? Could you let me know if the
Springer Show is planning to have any future show where discussion the The
Lies of 9/11 will be on topic. Do you personally think those of us who have
concerns are just bonkers? Others on Air America have broached the subject,
right? Is the topic anathema for Jerry?

I respect that you may be caught in the middle.

If you do pen a response to this email, may I have your permission to post
on my blog:

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